Exclusive: Author Of 'Modi: Divider-In-Chief'

36 thoughts on “Exclusive: Author Of 'Modi: Divider-In-Chief'

  1. Alisha you must remember that the west promotes anti Indian rhetoric tell me when did any western acedemic or newspaper understood the Indian narrative
    Everybody loves India in the west as much as they love their dogs
    You sir lie through omission
    You were never for the Indian narrative you have choir boys and girls at NDTV cheering you aliong
    Atish there was no turning point you are an out and out theocrat pragya is innocent your lies will be well rewarded by the west
    Have a great time manufacturing truths that have lies as the base
    NDTV you are amazing gloating at time .
    Time guardian New York Times are all anti India reactionary tabloid papers

  2. Is not Taseer's father a Pakistani? Modi got vote of the common muslim person in India but the Indian muslim elites did their best to put Modi down , Taseer is in that category. HEdid mention that his mother was Indian but did not talk about his father. Time rwakized that it was wrong in calling MODI divider in chief and that is why its editor wrote that Modi has united whole India.

  3. I don't understand how a Pakistani living in USA can write about MODI and India…One who has not been or seen our country defaming our PM for cheap publicity. Shameful..

  4. asli divider in chief nehru or jinnah the jinki vajah se iske parents ki sadi nahi ho saki or yeh paida ho gaya.kyonki iski ma..indian or baap pakistani hai.or gussa modi ji per nikal raha hai.

  5. Modi’s strength will be decided by porki and congi bootlikers 😂
    blocking this channel on youtube too!

  6. Well what a delight Sreenivasan and Aatish on one screen…😊. Yet to read any of his books but had to do some digging around after the books on toast botcast.

  7. This western media has no problem with China but too much problem from Indian democracy. All these media person are paid and can write in favor or against any person .

  8. The West will always do anything to weaken rising strong leader of countries they think will be their rival as world power.

  9. i am sure if u try to try to troll my PM. I will try to have a debate with you. You are just spewing venom

  10. Arre ya Buffoon"Atheesh Taseer",U the close relative of the deadly 'murderers &butchers' of innocents of the humanity,the deadly "Jihadis,Masood Azar's,Talibans &Al-Queda's" of the world,.Dont u have the Spine to Condemn those,instead of talking about "Modi" ,the world's acclaimed leader ya,U Criminal fraud

  11. This is nothing but sheer cry of dissent of disowning this sickulars puppets. Rest as we al know "Hua toh Hua"😆

  12. These are top notch writers…and they don't even have their facts correct. Mumbai police failed to prove sadhvi pragyas involvement in the bombings, yet she has already been declared a terrorist. Just like the British listed out bhagat Singh as a terrorist and hanged him. What's wrong in getting back to our rich old culture which seemed to have lost its value over the years. "Bihar" for so many years was underrated, and you see a tremendous change now in the state, is it not development? Everyone sees a situation with a preconceived notion in their head, while media is mostly criticizes Modi on economical, minority and other grounds,the citizens approved him of his work hence the mandate. If Modi was a divider in chief how did the nos improved from 2014? Introspect on this..

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