Fear │Spoken Word Poetry

fear she can buy the rap it wins a head against the glass one dose I don't know what they have the courage to escape the claws of a stronghold of me any energy that I summoned they destroy and take how many times have we tried to stand fight how many times have I tried to pull myself out of this darkness each and every night these demons inside play along with the forces that keep me down and I stay afraid of the outcome if I choose to look for unknown treasure that has yet to be found I'm in love with the thought of love I yearn for a halo to shine this abyss I have buried myself within I'm in love with the thought of love and I want to be safe and the person I have been I practice and practice learning how to work my wings before I fly and I start to doubt become scared to find an excuse to hide if only my mouth could speak the words I spin around my head if only my thoughts could listen to my heart and not look at everything with dread I love with the thought of love where I think that fear will not win I'm in love with the thought of love I confront the devil and confess all of my son's theories my rental prison the keeps me caged and terrified of the outside Fieri's may protect her yet also the one who suffocates me he takes me on an ominous rise when I might to do with the fear I feel inside I must spread out my wings jump off the branch and learn how to fly

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  1. Mel my boy friend mitch and I melinda we really like your poems we are proud of you just keep it up you doing a good job .your friends keep us posted Good Luck my friend

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