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hey guys so I received a whole heap of questions on the wellness reset so today I'm going through the foundational guidelines and a couple of the weekly targets just to clarify a few things I also go through some of the recommendations of books that I've been reading lately and some of the podcasts that I find really helps with self-development I hope you enjoy this video and if you haven't already please subscribe to my channel hey guys welcome back to my channel so I am back two weeks in a row I know don't fall over it's everything is okay I just have a lot to say at the moment and I'm really motivated by you guys who are so excited to do the Wellness reset with me I just now I had just created the Facebook page where there's people joining and sharing a little bit about where they've come from and why they're doing it and so I thought I'd jump on in and elaborate a little bit and so that you guys are really clear on what it actually means to to hit those guidelines so just quickly the wellness reset is simply putting ourselves first again putting our health first putting our physical mental emotional spiritual health at the forefront of our priorities because it so should be and we are deserving of feeling incredible and putting our health first so after hitting a very low point in my health I wanted to reset I've been making huge changes to my lifestyle and it has been so incredibly rewarding so I wanted to share it with my community and share some of the things that I've been doing that has made such a positive impact on my well-being so I have created the free printable PDF on my website that alive now and it includes a couple of templates the weekly commitments where you're making a weekly commitment to yourself to show up to whether it's a meditation session training some me-time a massage reading a book whatever that weekly commitment is pop that in there and then the meal planner that's pretty straightforward one you know what are you going to be eating for breakfast lunch and dinner and your snacks just being prepared in that department makes making the healthier option and the cleaner option that much easier and lastly I typed up the weekly targets and the foundational guidelines so that is now free on my website I will pop the link in the description box below so I'm gonna go through the overall foundational guidelines that I want you to try and do the entire four weeks and drink 2.5 to 3 litres of water a day I'm not going to go through the benefits of drinking water because there are millions and I've already spoken to you about them so many times try to eat every three to four hours avoid skipping meals that's where your meal planner is gonna come in handy aim for seven hours of sleep I can so here there are like thousands of mums out there being like I'm sorry what seven seven Ellen you want me to see this is just a goal this is try your best so with the seven hours of sleep at night it's just making sleep a priority and you know if you're watching Game of Thrones like hours of it or if you're watching the hills reboot firstly I'm really jealous I don't know if it's live in Australia but secondly we need to understand that sleep is such a vital part of our health and if we don't make it a priority it can have huge ramifications in other areas of our lives so it's just about okay starting that's that nightly routine a little bit earlier what do you do to unwind and if you usually start it like ten o'clock you're going to bed at eleven twelve so starting it at eight o'clock and going to sleep at nine o'clock if you're going to achieve that actual seven hours of sleep it's so worth putting those routines a little bit earlier and turning off the TV a little bit earlier to take your daily vitamins and minerals I've got a lot of questions on my answer stories the other day about this and it was what vitamins and minerals do I take and personally I don't feel comfortable giving out that information because some people will just take what I take and obviously I'm deficient in things and you may be deficient in completely other different different things and I don't think that's healthy advice so what I will say is that there are minerals that everybody needs in their bodies and I highly recommend you look into things such as fish oils magnesium and iron the next suggestion I have is if you are feeling like there is something amiss within yourself within your energy levels within your hormones if your life is an imbalance I said this in the last video but if you hadn't seen I went to the GP I got my blood work done and not a lot shown up but when I went to the naturopath it was a different story so perhaps have a look at it from a different approach maybe a more holistic approach and you might get different results there and that's where all of my vitamins and minerals have come off based off the base of the results of that blood work from the naturopath trained four times per week and this can look however you want it to look if you like dancing and your part of exercise if you like yoga if you like going for walks if you like doing the train that I do that's fantastic whatever it is move your body four times per week and I think I've banged on enough about the benefits of physical movement for mental health so I'm not going to talk about that heaps reduced refined sugar so this is one that I feel like everyone knows that they should do but you know we sneak a little bit of candy here and there and it's in soft drink it's in it's in so many little sneaky things so if you can avoid having refined sugar it can raise your glucose levels in your insulin levels always have a look at the sugar levels in your foods and make sure you're staying away from anything that has refined sugar in it one of the other overall goals that I've had in the guidelines is choose a book or audio book to read over this month on personal development fun fact before I became a mum I used to read all the time it was actually quite a big part of my childhood and I essentially only read personal development and literature but I loved reading and since becoming a mom I just don't felt fine like I had the time to read however going on the recent bombs day and putting my phone away I realized I spent so much time like eating either creating content which is fair enough with my job but also just mindlessly scrolling which a is so bad for your mental health and B is absolutely pointless and we do it because it releases dopamine into our system which is a numbing sensation where we just kind of flick through and it just passes time and it makes us feel good for like that quick second but in the long run it actually makes us feel really really so I have chosen to instead of mindlessly scroll to read a book instead and I have so much more time on my hands actually embarrassing so and for those of you who say you don't have time if you do have time to watch TV scroll through why don't you do something to actually help you in life and I don't mean this in terms of like TV time is so important I think it's like it's downtime but you know we can only have so much of it so you have that opportunity to read I highly suggest you do it and get back into it if you're like me and it just makes you feel so good and helps your brain operate then totally get back into it and I got a lot of questions the other day on what books I have been reading so I thought I'd suggest something first up the books that I'm reading currently and I got this like two days ago and it's quite an easy read it's by Sarah Knight who has this series called I wrote it down the life-changing magic of not giving an F I won't swear because your kids might be watching it with you I picked the third book out of the series I've never read Sarah Knight before but this book spoke to me the most it's really about it's called you do you and it's really about you know being authentically yourself and not worrying about what people think and also just feeling okay with saying no and not being like obliged to say yes because you're worried about what other people think yes super easy read and it has some really laughs out moments and there she's really like an amazing writer I've really enjoyed reading this book okay the second one I had to recommend so I've been a huge fan of brené Brown since her 2010 TED talk I think I watched it maybe a year after and her talk one vulnerability and her so much of what she talks about with shame and stuff is stuff I've really experienced and really her talk of ulnar ability has helped me become the most as an as vulnerable as I have been which is like you know sharing my story and having the strength to do that has really been inspired by a lot of her research so I had Reds daring greatly which is quite old now but this is a fantastic read and then recently I what I read braving the wilderness which is all about belonging but one of her first books I hadn't read yet and it's called the gifts of imperfection and I'm still reading this at the moment it's got like on every page almost it has such a hard moment so many I've bookmarked and and scribbled in it so much because every time I I get that moment of like enlightenment I'm just like holy this woman is on to something I think this is my favorite book by Brene brown the whole conversation of that shame can't exist in when you talk about it and when you're vulnerable about it if just shame can't deal with being shared and then being met with compassion so yeah it's really an amazing book and then lastly when I was on my farm State I read a book called happy mama and since I have been such a fan it's funny story this book actually was sent to me as part of a gift box subscription after I had Lawlor I think and it wasn't until say C was like did you read that book it was so good but she got a copy as well and I was like I don't know where that book is but okay maybe it's a sign from the universe I should be reading this book so I read this on my phone's day and since had become a huge fan of Amy's work she seems to be very unrecognized and she has an incredible podcast that I listen to weekly now and she does amazing work he can tell that her workers from such a place of love and purpose so I highly recommend reading this book if you're a mum she talks a lot about finding your identity through mature essences what she calls it um in that you're transforming into a different person and transforming into a mother really and she's very open about her experiences in becoming a mum so I love love love love this book I think every mummy should read it but check this lady out and search her podcast as well because it's really it's just beautiful she's an amazing woman and I would love to meet her one day I'd love to meet Brene brown and Sarah Knight but anyway those are my book recommendations okay and on that I thought I'd share for those of you who aren't readers I thought I'd share my favorite podcast as well because not everyone has a the time to recourse um people actually don't just wanna find some people just randomly don't have the time okay podcast one that I've just discovered lately is called the mindful kind she seems to be very very consistent with her uploads this is the mindful kind really beautiful podcast that is or by rachel cable which is all about being more mindful and self-acceptance cultivating positivity or think so she's a beautiful listen again I'll to show you the happy moment movement by Amy that one is for any mummies this these are perfect because she has different length ones and some of them are really really quick and sometimes I just listen to them on the way to the gym and it just sets the tone for the day you know the other one that I want to share is getting to is affirmation pod by Josie on this can be a little bit a bit heavy but sometimes they are she just basically does positive affirmations and I really appreciate that because sometimes I don't come up with my own obviously the other one is TED Talks daily I think you know you can almost find such hidden gems in there TED talks are just amazing and those are my three favorites at the moment if you weren't more into like the business work side of things work party I said this in my last one but work party is like one of my favorite ones she is kind of like I guess the MSX as I hear saying her name of America Jacqueline Johnson and Johnson all names okay that is my favorite reads and podcast on personal development at the moment so will forever be changing but absolutely there's something gems that I found I would love to actually know in the comment section below what your favorite reads are one that's on my list is a woman's worth I've heard that's really good but if you have any other books and recommendations I would really really appreciate them because reading is I'm getting back into it I'm finding my groove again yeah if you do have any questions or have a book that you want to recommend please comment below and also if you could give this video a thumbs up that would be really appreciated as well alright guys thanks for watching bye okay notes in my am I gonna go through it now go away little thing in my throat so frustrating guys Oh

19 thoughts on “Fav Books and Podcasts + Wellness Reset Guidelines

  1. Can u recommend a naturopath in Brisbane area ? I think I have adrenal fatigue also as I just can’t get out bed most days til the middle of the day.
    I also live in a hot climate and used to be super active! Glad you’re doing this!

  2. I never clicked so fast.
    I missed out on attending your live touring show, will you ever do more? Or do a video on your journey in early life/ teenage years.. getting into your gym business etc.

  3. Hey Revie,

    I have that book “you do you” and I going to put my Phone down and start reading when I go to bed instead of watching Netflix.

  4. Just wanna say a huge thank you!
    Pulled out the podcast app from a junk folder on my phone and have downloaded the ones you recommended as well as a few that I thought would be great ☺️☺️ great motivation! 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  5. I’ve stopped reading since I’ve have my baby girl, you’ve given me the motivation to start again 💗

  6. I'm definitely going to use these printable pdf's. I recently went to my doctor to have bloodwork done and found out that I am really lacking in a few areas. I think this will definitely help me level myself out and stay on track. Thanks!

  7. This made me so excited! I love the Awesome with Alison podcast. She has one episode 61 that’s called a pep talk for when life’s a lot and it CHANGED my outlook on my day forever.

  8. Presence by Amy Cuddy ♥️


  9. Thank you Revie. My kids are the same age as yours and I see so much of myself in you. Thank you for sharing with us what you are doing. You're changing my life for the better ❤️

  10. Thanks for sharing Revie!! I love that your speaking out about mindfulness. It’s so beneficial and important I think.
    One of my favourite self development books is Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrossini. One of my favourite podcast which is more of a life/ career development one is Seize the Yay by Sarah Holloway.

  11. This is so lovely. With a 2.5 year old and 8 week old this has really helped me ♥️ I need to make sure I make time for myself once in awhile xx

  12. Thank you for all your efforts! ♥️ I'm starting my restart tomorrow as no better time than the present 😣

  13. Thanks for sharing! I'm excited to get into this reset with you. I have been trying to do this for a few months and I am struggling on my own. I am always looking for good podcasts and books (although I never have/make time to read!) Two books on my list are first, we make the beast beautiful by Sarah Wilson and The happiness project by Gretchen Rubin.

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