Faculty of Education Scholarship Recipient

I've been a teacher for 16 years and my
parents and my family would always described me as a professional student
because now with my Masters I've actually been in school for 16 years. To
me education is an opportunity to really make sure that students and people as a
whole have that experience so that they are passionate and can keep learning so
that it becomes part of who they are. I received my first degree through UBCO. Thankfully I'm going to be working with
UBCO in the future I'm working with the new teacher education program on the advisory board. It also opens up a lot of other opportunities that were
previously not available before I did my Masters here at UBCO. The Stephen Pope
Educators Award was really an award that was validating for me and my work and
recognition of everything that I have been doing both in the field and in my
research and at school. I've also had the opportunity to have
lunch with Audrey Pope, the donor of the scholarship. It's really wonderful to be able to have
that connection and to hear her story and her grandfather's story which is a piece
of BC history and education history that I wasn't aware of and then I
didn't know before.

One thought on “Faculty of Education Scholarship Recipient

  1. It is thrilling to see that the Stephen Daniel Pope Award has helped Desiree in her ongoing career in education. I am confident that he would be pleased to see how she is progressing and helping the education system in B. C, Audrey Pope

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