Fashion Designer Creates A Look Book In The Sims 4 • Professional Play

93 thoughts on “Fashion Designer Creates A Look Book In The Sims 4 • Professional Play

  1. Who else isn’t watching in full screen

    I am śußßing to ėveryone that likes this and sußs to mę 💞

  2. Aw she seems so sweet. I kept watching just because she seemed to enjoy it is much. Usually I would have skipped to see the outcome

  3. No shade to the designer — she seems cool — but it would've made more sense if they had a stylist bc this is more about styling existing pieces.

  4. Omg, those outfits were so cute!!! i love the athletic one the best!!! i might create and my partner's Lookbooks on The Sims on my channel thanks for the idea!!!

  5. I really enjoyed her approachable, nonsnobbery vibe. She explained things clearly & gave a lot of information without it feeling like a lecture or, umm, fashionsplaining…? 😂 I liked what she came up with (& her reasoning behind each outfit) & it's very interesting to watch a professional look through these clothes (some of which we're familiar with from other players on this channel)…I would've liked to have seen what she'd come up with given around 8 hours & all options & mods/cheats/whatever they do these days. Then again, as she mentioned, that element of fatigue might set in given too many separates. She went into each outfit with certain goals & came out with what met them. 👍

  6. Give this woman some CC so she can do her job right!!…and someone tell her about color swatches I don't think she realized how many more options she had.

  7. I have the mind of a stylist. I wanted more accessories with each outfit. Maybe next time do this with both a stylist and a designer? When I go out, I always have some sort of jacket for most outfits or sheer shawl that covers my shoulders if I'm wearing a dress. I also always have a bag. Whether it's a clutch, crossbody, or mini bookbag, I like to have things on the go. Layers and minimal hints of color and subtle jewelry is everything.

  8. Thank you all for the 💚. I did my best😥😥 lol. For those of you asking about my other info,follow my IG @FashionDivaNgo. 💚💚💚

  9. She was so sweet and didn't complain about the basic game items. Like having custom content crash your game ehhhkt.

  10. Don't know if I'm going to apply these tips for me or my sims

    Ps: that sim is so cute. I would definitely download her !

  11. Please give Kelseys sims from the 100 baby challenge a makeover! According to their personalities of course. That would be so cool!

  12. Survivor/Miner plays Minecraft or psychologist plays Outlast.

    im curious about how a Survivor can handle a minecraft day,at least in hardcore or see how much he can survive or see a miner n see know wath they think about it,about the Psychologist,its more to see if he can handle the terror n see if he can tell us what kind of mental problems have some of the ´´People´´ in this place n see if the bad guy of the game had one,this who wanna cut your lil´buddy…just curiosity.

  13. I wish she'd been able to make them more custom! Like on Sims I know we can go into round circle palettes to choose any color, find different prints, etc. I would've loved to see her make them much more custom! I wonder if someone told her? She seems so creative and fun 💕

  14. I wish she could have gotten some custom content because this would be so much better if she could pick other items besides sims clothes!

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