Facebook's content moderators in Florida endure horrific conditions, report says

31 thoughts on “Facebook's content moderators in Florida endure horrific conditions, report says

  1. Seriously? This guy? 2:19. The guy who wipes his nose goblins under the desk? The guy with hot pocket apnea?

  2. "And when you think of PTSD, you think of a warzone, right? Not an office" ANYONE CAN GET PTSD. You're welcome!

  3. Perspective helps… check out how they clean septic tanks in India and then go back to work. If you need a new job they are always looking for people to clean septic tanks in India. If you are truly diagnosed with ptsd (not self diagnosed) then you need to join a ptsd group and talk to them. If I were you I would talk about a worse story than the one about the iguana.

  4. Trump is a "Russian Reckless" ~ Ban on Social Media, Zeno-phobic, VIce , Crime and Motives "Just like Adolf Putin" ~ 🖐🤡🖐 ~ 🤣☝

  5. Facebook Moderators!?!?!?
    One small step for censorship, one giant leap for Fascism.
    Zuckerface would have been part of the Judenfraud in 1936 Germany.
    He is a very, VERY dangerous man.

  6. The "alpha men" in the comments need to STFU because you have no idea what you'd do in that situation until you experience it, just like the John Wayne types who think they could take down an active shooter (eye-roll). There's an article that goes into more detail about what the job is like, find it, read it, and actually educate yourself on something for a change (instead of just imaging the world as you WANT it to be, find out how it actually IS).

  7. Sorry, but the people whining about what they are seeing while doing the job of a moderator are absolute wimps who should have never been in that line of work in the first place. They don't have PTSD, they're just wimpy and need to go flip burgers at McDonald's.

  8. PTSD working an office job 🤣🤣🤣. GTFOH…If you don't like it, get a new job. Your job title is in the description. Don't act surprised when you have to show up and work

  9. Ok, “we plan to work at that over time” is not a valid excuse anymore for one of the largest companies in our country.

  10. Americans are so unreal. You want to sit at your desk for 10-12hours, eating McDonalds, driving 6-8 hours a week and expect yourself to have a healthy life?

  11. Do these workers know they can leave and get a new job. They claim they have ptad lol. Give me a break. They aren't forced to be there. A lot of folks out there would love to have that job

  12. Serve 25+ in USA Military first like 1 percent have done or be a Police Officer or Firefighter….Truma really working for Fake Book! Also Fake CBS!!!

  13. This guy needs to read literature on PTSD, like The Body Keeps the Score. Your mental health can be 100% and it won’t help you not succumb to PTSD after prolonged exposure. What Facebook needs to do is get with 21st century science and stop operating like it’s still run by a bunch of dorm kids.

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