Father John Misty – I'm Writing A Novel (Live on KEXP)

37 thoughts on “Father John Misty – I'm Writing A Novel (Live on KEXP)

  1. I wonder if Cheryl ever wakes up thinking – fuck another sodding day listening to music sitting on that fucking stool, look at the weather out side it beautiful I will die in here some day.

  2. Great lyrics, Father is not a bad singer, but the music sounds just like it is – white guys trying to play the blues

  3. Damn! I love this band and Josh is so talented and sexy. Love his energy. Love the way he moves and his voice is amazing. Great live performance. Very well done. Give me more!!

  4. The drummer looks like he really doesn't want to be there. Almost like he's disappointed with how his life has turned out and that he has to take gigs like this. He's probably rather be at some smoky bar in a Lynyrd tribute band!

  5. Saw this video blasting in the "SkyChurch" at the EMP Museum in Seattle. Freaking whoa now.

  6. HaAHA! MY boys! Holy shit… the party's rolling. Thank Gaia for coming you out of that sweet soil.

    "If you're up for it sometime, I swear you wouldn't have to be my muse."
    – Holy shit… haha, so good. Hey FJM I'll see what I can do about printing one of my own replicas of that kickass shirt.

  7. I discovered this song in a channel called "Concert Channel" and I found so fucking awesome, plus the style and eccentric movements of Josh… love at first hearing with this song. In fact, I don't had internet in that moment, so I took a photo to the TV, just to search for the song later.

  8. Based on the positive remarks in the comments here this might be an unpopular opinion. And this dude is so goddamn musical. But I must say, what was badass about Fleet was that one could speculate that they were like some shroom poppin mountain men based on their music . . . And what a sweet vibe to capture without broadcasting it . . . But then you got Father John bustin in over here with his ayahuasca and legalize tee and his pants down yelling "help help i'm trippin face" . . . Wommmp wommmp

  9. This song is so good. Oh, to whomever said he's being serious: he is while he's joking, if that makes sense. He's joking, but that doesn't mean he doesn't believe in the joke.

    I would say this is the perfect blend of not taking it too seriously while still tearing that shit up. This has lit up my heart in a big way by touching my brain, my funny bone, my beliefs (legalize non-narcotic drugs dammit) and my get down. His voice is outstanding, too.

  10. Just found you through Lifer Music and Art, yep it was more than worth clicking the link to find myself boogieing through the house with my broom.  Where do I buy the album? My house will be spotless 🙂 

  11. I know what you mean, but I think he takes himself seriously (which I like) his eyes look too seriously to be a joke.

  12. I want to like this guy…..but I don't find him believable. I don't feel that he belives in himself. Father John? You really in touch with your soul? This is about the second comment I have left on Youtube in about 8 years. I hope I am wrong and that people find something great in him.

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