Explore Education at Curtin

>> Prospective students would choose the
School of Education at Curtin University because they have programs that embrace innovation and learning technologies, theory and practice. >> The reason I chose Curtin over the
other universities was the interactivity in the course. We have so many resources
available to us particularly through the online systems of Blackboard and LMS. >> The Schools teaching and learning takes an innovative approach. Having invested in
new technologies and expertise to meet the needs of tomorrow's learners. >> One of my favorite units was Philosophy
of Knowledge, where we looked at ways of knowing and ways of understanding the world. I found it really intriguing and
inspiring to consider how we think about things. >> This year the School has introduced
formal partnership agreements with early learning centers, primary and high schools,
plus vet providers. >> The partnership is really important to make sure that Curtin University know that they've always got places here for their students.
And our teachers know that they have got a commitment to supporting those
pre-service teachers when they arrive. >> The mentor teachers that are selected have
got high skills. Generally they're a level three teacher, so they're very good at
providing that extra support and giving the necessary feedback to move the
student along in their professional learning. So they're in there helping out
and it's provided them with a really great start to their teaching career. >> I think there's a really good student
experience at Curtin. I find that as a university it's really
vibrant and engaging. I think it's a great institution and I can't imagine
studying anywhere else.

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