Exactly How I Make Six Figures Passive Income With Kindle Publishing

you hey guys Stefan here from komm so in the last video I revealed a lot of information about what I'm doing to make money online specifically with Kindle and I've been getting a lot of questions from people since then people wanting to know more specifics about what I'm doing and asking for examples and everything and so I kind of planted a few seeds now I want to be a little bit more open and transparent with you in this video and I'm going to share my screen with you on my computer I'm going to show you an example one of the books that I have on Kindle that I've outsourced and I've actually hired other people to write for me do everything else for me and I'm making a passive income from that book every single month and I'm also going to be a little bit more transparent too and kind of shock you a little bit and I'm going to log in to one of my Kindle accounts to show you the reports of exactly how much money I'm making on Kindle I actually have three Kindle accounts two of them being business accounts and one of them being personal but I'll show you one of them just to give you an idea of what's possible and just the opportunity that making money with Kindle represents now you're going to want to make sure that you watch the rest of this video to the end because at the Animal reveal a little bit more information about the product that I'm going to be promoting and releasing fairly soon here teaching people how to make money online with Kindle I'm going to be revealing the exact method that I use step by step in this product teaching people how I make six figures online with Kindle and exactly how you can do the same as well so make sure you watch the entire video fully and I'll have a lot more exciting information for you soon so let me share my screen with you okay guys right now I'm on amazon.com as you can see right there and in this video I'm going to give you an example one of the Kindle books that I have it's online making me a passive income now I do have over a hundred Kindle books published right now to date and they're all under different pen names but I prefer to keep a lot of them secret because I don't want to encourage a lot of competition and have people steal my ideas and my Nisha's and everything so there is one book that I'm going to show you that I just generally have for demonstration purposes for my clients and people that I coach and I'm going to show you that in this video and by the way if you don't know what a Kindle device is it's one of these devices right here in this picture where people can download and read eBooks off of but when people go to amazon.com they're going to be looking for information they're actually looking for products and the great thing about Amazon is people actually looking to buy stuff they're not just looking for free stuff they have their credit card ready and they're actually looking to buy e-books in the Kindle Store so when somebody goes here they're going to type in a keyword so I'm going to type in binge-eating okay which is the topic of one of my books you can see there's 144 results and my book is right here you can see I've got it covered under for this book I got this cover done for two dollars and fifty cents which is one thing that I'm gonna tell you about in my Kindle program that I may be releasing the headline is really important the title for the book in terms of getting people actually click on the book and want to know more about it being able to rank your book in the Amazon search by the way it's probably one of the most important things selecting the right keywords and selecting the right niche for your book and be able to rank it out of all the results is the most important thing because if I had this book way down here or way on the third or ninth page and no one's going to buy so I've been able to rank this book very quickly as number two for the keyword someone's going to click on the book you can see I've got reviews for the book which is a really important piece which I'll go into in the Kindle money mastery program that I have the price of the book is about $2.99 they actually change the price based on your location but I'll get a 70% of royalty any time someone buys this book so I ended up making about two dollars and eight cents per sale when someone wants to buy the book they're going to click the Buy button right here it's an instant charge on their credit card Amazon actually has over three hundred million credit cards in their system and so you know people it's just so easy for people to buy stuff they don't have to enter their credit card information again just press a button and they're charged and it's and you get paid for it so it's really cool this book is 35 pages but actually most of my books around 15 to 20 pages and I hire and I would source people to do that for me I ends up costing me 22 dollars for an e-book and once I have a book that's selling me selling and making me money then I'll maybe invest more to make it a better quality book and this book makes me anywhere from fifty to a hundred dollars a month of passive income which is really awesome and great and especially when I didn't do any of the work ahead to actually create the book I only spent twenty two dollars in the book and two dollars and fifty cents on the cover maybe a little bit more on the book but you know month after month that's going to make me a steady passive income and if you scale it up like I do and I do five to ten books a week then that can be a significant amount of money if you're doing you know a lot of books coming down here the description you can see the description for the book which is what really sells the book and it's a really important piece and you can see here the Amazon bestsellers rank being able to rank your book for keywords or sorry categories and in the paid stores a very important piece as well which again I go into all that with my Kindle program it got reviews which again is one of the most important things you could have the best book out there but if there's no review is that no one's going to buy it and so that's just a brief overview of one of my Kindle books I'll have a link to this in the the blog post about how that goes along with this video where you can actually check this out if you want actually you know see it for yourself and just kind of look over it more in detail but I just want to give you an example that what that actual Kindle book looks like and and how it's making me money and you can see how easy this whole process actually is now the next video I'm going to show you one of my Kindle accounts that I have exactly how much money I'm making from one of these accounts I do have three accounts and the reason is you want to diversify your books over a period of time I don't want to have all you know over 100 books under one account I like to have them over separate accounts but I will mention you need separate business accounts separate businesses separate entities for each account you can't have you can't have more than one account per person so let me login to one of those accounts I'll show you just exactly how much I'm making just so that you can actually see this whole process is real and you can actually make money by doing this ok so right now I'm logged into my account at KDP amazon.com KDP stands for Kindle direct publishing and you can see it's my personal account right there and I'm in the reports section and you'll see here there's a month to date unit sales which basically has all the transactions and sales are made over the last month doesn't say it specifically how much money I've made except for in the prior six week royalties we just wanted to show you how much it made from this one account over the last six weeks so I'm going to click on that okay so these are my earnings for the last six weeks from this one Kindle account I'm just going to scroll down to the bottom and show you the total over the last six weeks and you can see here the total is five thousand seven hundred ten dollars and forty-five cents just from this one Kindle account okay so I hope you enjoyed that video and it hopefully provided a lot more information and details for you about how I'm making money online with Kindle and just really how easy it is to do and just how much money you can actually make by doing this and how it can transform your life so I want to talk to you a little bit now about my product that I'm releasing called Kindle money mastery that's the name of the product and it's something I'm going to be releasing on a specific date and it's basically a membership site that I've created where I've recorded video tutorial lessons that break down step by step exactly how I create publish ranked market and make money from these Kindle books I'm going to reveal the method that I use to publish five to ten books a week on Kindle and show you actually in the in the lessons in the training me create a book from scratch all the way to the point where it's making money and also reveal follow-up videos as well in the product that's going to share with you exactly how much money that book is generating over the course of a few weeks in a few months I want to be totally open and transparent about the entire process and and and that's exactly what the product is so it has actually over 20 video tutorial lessons step by step breaking everything down it has four bonus videos even on motivation how to set goals with Kindle how to scale up the business how to develop a ritual for yourself to make money with the process that I'm teaching all the videos in the program the 24 videos the 20 since the Ford bonuses all have PDF reports that come along with every single video that goes more in detail and summarizes it there are specific exercises for each of the lessons for you to take action on so that when you go through the program you're going to be creating a book and publishing it making money by the time that you finish the program so it's an incredible product I'm really proud of I even have a lot of templates that I've created that you can use as part of the process so I actually have a book template that's already pre formatted that you just I just send it to my writer and I reveal what writers and and the people that I outsource to and use to do all this stuff really inexpensively but I'll give you the templates that I use to make everything easy so you just copy and paste it and reveal the whole process and I even have a Facebook community group for the people that are going through the program where you can ask questions get help from other kindle marketers you can get reviews for your book and I have a lot of strategies for getting reviews and how you can not just help promote your book and just kind of be a part of that ecosystem that support circle because I think that's very important in terms of achieving any goal out there so it's a product that I'm releasing and I hope you can tell them very passionate about it it's I mean I it's by far that one of the best products out there it's I've spent literally countless hours nights days weekends working on this product recording everything putting everything together all in one place it's based on information and stuff and a system that I've created based on coaching it over a dozen people on my blog and by the way people have paid me three hundred dollars an hour and up to eighteen hundred dollars to actually learn this stuff that's how much I charge for coaching on my blog and all of them have made have made money by doing this so I have a lot of great testimonials for it a lot of great reviews and it's a product that I believe is going to change people's lives and if this is something that you're interested in and you want to know or know more about it all you got to do is you have to go to this website that I have a link to on this video okay so I'm gonna have a link on this video to this website and then almost going to have it in the description as well but you're going to want to go to this website as soon as possible and you want to get on the mailing list okay so it's going to ask you to put in your name and email information and then by being on this list you're going to be notified before anyone else when this product is being released and you're also going to get a little bit of a advantage and bonus by being on this list but I created a separate list for this because I don't want to be promoting this stuff and everything you know here on my YouTube channel and everything I only want to take the people that are really interested in this to be on this list and I'll notify you personally when this product is out I'll have the specific date of when it's being released and exactly how you can get it so if you want to do this if you want to make passive income online if you want to change your life and create more freedom you know incredible lifestyle for yourself I'm really holding nothing back I hope you can see that I'm totally open and transparent about everything this is not you know some sort of scam or anything like that I'm not one of these guys that just hides behind a computer I'm very open honest and genuine hopefully you can see that from my videos and everything and I really want to help people so if you're interested in this make sure you go to the link on this video go to that website put in your name and email information and you'll be notified of the dates of when I'm launching and releasing this program and how you can get your hands on it so thank you for watching this video I hope you really enjoyed it and I hope this is a new beginning for you for creating a new life of financial freedom thank you for watching talk to you soon

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