FALLEN ORDER Content for Star Wars Battlefront 2? – Mod Showcase

how everyone my name is Asatru how are you and welcome to another Star Wars Battlefront to Ma showcase for you of mine and in this video I'm going to be showcasing two mods that thought were really cool and they're Jedi fallen order themed the new game coming from respawn Entertainment's later this year and I also wanted to discuss the possibility of these characters coming in Battlefront 2 as a Content drop because a lot of people have been asking will we get kau the main protagonist of the game who you play as as a hero in bathroom – or will we get to the purge strippers as infiltrator reinforcements because they would work pretty well with them but before I do discuss that and Jays stance on this subjects I want to showcase these months so the first mod I have is the 4k purge troopers mod from King 105-thousand it's absolutely phenomenal it looks perfect of course the airborne trooper helmet does not exist in bow front – so you have to make use with the 91st Legion clone trooper phase 1 clone trooper helmet but nevertheless it looks really good so it's basically replacing the def trooper so you get 4k textures it looks phenomenal and there's also custom portraits so the Deaf troopers face is gone in the respawn menu and it is replaced with the per trip a look which looks really cool these guys actually have staffs in Jedi fallen order and they're used to hunt down remaining Jedi after order 66 so these would be really really cool to see in bow front – and they do look menacing in the game and hopefully they're gonna be pretty hard to fight against in the game because I am so excited to play as cow who we'll talk about right now so calc Estes is a new protagonist in Star Wars he is going to be canon and he is the main character of general and order and Chucky made this mod basically using Luke Han and a bunch of other assets to really make good use of a bunch of these assets to make him look similar to what cow wears and of course it is hands face book it's not too far away from what cow actually looks like so Luke Skywalker's default appearance has been place with this you also get the blue lightsaber custom hair report rates as well as new hero intro and defeat themes which is really nice touch not many people do stuff like that so you have to appreciate the little things here in there I'm on my way I really like this mod I think as soon as I saw the trailer I was like is anyone going to be doing any purchase rip mods or a Cal mod I think the were one well a few days later we got this yeah but let's talk about EI stance on this so so much the asked J on Twitter is it possible to have cow the new carrots from fall in order in battlefront 2 before the game is even released or is that too much to ask for and he says I don't think we'd add main hero characters to bow front to in any situation unless they were out in their medium first out of respect for the craters I don't think it would be fair to add cow before battlefront 2 before respawn got to release the carrots that we've been working on for years so this doesn't flat out deny that cow could potentially come to the game I highly doubt it though considering there is so much more over here as they want to work on or probably are working on but it is also not saying there won't be any creepers possibly down the line I would like to see that obviously when the game comes out I think they should do that not when the game does come out because it just coming out and November maybe early next year or something like that that would be really cool to see as an infiltrator reinforcement for the original trilogy for the Empire be sure to let me know in the comment section below your thoughts on these mods and would you like to see these characters in battlefront too I certainly would eventually of course once we've had over content in the Clone Wars era and stuff like that and check out these mods they'll be down the links in the description below and if you are new around here be sure to subscribe click the like button if you enjoyed it and check out any of the two priest videos on screen if you do miss them I shall see you all next Star Wars Battlefront 2 video goodbye

46 thoughts on “FALLEN ORDER Content for Star Wars Battlefront 2? – Mod Showcase

  1. It would be a great idea to put some content from JFO to B2. Cal's hero counterpart could be the second sister. Purge trooper reinforcements. New maps maybe. It would advertise B2 the JFO players and vica versa. If Respawn agrees then it would be a fatal mistake not to

  2. BT W As I read the comments It is so crazy how me and somebody else Thought of that Reinforcement class but I said Striker and gave more

  3. We need an inquisitor Don’t care which one can be from this game or Rebels And I want A new reinforcement class called Strikers That have Weapons That Hit lightsabers like purge Trooper for Empire, Pratorian Guards for first order, and I know Dice said they need Snoke To do that But I would like A second Last Jedi DLC with Canto Bight, Poe, Snoke, and Snokes ship, also would Be Magna guards For CIS For Infiltator I want to see That traitor trooper don’t know Name sorry and A I don’t know What for resistance or they could add a pilot Reinforemnt class And they could Have pistols New Pistols And Like shock grenades or something as their Abilities, For The rebels Infiltratir I want to see Bothan Spy’s And For Empire I want to see Shadow troopers Like please

  4. To be honest, the mod version of the Purge Troopers look far cooler. I like the actual design, but this looks cooler in my opinion.

  5. Although the PURGE TROOPER is an awesome thing to add to the game as the INFILTRATOR CLASS, I think the SHADOW TROOPER is a better choice for an infiltrator class trooper because shadow trooper were used for infiltration missions, using the ability to make themselves invincible for a short time

  6. EA is going to abandone the game when fallen order is there. Ventress, Ahsoka and maybe 2-3 new maps for capital supremacy and its all over.

  7. Those purge troopers served with the inquisitors in the Darth Vader comics. They had blasters, and were clones, as they malfunctioned when a Jedi said 'execute order 66'

  8. Why would you want them to add these characters into Battlefront 2 when they are literally coming out in another video game? In addition, you don't even know who these characters are, if they are any good, and if the story hits the mark. In my opinion the people making Battlefront 2 should be making more maps, eras, or characters that actually matter.

  9. Can't wait for the game and my favorite of the two mods was the purge trooper it just looks so cool I would not wanna be on the wrong side of there blaster

  10. WoW :O Those Fallen Order mods looks very nice! 😀
    I like how they used Han's face for Cal Kestis cause they really look alike 🙂

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