1. I got so used to hearing trashy in the same sentence as those typical harlequin romance books my grandmother collected. So till you explained your definition i got entirely confused. 😂

  2. i was sooooooooooo obsessed with Vampire Academy. but i was so obsessed that i read a TON of fanfiction (some that im very sad i cant find) and i dont even remember what was fanfiction and what was real lol so i am definitely rereading soon

  3. Twilight
    The Selection
    The Lux Series
    Anna and the French kiss
    Lola and the boy next door
    Isla and the happily ever after
    Vampire academy

  4. So back when Twilight and Vampire Academy was all popular and In,I read Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine and lived them and then I read Twilight and Vampire Academy and did not like them at all.

  5. Listening intently and enjoying but then new Amazing books are recommended*bolts to my room on top speed to write down the names geez*

  6. Omg!! I love twilight!!!I thought u might not like it but u did and omg!!!!!I am just so happy cause so many ppl hate it but it feels so good to know ppl who are twihards too!

  7. I love trashy ya and also trashy tv lol when you just wanted to zone out and not have to think it can be very comforting

  8. The vampire diaries. love triangle, dislikable characters, surprisingly cool lore, made in the 90's just sooooooooo good.

  9. The Nightshade trilogy by Andrea Creamer

    The Fallen series and Teardrop duology by Lauren Kate

    The Hush Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick

  10. I love the Selection. It’s sooooo addicting, but all the characters are so so so stupid! I agree completely. And I just started rereading the Selection, and theres Someone inside your house which is also by Stephanie Perkins. And your bookshelves are basically my dream library. Except i’d want cat shaped lights.

  11. You should totally read morganville vampires. It’s a series that used to be popular but died out.

  12. OMG! The Selection was my absolute favorite! I got so mad at America but I still loved her and the series was AMAZING!

  13. any time i see videos like this i click on them and just go, sigh time to be sad cus of ppl hating on sarah j maas.

    also i wrote this before watching the vid so dont hate me😂

    ..just from past experiences😢😂

    edit: :0 my fav book series wasn't trashed
    y a y

  14. I dont think this is considered a trashy ya series. But i really love the Gallagher girls series by ally carter its a really good series. Also i loved the Anna and the french kiss series too!

  15. Heartless is beautiful. It's amazing. It is gorgeous. How dare you mention Maressa Meyer and trashy in the same sentence.

  16. I love the positivity that you have this video! You care about these books so much, and you very obviously love talking about them. You're so unapologetically enthusiastic and genuinely kind to these books that get dragged a lot, and it's so wonderful and refreshing to hear.

  17. Have you read the dimily trilogy. They are the most entertaining trashy books ever but they’re so good

  18. You put me in such a good mood every time i hear you talking about books… I love that you are so invested & it feels good to see someone who feels the same about books as me

  19. The Vampire Academy is the best YA series, and anyone can fight me on that. And, it's the best representation of vampires in the history of fiction, and this comes from an anthropologist and a person who comes from a country where the word ''vampire'' originated. I will forever take my hat off to Richelle Mead, because you can actually see she studied Comparative Religion and knows vampires don't come from US soil where they made campfires thousand years ago.

  20. I think Bloodlines does have pretty well-developed plot and characters. Better than all of the other books that you mention, for sure

  21. I love the selection series im rereading it right now but I thought it was teen not YA because I read it in middle school and they usually don’t have YA in their library’s lol

  22. Looks at bookshelves… sees percy jackson… sees heroes of Olympus…she talks about the selection…subscribes

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