Facebook Ad Optimization 2019 [View Content, Add To Cart, or Purchase?]

what's going on guys so right here right now I want to talk about what you should optimize for view content Add to Cart or purchase when it comes to your Facebook ads and specifically specifically for products that you're selling like Shopify products drop shipping products and so on and so on I'm making new videos every single day talking about Facebook Ads Shopify all of these processes to make you an extremely good Facebook ad buyer so make sure to hit that subscribe button ASAP so before I get into showing or like talking about view contents Add to Cart and all that I need to get a product up on my store and don't worry it only takes like two minutes let me just try to find something here maybe that's trending rings from women solar light running shoes let's do a crossbody bags for women's because I see it's trending I'm gonna search by orders and this is a topic that I get asked like every single day literally so let's go ahead and pick this one this one looks like it has some good images here and people just want to know hey you know what do I start with when launching new products do I start with view contents Add to Cart or purchases so let me just go ahead and answer that in one second once I get this product all set up and launched I'm actually it only takes me just come minutes but let me go ahead and import it here import list what do you want to call this tassel over the shoulder crossbody crossbody tassel bag I don't know how to spell and this description well I need to get to the content in this video nineteen ninety five and three nine ninety five okay perfect let's import to the store and I am almost there so usually the way I like to do it is it really depends on your pics alright so let's go ahead and launch this real quick make the video it's so funny because people asked me also like I think I might have already launched a video about this but like how many projects do you test per day as many as possible let's say comment yes if you love heart their thumbnail let's call it cross make videos grab the link okay so the video is being created and we're just at the point about to be at the point where I I pick my optimization and it is really really key that you pick the correct often optimization and like I was saying it really just depends on where you are in the process if you're like me right here where I'm launching a brand new product I will usually target view content or Add to Cart and what would decides wouldn't I honestly kind of do it randomly like one product I'll test you content one product I'll test Add to Cart but the reasoning behind this and you can see the videos made the reasoning behind this is those are easy for Facebook to get and you can see this is where I'm doing my targeting so I like have Tassel I have handbags and then a chill goes and finds more that are similar to that so like Michael Kors is probably good runway fashion JustFab okay cool and let's go ahead and go hit next step I'm building out my campaign right here so grab yours and then here we go I can pick my Add to Cart view content or purchases so for a new product I usually don't do purchases and that is because with Facebook's their suggestions you know my rep everybody else's rep they're all they all say hey you want to get 50 conversions in the first three days or so so if you think you can get 50 purchases in the first few days of a brand new product go for it but I highly doubt that unless you're doing huge budgets you know I'm saying like I do probably three to five dollar budgets and you saw I picked five different interest so it's gonna create five ad sets so it's gonna be 15 bucks the one that can get 50 conversions on is view content for sure I mean if it doesn't get 50 conversions I probably kill the product but I can also probably get Add to Cart so I'm always picking one of these like higher up the funnel conversions because I want to feed Facebook what they want they say they want 50 conversions okay well let's get you 50 conversions and then later I'm gonna move to purchase so the the the very correct way to do this would be to do it this way you pick view content because it's a brand-new product right so I'll say like isn't this crossbody cute and I would pick my page pick my pixel and I'd say hey view content because I know for you know 3 times 5 interest which is 5 different ad sets it's gonna be $15 going to women 25 plus I should be able to get 50 convert conversions 50 view contents because that's just them opening it up the Shopify store and browsing around the page right so I should be able to get 50 in the first three days off 15 bucks let's see let's say it's a dollar view content that's 45 but I probably want to keep it if it was a dollar view content so if it was at 75 cent view content then that would be more than 50 and then what I would do is since I got 50 view contents I would move it to add to cart so I just go into the same campaign select all of them and then say hey Add to Cart conversion now once it got 50 add to carts and it's still doing well I mean the campaign is still running I might have turned it off by now by the way if it's not showing me good results I gained some purchases and whatnot you check out my other video for that but pretty much I do like two to three times margin then turn off but now switches to Add to Cart right and then if I'm doing really well like I mean a lot of sales eventually I'm gonna go to purchases because purchases it's saying hey Facebook go find me buyers you know who people who buy things online go find me more of those so I can crush it so do 50 you know start off with view contents or add to cards get 50 of those and then move to purchases that being said some products I've had they do better off at the carts and maybe that's because the conversion is easier and Facebook can optimize and there's not a huge fall off from Add to Cart to purchase but some do better with purchase so later on in your campaigns you always want to use add to cart or purchases I never really like on late stage campaigns that are doing well they can gain sales I'm never doing well just based off view contents view contents is like a rush of traffic hey Facebook here's the data you need and to be honest I usually start campaigns with add to carts sometimes you contents but I always move to purchases and if the purchases don't do as well as the Add to Cart I just moved back to add to carts don't be worried about switching up your conversion it's fine I'm gonna call this ad chill crossbody and you saw how I launched that really quickly right click launch ad it's gonna create the campaign the video all that good stuff so that's another key like people ask me what's the key to success with dropship I mean it's finding winners how do you find winners test more products how do you test more products leverage tools like add show in order to test products quickly let me know in the comments below what are you optimized for you know what's your strategy are you optimizing for add 2 cards of you contents purchases when do you change them you can see the campaign's just been launched I probably hit refresh over here and see it launched inside of my ads it's kind of a test account here for my videos but you can see the cross body has been launched let me know below what do you walk to Mai's for where you see the best results for me it's usually Add to Cart so that's why I launched / Add to Cart you can see they've five ad sets been created women women 25 plus – all those different interests and I'll be able to see really quickly is this a you know a good product or know if it is I'll spend some more time on it but the key is like spend as little time as possible testing each product you'll find more winners you'll save more time see the ad here pretty solid right so that's about it guys make sure to go ahead and subscribe if you don't worry about Joe there should be a video showing you more about ad show subscribe to the video to the channel I'll make more videos every single day and yeah hope you have an amazing day I'll catch you in the next video bye

19 thoughts on “Facebook Ad Optimization 2019 [View Content, Add To Cart, or Purchase?]

  1. How do you switch from view content to ATC ? do you just go to the adset and replace "view content" with ATC and save?
    or you mess around with audience and add a lookalike based of those who viewed content ?

  2. Great Video.

    I’ve started using Campaign Budget Optimization. When moving from VC to ATC, should I create a completely new campaign with the ATC ad-set, or should I create the ATC ad-set in the existing campaign with the VC one?

  3. Should i go straight to ATC if I’m new with $1k budget? I don’t want to drain all my $ right away with purchases and get little data

  4. Does anyone know if FB still allows advertisers to ask their audience to like comment share etc. im pretty sure I read something about a year ago that affects delivery of these kinds of ads or drives their cost up

  5. I've tried installing the facebook pixel in shopify but converions like purchasing is not working. pls help

  6. Usually add to cart works really well but alot of Facebook advertisers have told me to go for purchase right away. I havnt seen much success as optimizing is much harder. Is it best to start a new ad when switching from ad to cart to purchase or just edit the original one and carry on.

  7. What is the target location you typically set? All of USA or specific states based on Google trend data? Thanks!

  8. If you have an ad that isn't getting the view conversions you need do you go back and try rework creative or targeting or do you have audiences you know work well for your product type already and just presume it's the product and kill it? thanks

  9. Made a website conversion for view content and I have got 102 optimizations on view content and also got 3 add to cart and 2 checkout initiated for 2 days, do you think shall I do another add optimised for add to cart or need to wait for more add to cart pixels? Thank you!

  10. Hey John, thanks for the value! Do you change the conversion on the original ad set itself after getting 50+ conversions or do you duplicate it and then change the conversion?

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  12. Appreciate the knowledge. Why bother with 'view content' at all? Building a retargeting audience I suppose. What other data do you give or get from Facebook? Why not 'Add To Cart' 100% of the time to start? 3PCS9fa9GjTqLTNYhQBpD7CoM2KjPJ2B2ps

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