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  1. I swear.. I have never, NEVER, heard truer words spoken. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate you and I appreciate this. Thank you 🙂

  2. Im 12 and im 109 and i saw a girl who was older and weight 86 im so fat. My thighs are to big and my stomach needs to be more flat.. I eat to much and i try not to. I wish i was skinny… I want to be pretty like those skinny girls. I dont want to be fst anymore

  3. Thank you a lot for this poem. I've always hated myself. This poem comforted me . 😭😭😭💜

  4. This really hit me in the feels
    I can’t stand my body
    I have to wear baggy clothes and stuff that covers every part of my body
    I’ve tried like every way to lose weight but nothing has worked
    I feel judged and shamed everywhere I go in public, and I always think it’s my fault
    I’ve always hated my body, I really wish I could feel happy for at least one day, and I wish I could just be thin

  5. I’m in year 4 I’m nine years old i weigh 55kg I get bullied, a boy touched my private part without permission and laughed and said I’m fat so I shouldn’t care because I have to worry about losing weight, my crush slapped me in the face I get teased it sports because people think I’m to fat to do it, boys laugh at me, call me fat and ugly and stupid and I hate it! I cant stand it, now I’m starting to think my own Friend are fake because now whenever I talk to them they say thing like, why would a boy ever like you, oh that video of you doesn’t look real you look to skinny in it, I’ve told my mum about it she said you look beautiful the way you are I appreciate her so much, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not happy with myself she said when i next grow a few inches go on a diet and watch what you eat, I appreciate the advice but I’m still fat and ugly and I always wonder what would it be like if I could be skinny for a day, would people like me would my life be better, no because I know that no matter how skinny and pretty I am no one will ever like me, if I could stop myself from eating forever I would but I can’t because I want to eat it. I don’t know what to do anymore sometimes I just want to die

    I know it’s weird but please if anyone is bothered to read this please tell me how to lose weight… I need it.😔😔❤️❤️😇😇😇❤️❤️❤️


  6. I’m 5’0 and I weight around 106 pounds.. that’s too fat in my opinion so ima start stop eating for now 😁

  7. I remember someone told me that i still looked fat like a pig just to make me cry when i was recovering from anorexia when i was 16..

  8. This young woman never ceases to amaze me. I am so glad she is an influencer. There are so many woman influencers that need to be more like this.💜 I honestly needed to hear this so bad…. I’ve struggled loving myself for a long time

  9. This is beautiful, powerful and meaningful! I’m currently doing a project part of my dance major and it’s focused on body image and I would love to create a dance with your work!

  10. As a kid my family taunted me for being fat.
    So i lost weight.
    Now they taunt me for being too skinny.

  11. I got called flopasaurus (basically I got called obese)
    By a boy and which that hurt my feelings he never said sorry
    I've cut myself twice now (got told off the first time)
    And now I have depression

  12. Society puts fat people under pression because it is an instinctive mechanism to preserve the race, stop complaining! Maybe the world is trying to save you!

  13. ""When will people realise body positivity is not about encouraging obesity

    It’s about allowing people for once in their life to accept their body without feeling ashamed or guilty.""
    that is complete horseshit
    they claim that there are no health hazards to being overweight and that DOCTORS are fat shaming them
    for fucks sake

  14. I hate myself i go to shop i cry because not fits me i everytime go out i feel bad i get bullied i hate my self

  15. I would like to just love my body and sometimes I do, I look in the mirror and think "You look pretty" and then my Vater comes down stair and sees me standing infront of the mirror, smiling and I never understod whats his problem but then he says something like " you realy should loose a little wait you looked happyer when you was skinnyer" and I say " Im actually happy" and he answers " maybe you can lie to yourself but not to me"

    but what he never knows, or just dont want to realise is that He is the only reason why I am not happy anymore since im 15, and Im 18 so this is going that way for a long time

    I just wish he could love me no matter how I look like so I can love myself too.

    because the only thing thats sure is that the opinion of my Vater is so important for me that it is impossible to be happy when he is not.

    and because he wont listen I need to life whith it

  16. I can't get up from bed because of social anxeity and depression. I eat food insted of cutting (i do that to sometimes but it is not good to do) i think every sekund that i'm geting fater because i can't do anything and i alredy hate my body. I hate when people say just go and run when i say i'm fat But i can't

  17. Your words help many people with your works without knowing . Your are an inspiration to me . Thank taz

  18. I love this poem. It practically sums up my life. Unfortunately I am starving myself right now. I haven’t eaten in three days and I am trying to hide it from my parents. I hate my body…

  19. At school I never want to get changed for PE because to change shirt people will stare at u as u take of your shirt,

  20. “Society will tell you that if your fat then your worthless and lazy”

    This REALLY hit me.. I’m not kidding there are tears streaming down my face..

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