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(sniffing) – Oh, this one kinda smells funny. – Oh yeah, it does kinda smells funny. What do they do with this one? (playful music) – [All] Hello! – My name is James. – I’m Willow. – Crystal. – Siri. – Niko. – [All] Show and Tell! Our favorite books! Yeah! – Of course, if they make
a movie, then, of it, of course, the book is way better. – Close your eyes! – Okay. – Okay, open your eyes. – [All] Ooh! – This book is called Ever
After High: Once Upon A Time. Here’s Ever After High,
that’s the boarding school for the sons and daughters of
the most famous fairy tales. The book is about a girl,
daughter of the evil queen, but Raven Queen doesn’t wanna be evil, because her mother turned her
pet puppy into a bone rat. – What’s a bone rat? – It’s three times the
size of a normal rat, that grows on a diet of bones. – Ew. (sniffing) – Smells papery. (laughing) – How long did it take you to read it? – It took me a week. (hands slap) – Yeah! – Oh, sorry.
(laughing) – Who’s your favorite character? – Kitty, this purple one. She’s a Cheshire cat. – Is the book scary? – Not really, but it has lots of humor. Do you like humor? – [Kids] Yeah! – Then you’re gonna like this book. – Who’s ever read Captain
Underpants before? – Which book is that? – I think it’s two? Captain Underpants and
the Terrifying Return of Tippy Tinkletrousers? – I thought it was Doctor Poopyhead, not Poopyhead, Doctor– – Doctor Poopypants!
– Yeah! – Question. Question to you, actually. What was your favorite superpower? Mine, personally, was
the unlimited underwear. – Yeah. Mine is the flying power. – One, ’cause I wear mine every month, and then change it,
every month, change it. – Does anybody wanna touch the book? – I’ma smell it, while at it. It smells like apple juice. (laughing) Were you drinking apple
juice while reading this? – It must have been
like, one of my brothers spilling apple juice on it. – This is El Deafo by CeCe Belle, this is based on a true
story of CeCe Belle’s life. She got meningitis when
she was four years old. – What’s meningitis? – It’s a disease that you
can actually die from, your brain can swell, but
she actually survived it and she only lost her hearing. – I’m really happy she survived. – Can I smell it?
– Yeah. Yes, she wears her
bathing suit all the time. – That’s the first thing I find. (laughing) – How does she turn into a superhero? (laughing)
– Well, it’s, it’s actually in her mind, so she believes that she is a superhero, and that she can overcome anything. – I have my own already. I am Ninja Boy! – I am Fire Guy! – I’m Cosmo Queen, riding Jupiter! Giddy-up, giddy-up! – I’m Elbow Girl, and I don’t
really have a super power. Bum, bum, bum! – I am Chocolate Lover! – Wait, like, what’s your super power? You shoot hot fudge at people’s faces? (laughing) – Boom, boom, boom! And the villains go yum yum yum! (laughing)
– Still chocolate! – Thank you, chocolate girl! – This is Roller Girl, and it has the Newbery Honor Reward. – What is it about? – It’s about roller derby. Roller derby’s like a team game where, someone in the back has to
try and go around the arena, but people will try to
block whoever has the star on their helmet. – She has lots of stars on her helmet. – Her helmet was actually
the first thing she got for roller derby. – Is roller derby dangerous? – Yeah, kind of, ’cause
you get bruises and stuff. – Does this book promote violence? – No. – Looks like it in this photo. – She’s fine. (laughing) – Okay! – What the heck is that? – Yeah, it’s a very thick book. – Atlas?
– Obscura. – Have you guys seen an Atlas before? – Nope! – So, it does not have a plot, so basically, there’s apparently like, there’s many places in this book, like, there’s an
ever-lasting lightning storm. – Is it better than Google? – Yeah, it works without Wi-Fi, or data! – And then you don’t need to
pay your internet company! – True that!
– Yay! – True true true true true. – How much do you think it weighs? – I don’t know, two pounds, one pound? – When you get home, you
should probably weigh it. – Ooh, this one’s really cool! – Okay, so there’s a guy– – That’s the cage of death,
except you won’t die. – Ooh, that sounds really fun! – This one’s actually weird. – Oh, that is really weird! – Oh that’s the, it’s like, so basically this thing
apparently like (mumbles) if you do something bad,
people will kinda like, you get devoured, and stuff like that. – That sounds interesting! – Very interesting! – Sounds like cannibalism. – Thank you, Siri! – You’re welcome.
– Thank you, Siri! – [All] Thank you for
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  1. I love that one book was about Roller Derby and one was Atlas Obscura (one of my favourite books)

  2. These kids have more wit than some adults. “Is it better than google?” Without skipping a beat, “Yea! Works without WiFi.. or data.” Hahahaha

  3. HAHA "Does it work better than Google?"" "Yea!" "YAAAY!" We have come full circle LOL
    My favorite was Goosebumps, Sabrina, and this series about a clone I forget the name of… & of course Harry Potter but that wasn't until I was 11.
    This was such a great video, i could talk about books for years <3 And I love these kids like I know them lol

  4. that is so sweet!! Seeing kids reading and loving to read is really satisfying. I wish all kids had good experiences like that (:

  5. siri says book is better than wifi and internet data. how siri's going to work without wifi and internet data? 😀 😀 😀

  6. I love watching their videos
    Such a cute video ❤❤❤
    I watch their videos because of these cute kids😍😍

  7. Yaaaaaay I love this topiccc. I feel like my little cousins don't even know what a book is and it makes me sad.

  8. Oh! We have our favorite books, too! It's the diary of a wimpy kid! We have the whole set!!! 😍😍😍

  9. Siri 😊 …

    By the way "Siri" in Telegu (one of the indian language) means wealth

    Don't confuse it with iPhone Siri 😊

  10. Has anybody read Geronimo Stilton? It was my favorite book series as a kid. It made me fall in love with reading!

  11. it is really really sweet to see kids that love books((and they actually are)) proud of u guyys❤️❤️😭

  12. i love how sweet and innocent and shy the girl in the red was awwww and miko was so sweet and charismatic and crystal just being her usual inspiring self :')

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  14. Crystal doing the high five with Willow made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂
    You are so cute. I love you, Crystal. Sending love from Philippines ♥

  15. Raven I remember ever after high I watched the cartoon on Netflix so er mom made her evil an she didn't want to be evil and I have red ALL captain underpants too I LOVE reading!!

  16. "Use your imagination to come up with your own superhero names!"
    Me: …

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