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  1. John Irving – read in the early 20's, and I'd recommend 'The Cider House Rules'
    John Steinbeck – awesome, try Cannery Row, simple brilliance and perhaps not as well known; cool choices
    Donna Tartt – fantastic; the Goldfinch is wonderful (the painting is fantastic too), Secret History is a masterpiece but get second I didn't think was quite at the same level as her previous two
    Got Auster, Atwood and Murakami books and are on my ' must get to' list

    James Lee Burke – Feast Day Of Fools, his best book in a legacy of amazing novels. His Dave Robicheaux books are equally superb.
    Neil Gaiman – American Gods is damn fine, but Neverwhere is dark and deeply wonderful and bonkers in equal measure
    Peter Hamilton – Pandoras Star/Judas Unchained are everything contemporary science fiction can deliver; its mind blowingly good
    Donna Tartt – agree
    George Pelecanos – his sequence of four books set in Washington about Nick Stenanos are simply great

  2. I am wondering if you would like to do a video on how to learn French, French literature recommendation or any French related content? There aren't many videos about French learning journey and I really want to hear from professional. Thank you:))

  3. Just started reading Grapes of Wrath! I'm really loving it so far, Steinbeck's writing of environment and scenes is so vivid you feel like you're walking beside the characters.

  4. I’d recommend Death By Landscape by Margaret Atwood. AMAZING. Also: After Dark by Murakami, I’m sure you’ll love that one too because holy shit it’s breathtaking

  5. I'm working my way through Margaret Atwood's works too! I discover her last year with The Handmaid's Tale, and fell in love with her writing. Since then I only read The Penelopiad and Alias Grace but can't wait to read more!
    I love The Secret History, such a great book!!

  6. I have so many it's difficult to narrow it down! Emma Donoghue, Sarah Waters, Essie Fox, Joyce Carol Oates and Shirley Jackson…tons of female authors!!

  7. I may have to re read The World According to Garp, it's been many years and I did enjoy that book. This is a nice group of authors whom I've liked too. Except the first author, not familiar with him, perhaps I'll give him a try.

  8. I thought you'd mention Steinbeck, Tartt and Atwood 😊 this is a great idea for a video! I really need to read more from John Irving…

  9. I love Grapes of Wrath so much, but Pat Conroy was everything to me. The man could write the most beautiful prose; I’m so sad he’s gone.

  10. John Steinbeck is my favorite author, and his East of Eden is truly a beautiful masterpiece. I plan on reading his The Winter of Our Discontent soon. I also enjoy Cormac McCarthy's novels, and the wonderful works of the late Pat Controy. His Prince of Tides is brilliant and his prose gorgeous. Excellent video!

  11. Loved every moment of this, Helene! I haven't read any Atwood yet, so I need to get on that. Steinbeck is everything. I loved The Secret History. I've read it three times! I want to try Auster, but for some reason, his work overwhelms/intimidates me.

  12. I read Paul Auster's Invisible a few months ago. Although I read it all the way through, and although there were some aspects of it I really liked, I really couldn't get over all the descriptive incestuous scenes… (sorry for spoilers, anyone). The fact that the brother/sister relationship was so focused in on kind of ruined it for me. I'm not really sure how one can read that book and be okay with it really… it was kinda messed up. What are your thoughts Helene? 🙂

  13. I really appricate you doing these videos. I love them all!
    You have introduced me to new authors! I'm really excited about the new books I brought by Donna Tarrt and Anne Tayler.
    Thank you.
    How do you go about discovering new authors?

  14. I purchased Margaret Atwood’s “Hag Seed” and “Alias Grace” because of you and I’m gonna start one of the books right after I finish what I’m currently reading. Thanks for all the recommendations 😁

  15. Hi Helene! Great video, thanks for sharing your favorites with us. I thought for sure your were going to say Anne Tyler was one. I have so many favorites, it's difficult to narrow it down to just a few! But one author that popped up in my mind that I thought you might enjoy is Armistead Maupin and his Tales of the City books. They are quite humorous and endearing.
    It's about a group of people in San Francisco in the 1970's that are not related, but they become like family to each other. Give the first book a try, and if you like it, there are several others that follow the same people from the 70's until the present time.

  16. i had held off reading Auster for so long and then read 4 3 2 1 last year (listened to it actually) and it was amazing. I'll definitely get to more of his books. Invisible seems like a good place to start.

  17. John Steinbeck, in my opinion, has no peer. I absolutely love his writing! My favorite “modern” author is Pat Conroy. Such a loss when he passed. His books haunt me to this day.

  18. Murakami and Tart are also on my List of Favorite authors – I would add two Czech authors Milan Kundera and Bohumil Hrabal and two authors that meant so much to me when growing up Herge and his Tintin books and Tove Jansson with the magic of the Moomins. And then one of my favorites is the Icelandic Author Halldór Laxness who won the nobel prize in 1955 his books are pure genius.

  19. My predictions of your fav authors before watching the video – Murakami, Atwood, Steinbeck! Let’s see if I get any right

  20. Thankyou Helene, great choices , I've read a prayer for Owen Meaney , love d it and definitely want to read more by John Irving.
    I haven't read Margaret Atwood yet, East of Eden is on my TBR list! Great video, loved it!

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