Facebook Marketing Tips: How To Find Proven Content Ideas For Your Facebook Page

hello everyone and welcome to another episode of CEM TV i am kim heemin is your social media strategist and in today's episode we're going to be learning how to find proven content for your Facebook page so content that is already gone either viral or has been really successful on Facebook and then how to model that content and adapt it for your own Facebook page so that you can skyrocket your engagement so if you want to learn how to do just that make sure to stick around alright I'm super excited about this episode because I've been wanting to shoot something like this for quite a long time now I get a lot of questions about Facebook content and what's happening with the algorithm and how to make sure that you're getting on top of the newsfeed and getting your posts shown to all of your audience and before we dig in and talk about how to find proven content it's really important that we understand how to use the Facebook algorithm how to leverage it for a lot of you know most small business owners and entrepreneurs Facebook is really confusing it's frustrating because Reach is so low and if you don't know how to properly manage your Facebook page it can be a lot a lot a lot of a drain when it comes to creating content because you know we've all been there we've all you know tried really hard to create awesome Facebook content and then notice that you know no one saw the post no one engaged with it is it very frustrating so before you go off on a tangent and start blaming Facebook because they want your money and you have to pay to promote your posts that's simply not the case yes having a Facebook Ads budget can really help take your efforts to the next level and I think it's something that you should have even if it's just 20 dollars a month however it's not necessary to pay to actually get your posts to be promoted on the newsfeed and I know that a lot of you are going to get really upset about this and you're probably going to should link a bunch of articles that tell you the exact opposite bear with me here I've been using Facebook to market businesses since 2012 so it's been four years and I've studied you know the algorithm I've listened to almost every single Facebook live event where they announced you know the new trends that are coming Facebook is my favorite platform and I can truly tell you that I've built my business on facebook marketing so although I'm not I don't consider myself Facebook expert I do want to tell you that it's very important that you understand the mindset behind what drives Facebook what they're trying to accomplish as a company and why they impose a lot of regulations on business pages the first thing I want to let you know is that Facebook will always protect the end user they will always do what is best for their community and that is a smart business decision on their end because think about it if people stop using Facebook is they stop you know engaging on the platform because the content that they're seeing is not something that they like they're going to leave right and then there's not going to be anyone for you and I to market to on the platform so before you get all pissed off at the Facebook algorithm you probably already are I know I've had a lot of frustration with it you know you have to understand what Facebook is trying to accomplish and that is to show the most relevant content to the users at the right time because that'll keep them engaged that'll keep them coming back to Facebook and you know if they're constantly showing them ads or content from business pages then they're not going to want to engage you know with that content so the first thing that you need to do as a marketer as a business owner who's trying to really get out there on Facebook and do big things is understand your audience you know as much as you possibly can it's the test and experiment and be aware that the Facebook algorithm will always benefit you if you're posting content that your audience really resonates with and I I've seen this over and over and over and over and over again with all of my clients across the board you know from plastic surgeons to roofing companies to online this owners every time you post content that your audience resonates with it gets shown on the newsfeed a lot more than if you post content that they just don't care about so the first tip I have for you in terms of really you know being able to take your Facebook account content to the next level is to post content that your audience resonates within to pay attention okay you got to go in there at least twice a month and look at the posts that are getting the most amount of engagement you know for most business owners quotes do really well because they're inspiring they're empowering and people love to share that on their own timeline so going back to the algorithm algorithm to the Facebook algorithm you know there's three main pillars to the algorithm and I'm not gonna get very technical with you but just notice about the algorithm the more people like comment share your content right on your page that higher it's going to rank on the algorithm so the more Facebook will show your content to other fans of your page so it's very important that you're able to create content that really gets engagement quickly and then usually at least I've noticed this you know um once you post content like let's say you post a piece of content at 9:00 a.m. that really creates a lot of engagement for your audience the next post that you publish usually picks a little bit more of that momentum from that previous post and so facebook says okay um we're seeing that this content is first post at this page you know published at 9:00 a.m. got a lot of engagement so they're probably want going to want to see the same fans are going to want to see more of that pages content so they're probably going to give you a little bit more momentum in that second post as well the other thing to keep in mind is the floor mats right if you know what Facebook is trying to do with their platform you will be able to leverage content a lot better and so Facebook has come out and literally told us you know that they're focusing on Facebook live so Facebook live videos this year next year is going to be their main focus that and facebook Messenger so as marketers we know that they're pushing Facebook live a lot and you'll notice that if you utilize Facebook live videos to broadcast live on your page you're going to get a lot more reach and a lot more engagement because Facebook is purposefully showing that type of content to their audience and so that means that you're gonna rank higher in the newsfeed so it's just a matter of you know kind of being a little bit more savvy and very strategic with the content that you post another thing that we've known you know last year and this year was that Facebook was really focusing on got really becoming more of a video centric platform right so they've noticed that users love to watch video and that's what they're going to be pushing so if you want to make sure that your page gets lots of engagement you have to upload video directly to Facebook and you'll notice your reach is going to be a lot higher than if you post a link back to your blog or if you post you know a meme or a funny picture so just keep that in mind in terms of you know what Facebook is trying to do and make sure that you follow the rules okay Facebook is telling you what they're focusing on we might as well just use it to leverage our own you know marketing efforts instead of trying to you know do the same old things that don't work start doing more of what does work and start you know applying all of the strategies that that you're seeing work for your own business in a bigger scale so if you're noticing that you know your audience really resonates with behind the scenes pictures or if they love video then do more of that and do less of other things like posting quotes or images or even links to your blog which I always think you should drive traffic but you can probably get a better result when you do that via Facebook Ads and I know you're gonna freak out and say it but I don't want to pay for my content well it's 2016 okay and you have over a billion people that you can reach on Facebook it's it's ridiculous that they even allow us to market on that platform for free think of it from a business standpoint would you do that you probably wouldn't want to give someone else you know your own audience and let them market to your community so just just be a little bit more mindful of what Facebook is trying to do with their end users and use that to your advantage because that really is the cute okay so now shifting gears into finding proven content on Facebook I have two strategies or two tools that I love to use it for my own content and I've seen them work time and time again especially when you are you know maybe you're in a hurry and you don't have a lot of time to create your Facebook content finding what is already working is a really good strategy so I'm gonna take you behind the scenes my computer and we're gonna do a little screen share and I'm going to show you the tools that I use and how I come up with my Facebook content ideas so that you can replicate it yourself so let's go ahead and do that let's jump behind the computer and we'll get started okay guys so here we are inside my Facebook page and the first strategy I want to show you is pages to watch and I love this feature because basically Facebook allows you to go in the platform and sort of spy a little bit on your competitors and other people in your industry who are you know doing really cool things so as you can see here I have entrepreneur magazine inc magazine social media examiner boom social with Kim Garst Anini Porterfield because these are huge industry leaders in you know the social media marketing world and I instead of using this pages to watch just to see how I compare in terms of engagement etc what I like to do is I actually look at their content the content that is performing for them you know the best and it's really cool because once you add these pages to watch it let me just go back a little bit here and show you how to get here first you want to go to your Facebook pages insights and then you're going to click on overview and you're going to see an ad pages button here and here you get to add aa really I'm not there is a limit to the amount of pages you can add I think there's there might be a limit but um you know just play with this and start looking at other pages that are doing some really cool things in your space as you can see Facebook is going to go ahead and suggest a few other pages like for example I definitely want to see what digital marketer is doing and then I have leaner of some other folks here that are really up there in terms of what they're doing with social media and so I want to see what they're doing on Facebook and how there are content in there engagement is really just flowing and I'm not really focused on how it's stacking against mine as you can see here you're going to see the engagement for that week the post this week the amount of post like there's no way I I don't publish 250 posts right like that's a lot and so it's really really important that you use this to actually check out what content they're posting and what content is doing really well so if I click on entrepreneur you're going to see this week's top posts from Entrepreneur Magazine and I can go in there and say wow cool so these are a few things that I can share on my own page so if I'm curating content from Entrepreneur Magazine I can see their top posts and so if it performs well for their page that means it's going to perform well for mine so I'm going to go in here and look at uses a different posts that they've published this week and why they've been so popular so I absolutely love this it gives me also some great ideas for my own blog as far as the type of content then you guys might want to read about so I love this so it's very important I want to say here of course you want to make sure that the pages that you add our pages that are aligned with your audience right their pages that serve your Slean target audience because then if you don't do that you're going to you're definitely going to be a little bit confused and you're probably going to create content that your audience doesn't you know it resonates with those pages audiences but not with yours so same thing with ink magazine you know I can look here and of course I know that ink and entrepreneur their publisher so they're gonna be sharing you know links to their articles so I know if I want to look at what's hot in terms of blogs and articles I'm going to go here and then with social media examiner I can see a little bit more variety right here is a live video and this was a top post for them and it was only published two hours ago which again goes back to you know what I was telling you about the importance of using Facebook live video because Facebook is going to push it like crazy on the newsfeed so again more Facebook live video okay those are two of their top posts and then here we go we're talking about you know creating social media images a great idea for me to create a video on how to create and you know great social media images and a quick and fast way and then here is another article that I can also either choose to share on my page or use it as a topic for you know a tip that I can share for a short video for a blog post in this way I can look at content that is already doing really well in the social media world so that I can really start carrying curating that content and modeling it to create my own so I hope that you're starting to see you know how this can really help you so I know that Kim Garst is great at Facebook she shares a lot of humor she also shares a lot of content that is not directly related with social media which is I think a very smart strategy for her so you know you're seeing again a lot of video a lot of quotes from her that are doing well so again an awesome way to find proven content that is already doing really well so that is my first strategies to use pages to watch you know Facebook is giving you these tools for a reason they want you to become a better marketer because if you become a better marketer and you engage your fan base and you get the word out there that means that your fan base you know you know your ideal audience that music you're creating awesome content that you're adding value to their platform so it's a great mutual benefit right the more content you create on Facebook that is positive and uplifting and your ideal client loves to engage with the more you are ideal fans and followers right we'll stick on that platform which benefits Facebook in the long run as well so just make sure that you're using those tools they're there for a reason and they're really powerful and I really don't see a lot of people doing this the second tool that I want you to start looking into is a paid tool okay so you don't have to pay for it I do it's like seven dollars a month and I love it it's called post planner and I did get this awesome idea from Kim Garst so I do have to give her credit where credit is due because I took a course of hers and she was showing this strategy a long time ago actually like a maybe like one or two years ago and I started using post planner back then I loved it I still do it's a great tool so what post planner does is they will curate content you know from all over Facebook they also use Twitter and Instagram as well and you can look at the content that has been doing really well you know in terms of lifetime so you can see content not just from that week like Facebook the pages to watch is a little bit limited in that it just gives you that one week right what's popular that week post planner on the other hand allows you to organize your content view keywords you can organize it via topics and you can also browse the content that is popular at that month that week the content that is brand-new that is popular or the content that has been popular all time and you can see those right over here right so the first thing you're going to want to do is check out the different categories that they have in here right they have quotes and you can see all the quotes that are very popular on Facebook you can also see you know that month range or you can see the things that are new and then you can toggle back between photos and status updates so they'll show you two different ah two different I guess post types right so you'll have status updates in the quotes category that are very popular but then you can also look at photos and I love the strategy I use this for all my quo and I also recycle them which is really helpful too like I repurpose all of my content which is very helpful so that's a great way to do that the cool thing about postplanner is that you can also schedule the content right then in there so if you want to curate the content you don't want to create it you know yourself so you can do one of two things you can say okay I want to share this post too and I'm just going to add it to my social media queue right add to plan great or you can go into Canada and use the same quote or model the post idea right so I I'm gonna use the same code I'm going to give credit to whoever posted it originally because that's very important you don't want to steal people's content and then I'm gonna just brand it you know with my own style my own fonts my own cover photos or my background photos and I'm gonna add my logo but I'm gonna give credit to the original author and then I'm going to share it that way instead of sharing it directly so you can choose one of two things I like to create my own content I think that it gives me a lot more authority it also really builds my branding and I love that it you know kind of builds awareness because it has my logo or my URL so that's really important you can do one of two things but as you can see here I mean the possibilities are endless and these are all posts that have been doing really well you can hover over them here and see how many times they've been shared how many times they've been liked how many times they've been commented on so great content you can also share to Pinterest directly so phenomenal tool seriously I really really suggest you get post planner it's it's a lifesaver for my company and we use it all the time so those are just quotes you can also look at you know engaging content so these are photos that are not quotes they're just photos of cute puppies or little kids or all the photos that are doing well especially if you're a photographer this is a great place to curate ideas and start looking at you know better ways of promoting your photography you can also look at engaging articles as well as engaging status updates so guys I mean this is so incredibly powerful right they're giving you straight-up awesome ideas that you can start incorporating into your content right away that are proven you can go down the line and look at all of the different categories interesting funny business marketing top random and then the thing that I really like is that here you can go into status update ideas and they have an entire library full of posts that you can model and replicate one thing I do want to let you know is that I I don't like using template posts right so if you are looking at these questions for example on you want to use them for your page don't be lazy like don't be lazy like people can tell when it's templated right so don't be lazy and put your own twist on it so instead of just saying what is the most interesting you have in your purse or wallet say something like add a picture of your own person wallet instead I'd say something like I found this random I don't know maybe like a starburst from two years ago in my purse or my wallet what do you what interesting thing do you have in your purse and so see like make it your own put it put your own twist on it so that it doesn't look template it and people can tell you know you just want to be authentic and so you can definitely explore postplanner I absolutely love it and I have an in-depth training on postplanner and how to leverage it inside how to create a kick-butt content calendar which right now is on sale little pitch there so if you want to check it out definitely I'll add a link in the description it's a really cool program that shows you really how to create awesome content how to put it inside of your content calendar how to make sure that it's organized how to automate it how to create great ah you know strata to put a strategy behind your content so if you want to check that out definitely click in the link description below or if you're watching this on my blog post or my facebook page is going to be a link to it as well but anyway explore post planner there's some really cool things you can do with it and you can also you know like I said schedule your content directly on it so as you can see here these are the posts that I've planned and I don't use postplanner to schedule my Facebook content only because I already have a different tool that I use co schedule to really schedule all of my content in one place like Pinterest you know Twitter Instagram not Instagram sorry Pinterest Facebook Twitter and my blog as well as my newsletters my videos all of that so that's the only reason why I don't use post planner but if you love it and you were looking for a great tool this is one of them's I'm going to delete this because I don't want it to be shared on my page but I hope you're starting to you know kind of get a better idea of how you can use these amazing tools to leverage your own content and find proven ideas like stuff that is already working on Facebook so there you have it two of my favorite tools to find proven content for your Facebook page I really hope that you are starting to get a little bit more ideas then and that hopefully you start learning how to leverage Facebook for growth instead of getting super frustrated because they're not showing your content to your fans find ways to engage them find ways to make the algorithm work for you and like I mentioned if you're more interested or if you're more interested if you're interested in learning a little bit more about super charging your social media content creating a Content calendar that allows you to plan and organize all of your content strategically how to save time you know while creating your content all of that is inside my how to create a cookbook content calendar training program you're going to access some really cool bonus videos that we also added like adding a media library so you can save all of your posts and recycle and reuse them you're also going to be learning how to repurpose your content and so hopefully you're you're starting to see how you can really leverage Facebook for growth and how you can leverage your content and plan and organize it and have a system behind it instead of just you know sitting on the computer trying to figure out what the heck to post on social media with tag to post on Facebook and yeah so I hope these ideas helped if they did let me know is below what are other tools that you love to use to create your Facebook content I'd love to hear a little bit more about your insight and your knowledge and if you have any questions go hit that comment section below and let me know what those questions are I can't wait to see you in the next episode of Kim TV and until then go out there and shine your light spread your message and keep doing awesome things I'll see you in the next episode so you need to create your social media content but you don't even know where to start introducing how to create a kick-butt content calendar I designed this mini course to help you get organized and plan create and publish your content strategically inside you'll learn exactly how to create a solid content calendar repurpose your content and access the tools and the resources you need to save loads of time plus you'll even get access to tons of bonus videos and for a limited time you can craft the mini course at a discount get started for free by downloading my content calendar template at Kimberly Anne Gimenez com forward slash calendar or simply click the link in the screen I'll see you inside

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