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  1. i know i know it's there live but i Love the song.. and,.. you know it's not the end of the world so.. yeah just wanted to put that out there… bth I LOVE THE BAND :3

  2. Everything I try to do, every dream I try to make a reality it goes to flames and I feel like failure because…the dream that is gone it made me so happy. I felt like I could make it my life but I failed. I’m sure I always will.

  3. Janet threw a hatchet at Jim when the sun was setting.Never mind the inconvienience,Bill still loves you.

  4. I cryed because i never get what i want in life so i decieded to give up on life because i understand a box never gets what it wants am being treated like a box

  5. The lyrics are so meaningful.. We carrying sometimes a worst situations, we hopeless.(in our mind).. But the truth is….. Failure is not longer..

  6. This very song defines me. And honestly….I wanna die. I did my best, I tried to make it work, but I carry the weight of everyone. And no matter what I do, or what I succeed, same word the people I love repeat to me. The only reason I havent jumped off the bridge yet is because Im afraid of Hell.

  7. I was doing so good in school… but the transition to university broke me. I can't adapt to the increased expectations. I'm failing time after time. I had such a bright future but I lack self discipline and motivation. Every year I'm growing older with nothing to show for it and I'm sinking deeper and deeper into depression. How did I end up here? Fallen from grace. A failure.

    Edit: It's 3:00 AM and I have to do two assignments by tomorrow as the last chance to be allowed to take the exam. R.I.P.

  8. In every class I walk in to I am a failure no matter how hard I try I am still failing I can't think of nothing I may have Aphantasia !
    Am being emo but no one understands me no one my only friend said she's failing but she's getting a 80 99 all those grades and am getting 55 even a 5 or 0 IM TRYING I PROMISE

  9. wasted the water for we need for the hurricane florenece thing going on awesome way to start the day upsetting the family etc. sigh living up the name of this song 🙁

  10. i hate school because in English i don't have my paper i need so now i can't fix my grade and i just feel like a failure

  11. I'm pretty sure I'm older than most commenting lol but I do adore this band…i got to see them live last summer….i gotta say….a lot of comments posted are very sad…so many young ppl depressed and feeling like failures….I'm sorry this world has become so cold that so many feel defeated by life at such young ages….when I was in my late teens and ealy 20's all I did was go to concert after concert….not a care in the world as it should have been…. but now I see how mean this world has become for so many….I hope it changes with some of you guys….and I hope those that are so sad and depressed can find someone to talk it out with….Mother Earth 🌱 needs you!! Blessed Be….🕯🔮🕯

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