Eye Of The Storm – [Lyric Video] Ryan Stevenson

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  1. I LOVE YOU JESUS CHRIST. This song is a blessing to us. God bless all the people in the comments . May GOD be with you and keep you strong. I love you all my brothers and sister

  2. What version is this it’s not the same one I hear on the radio “when they let me go and I just don’t know how I’m gonna make ends meet I did my best now I’m scared to death that we might loose everything”

  3. I'm 17 and I attend a magnet school, which I have been in for 3 years so far. It has been one of the worst portions of my life, as not only have I been dealing with testing and homework that has taken away my life and time, but I have been taking a very strong medication and dealing with family issues. The medication is for skin, and I have not been able to be in the sun for about a year now. The medication is called Accutane. If you look up the secondary effects, you'll see what I mean. And about my family… It's just been very stressful. I don't know what else to say. But amidst all this stress, anguish, and so many things that will take me hours to type here, I am here today because God wants me here today. Why? I don't know. But I've learned to leave everything to Him. I've learned to let go… and trust.

  4. Beautiful song. My storm is unsettling and it's about time my storm is calm it's been raging far too long. God heal my soul so that I no longer have negativity and thoughts of the past that make the storm rage again and I begin thinking about horrible memories and push out the sweet moments in life that keeps me the happiest. God it's a struggle and has been for many years. I try to not hink about it but there always a trigger that sets it off inside of me. Things had a devastating change for me. At a very early age of 8. It was like my life ended at 8 when my biological mother passed away tragically. And my biological father passed away tragically when I was 3 years old. And when I was 3 I went to live with my great grandmother then she passed away tragically. And then I was taken in to live with my relatives who became my parents. I stayed for a while with my great aunt who helped me to speak again because of all the tragic events caused me to not speak. If it wasn't for my great aunty's intervention I would still be like that today. I was traumatized and that's why I stopped talking.

  5. I am broken down myself and by others I dont even know who I am in Christ and someone has hurt me and its keeping doors open to the enemy I need help through Jesus Christ.

  6. love this song cause you can see how many people are in a storm and need help and who can help only GOD

  7. When my father died I was so confused cause the last year was so horrible with him and many times I asked to God about why my life was too hard to my family and me, and I prayed for his salvation but I couldn't see a change in his life, many days we cried and felt that God wasn't with us. However, we never stop loving him and we only asked to God for patient and more love to my dad and wait for the answer. At the end, 3 years ago he killed by himself my heart was broken and we don't understand what God was doing and one day my Pastor came to me and told me, that God had answered to his manner and his will is always perfect ❤

  8. Who watching this video while reading all comment's?😂

    Me I Just want to read the Comment's..

  9. My ex boyfriend went to prison after I left him in his addiction and when got to prison they took him to ER and the test come back and he had 3 weeks to live he found our Lord in his final hrs when his flesh was failing I couldn't be there with him and I would gone but the prison wouldn't let After his death I was devasted feeling somehow i contributed and this song came to me 10 times a day or more and I realized my daughter is an alcoholic and this is exactly what killed Samuel so good has chosen me to help her her boyfriend has gotten her to go to church sundays when she's not at work I had to tell her what an annoying drunk she became and I am not alone feeling this and we can't sit back and watch her drink herself to death like Samuel and her drinking and driving will get her prison time and God has his way of getting ur attention now she has a drink before dinner she is never drunk like before the family is like she even remembers talking to us on the phone…. So this song brought to me the courage and wisdom and even patience to reach to God and save my daughter and I see now what Sam went thru in his final earthly day thank you Ryan Stevenson as well as God I actually moved mountains by getting thru to my daughter God is so good

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