Fake News Writer | Episode 3 | YouTube Series

(rock music) – [Man] So, what did you
think about Ethan’s script? – [Woman] I thought it was really racist. – How? – Ethan, listen to the
critiques, don’t argue. – Okay, well the main
black character, Jerome, a very stereotypical name, by the way, was also cast in a really
stereotypical role: the sidekick. Black people are always
being cast as sidekicks, plus on pages 3, 17, and 18, you have him walk into
the room and greet people with a “Yo”, while all the
white people are saying “Hi”. Honestly, I just kinda
felt like the script was something from the 1950’s. Do you even know what it
feels like to be black? It’s hard! There’s police,
and incarcerations. – I’m sorry, but no, criminals should not be allowed to vote. Once you murder someone,
you lose the right to determine the future of this country, end of discussion. – Innocent people are falsely
accused sometimes, right? And people commit crimes, because of the conditions that they face or because the law is flawed. They should have a say in
fixing that flawed system. – Yeah, but murderers? – Well, also consider that black people get falsely accused of
things way more often than white people. And there’s evidence of
(text notification sound) biased judges and biased juries. – It’s Brandon. – Oh, what’s going on with him? So, he’s what I considered a
close guy friend, like you. – Yeah. – And then one day, he decides to tell me he’s in love with me and it sucks because I don’t want to hurt him but I had to say no, but
he insists we stay friends. So now it feels like I’m
hurting him all over again. And, you know, it’s like, do
I have to stop talking to him? Do I have to find someone new
to watch Game of Thrones with? Like, what do I do? I think you should stay friends with him. I mean, imagine how hard it
is to put yourself out there for someone and then hearing that they don’t want to be friends again. Putting yourself out
there’s hard, you know? He definitely needs more time. He thinks he’s good now, but he’s not. I’d say, give it a few months and then try to be friends again. – Yeah, I’ll do that. What about you? Why haven’t you been dating anyone? – Once I’m financially independent and don’t rely on my dad anymore, then I will be confident and
want to talk about myself. And then I’ll hit on girls. – Yeah, well that makes sense. (giggling) (text sending sound) – Who’s that girl you’re off texting? Is that your girlfriend? – Not my girlfriend. (typing sounds) (text sending sound) – I met this girl I really like. We’ve been texting, but she
stopped responding to me all of a sudden. Not saying I deserve a
response, or I’m entitled to it that would be patriarchal, but you know, would be nice. – Maybe your texts aren’t exciting enough. – What does that mean? – Imagine that you’re
scrolling through Facebook, and you only have time
to read one article. Try writing, “Wow! You would not believe “what my roommate and I just found. “It’s insane!” – What did we find? – Doesn’t matter, just write it. – Okay, okay. I’m gonna trust you on this. ‘Cause I’ve never seen you this confident about anything. (typing sounds) (mumbling) (text send sound) – Oh my god, that was so fast. – Clickbait works every time. – So, how do I respond now? – I don’t know. Say you found a weird
shaped apple or something. – So, I’m supposed to be
describing a weird shaped apple as insane? – Well, she already took
the conversation bait, so she can’t really tell you that she’s too busy to talk right now. – I’ve never seen an apple
that’s not just a regular shape, would that– – It’s really not about the
content, just go for it. – Alright. – The secret of clickbait
isn’t just being misleading, or leaving questions the
viewer wants answered. Good clickbait is something
the reader believes will make him feel good. It will confirm his
narrative in a cinematic way. The best clickbait is
about someone they love destroying someone they hate. Megan McCain demolishes
View host Joy Behar. Laura Ingraham crushes David Hogg. Ivanka Trump eviscerates Hillary Clinton. And how did Ivanka respond
to Hillary’s insults? By not doing anything. She
didn’t even need to respond. That is how classy she is. Hillary must be devastated. – This draft is even more racist. – How? – [Man] Ethan. – Your black characters are acting in the whitest way imaginable. Okay, race is a big part of who we are. It affects our past, our
future, the way we’re treated. But your black characters are
completely indistinguishable from white people. – She’s not responding again. Your advice worked last time. – Alright, what are some things
you both like and dislike? – Oh well, we both love Rachel Maddow and we both hate how The 13
Reasons Why glorifies suicide. – Okay, try writing, did
you see how Rachel Maddow completely eviscerated 13 Reasons Why? – Sure (typing) (text sending sound)
(text notification sound) (tongue click) – Wait, I don’t think Rachel
Maddow’s ever said anything about 13 Reasons Why. What do I say? – No idea. You’re smarter than me,
you’ll figure it out. (typing) This time it’s good. – This is the most racist version yet. – Just go ahead. – Well, what did you expect? You just took out all
your black characters? – Yo. (laughs) Can I talk to you for a minute? – Yeah, yeah, sure. – I really loved your writing. – Really? – Yeah. – Thanks. – Yeah, I’ve been coming
to these writer’s meetings to sort of scout the talent, and I think that you’re
storytelling abilities really stood out. – Thank you. – I’m no one special, but
I am good family friends with Joy Behar. You ever watch the View? – Can you believe Joy Behar
would say something so horrible about President Trump? She’s just a jealous bitch. – Yeah, I love The View,
Joy Behar’s hilarious. (nervous laughter)
– Great. Well, I was wondering,
if you’d be interested in partnering up with me on a project ’cause I have this script idea, and I have this strong
connection to Joy Behar, and you have the writing talent. Well, what do you say?

47 thoughts on “Fake News Writer | Episode 3 | YouTube Series

  1. Just started watching this, had a bit of trouble getting into the first two episodes, but I really enjoyed this one.

  2. The phrase "fake news" probably got this series suppressed. Sorry you had to advertise it. So far it has good acting and great production value.

  3. Love this….. do you even know what it feels like to be black talking to a black guy this s*** is f**** genius

  4. This series it's full of liberal propaganda. Black people get falsely accused more than white people? Where do you come up with that SJW crap? The writing in this is very childish. These two male leads are obviously gay wow pretending to be heterosexual.

  5. My friend which is republican, shared a link. I'm sorta Interested in this including the depiction of how insufferable some people are.

    But it's still kinda meh cause you get worse stuff off of real videos. Some of the characters act hostile but also are kinda stupid but makes a lot of sense since the dumber someone is the more violent and hostile they tend to be.

  6. We need a show like this. I’m tired of being yelled at by leftist and fascist morons. Both sides can be incredibly stupid.

  7. I'm loving the insanity of both sides losing their shit over identity politics, virtue signals, bias, echo-camber bubbles.

    The ones who can see the irony and laugh at it all without feeling offended by their sides being made fun of, are the moderates or independents, sitting on the fence and tired of all the divisive rhetoric alive and well on social media.
    At least, that's my opinion.
    It's good to see others who have the same mindset.

  8. 3:48 Don't Lie or just make up stuff She will want to see a picture of the Non-Existent
    "Weird Shaped Apple" Be Honest ,Be yourself

  9. I just heard about the show from a radio program. I alternately laugh and cringe…. I think you are hitting the marks you are aiming for. Well done! Subbed and watching.

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