Evidences of the Book of Mormon: Plates

Joseph Smith claimed that he translated
the Book of Mormon from a set of golden plates, That were given to him by an angel. After the translation was complete, Joseph said he returned the plates to the angel making them unavailable today for examination. This account may come across as a little too convenient and lead you to wonder is there any evidence that the plates existed at all Introduced at the beginning of every
copy of the Book of Mormon are the testimonies of the three and eight witnesses. These three witnesses Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer and Martin Harris wrote that they were shown the plates by an angel who also attested to them that Joseph Smith translated the book by the gift and power of God. It would be easy to say that these three men conspired with Joseph Smith only giving their testimony of the angel and the gold plates to perpetuate a scam but that explanation loses a strength when we consider that all three men eventually left the church having at some point fallen out with Joseph Smith Oliver Cowdery and Martin Harris later rejoined the church after Smith’s death but David Whitmer would remain estranged for the rest of his life despite their falling-out with Smith all three maintained their testimony of having
seen the angel and the gold plates in fact David Whitmer famously went out of his way on numerous occasions to give interviews and correct newspapers he
felt had misrepresented his testimony once he wrote those who know me best know that I have always adhered to that testimony and that no man may be misled
or doubt my present views in regards to the same I do again affirm the truth of my statements the fact that these men never wavered in their testimony of the plates dismantles the claim of collusion after all they had everything to lose and nothing to gain by maintaining their testimonies after falling away from the church and yet each independently of the others insisted that their published testimony was true whatever their disagreements with Joseph Smith may have been with collusion being highly unlikely others have questioned whether
the three witnesses could have been hallucinating some sources quote the witnesses as saying that they saw the plates with their spiritual eyes or with the eye of faith which some take to mean they only
imagined the plates and the angel but that sort of language is scriptural in nature and doesn’t automatically imply hallucination rather it means that the
witnesses were prepared for a visionary experience in the scriptural sense David Whitmer made this clear in an interview published in 1888 of course we were in the spirit when we had a view of the plates for no man can behold the
face of an angel except in a spiritual view but we were in the body also and everything was as natural to us as it was at any time Whitmer insisted that he was not under any hallucination during the vision saying I saw with these eyes one might still not be convinced by the witness
given by Cowdrey, Harris and Whitmer thinking it sounds to ethereal
with an angel showing them the plates this is where the testimony of the eight
witnesses comes in as they were given the simple straightforward opportunity to handle the plates directly no angel arrayed and glorious light is described by Oliver Cowdery they simply wrote that as many of the leaves as the set Smith has translated we did handle with our hands and we also saw the engravings thereon all of which has the appearance of ancient work and of curious workmanship once again collusion is unlikely given that three of the eight witnesses were either excommunicated or left the church and as with the three witnesses they never recanted their testimony as published in the Book of Mormon to explain the testimony of the eight witnesses some think that Joseph Smith fabricated a set of tin or lead plates they use to trick them with however there is no credible historical evidence that Joseph Smith somehow faked a set of plates let alone that he had the wherewithal to do so Martin Harris before he became one of the three witnesses held the plates while they were in a wooden chest and knew that they must have been either lead or gold but rightly added that Joseph had not enough credit to buy so much lead this theory also ignores the testimony of those who saw the angel if we only had the testimony of the three witnesses you might be able to dismiss their vision as a hallucination and if we only had the testimony of the eight witnesses you might be able to say that they were being tricked by bogus plates but combined their testimonies support the claim the Joseph not only had plates
with the appearance of gold but also that those plates were divinely given if the official testimonies of the three and eight witnesses are not enough there are also the testimonies left by other secondary witnesses who encountered the plates for example Josiah Stowell testified in 1830 that he was one of the first to handle the plates under a linen cloth when Joseph returned from finally obtaining them in 1827 another witness was Mary Whitmer according to sources close to her Mary was shown the plates by the angel Moroni
as she was milking cows this happened completely independent of Joseph Smith or the others involved in the translation of the plates other women including Lucy Mac and Emma Smith handled the plates and other artifacts
Joseph brought home Emma for example at one time related I once felt of the plates as they thus lay on the table tracing their outline in shape they seemed to be pliable like thick paper and would Russell with a metallic sound
when the edges were moved by the thumb as one does sometimes thumbing through the edges of a book the combined weight of these secondary witnesses further complicates the arguments that the plates were either imagined or fabricated since these witnesses include those who, independent of Joseph Smith reported encounters with the plates and the angel thanks to all of these different accounts we have a pretty good idea of what the plates were like the eyewitnesses described the plates as being gold or having the appearance of gold but it’s important to keep in mind that the plates most likely were not
pure 24-karat gold not only would the plates have been too heavy if they were but they also would have been too soft to write on the witnesses reported that the plates weighed approximately between 40 to 60 pounds Josiah Stowell also added the intriguing detail that he noticed a slight green hue on the corner
of the plates this reinforces the argument that the plates were likely composed of a Mesoamerican copper and gold alloy called Tumbaga which would account for the weight and the green hue which was likely the result of the oxidation of the copper we also know that the dimensions of the plates were
about 6 or 7 inches by 8 inches and were about as thick as common tin or pliable paper according to the witnesses on both sides of the leaves of the book were written engravings or characters and 3, D shaped rings held the plates together with a large portion of them being sealed physically in some manner the reported composition and dimensions of the plates by the witnesses are all consistent with each other and were given at different times and on different occasions with just slight variation this is further evidence against claims of collusion among the witnesses and reinforces their credibility from a historical perspective it is difficult to disavow the reality of the gold plates there is simply too much compelling documented
evidence attesting to their existence it’s safe to say that between the years
1827 to 1830 Joseph Smith had in his possession a set of plates that were seen, hefted, felt and examined by a number of witnesses people today are
free to disbelieve the witnesses if they like but they cannot accuse them of fraud or insincerity based on any credible historical evidence this is why the respected historian of early Mormonism Richard Bushman once remarked most of the detailed sources about the coming forth of the Book of Mormon were written by believers and to follow them too closely infuses a narrative with their faith secular historians are therefore more inclined than Mormons to suppress
source material from Joseph’s closest associates or in other words people are free to disbelieve these witnesses but they must still acknowledge the picture
that we see from the historical evidence there is nothing in these sources that
compel an alternative view so even if we don’t have the plates available today there is evidence attesting that Joseph Smith did in fact have them and that he got them from an angel just as he claimed thanks for watching this episode
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  1. as we saw with the recent hearing of Trump's past attorney Michael Cohen, when you lie once no one believes your word afterwards. So these "witnesses" couldn't take back their word because in that time period they would have lost all credibility from then on. A man's word was much more important in the 1800's than it is today. Speaking of seeing God or an Angel and having to be transformed because of their glory makes it even more difficult to believe that Joseph would have ever disobeyed his instructions on how to translate (or any of the other things he did differently than instructed). If a man really saw God or and Angel and felt that type of power he wouldn't dare do the "flawed" things Joseph did. He'd have been scared to death to act like that. And I mean things like using the Seer Stone instead of the urim and thummim as instructed, or practicing polygamy without Emma's consent. To me Joseph's own actions show that he never saw God or anything powerful.

  2. Yeah right. Words, words, words. If they were real, why were they not given to an expert to examine? Did anyone check to see if Joseph cut them out with the tools in the barrel shop across the street from the family home. The Kinderhook Plates were real, too, right?

  3. This guy us fully cultified and buying this bull will get you nothing but guilt and pain. No one saw anything and they were all motivated by family ties and power to say what they did. Also the "the angel wouldn't allow anyone to look at the plates".
    What about the fact that Mr. JOE Smith didn't even use the plates in his so called translation process. Let's talk about the Rock glasses or seer stone and his top hat. Or the books he plagerised to create the Book of Moron.

  4. How about the Pearl of Great Price, and the book of Abraham on the scrolls bought from the travelling museum. Let's see your mental gymnastics to understand that one. Actually I'm sure you have a lesson on. Why it didn't matter that the scrolls weren't biblical. Joe was only looking at them, then giving there spirital translation or some other horse shitee. Wake up and walk away, come to know Jesus Christ.

  5. Oh ok so where are the bones of the millions that were killed in BOM wars???? Zzzzzzz oh wait that's right it's all made up lol 😂

  6. They did have something to lose their integrity among their peers, community, and personal integrity. If I fell for a lie in the first place and knew I was duped and then told others I had seen the plates I still would not want to tell them it was not true or maybe I didn’t see them even years later because of how that would reflect on me personally. Question: why was it that Martin Harris had to “see” the plates only if he prayed hard enough while the other 2 of 3 “witnesses” didn’t. Martin was a superstitious quick scheming money lover. Smith targeted Martin Harris because he was an easy mark. As I was saying Smith had the plates at home and Smith could’ve shown them to him by going there. But because Harris was a fool and being conned by mysticism Smith played him like a piano. The only one with brains to challenge and be suspicious of Smith was Martin Harris’ wife. Now she took those 116 page manuscripts and dared Smith to reproduce them. Smith knew he couldn’t and when he cried about it it was only because Mrs Harris threw a monkey wrench into Smith’s plan. But Smith slithered into another con plan. Now the LDS CHURCH only gives you their cleaned up incomplete versions of every story. Just like when JS was in jail and was “martyred”. JS was not martyred. It’s always “booo-hooo-hooo” with the Mormons and always them being persecuted. Oh and they have the answer for everything. They know where we came from, what our purpose is here, where we are going, they know who created us, what we must do to inherit a Planet of our own. Anything and everything these Mormons know. Be wary 😒

  7. B.S. What a twist. You really don't believe your made up explanation, do you? Talk about cramming a square peg in a round hole. Those same witnesses claimed the plates were PURE gold. Of course you have to manipulate the make up of the plates to fit your narrative. They saw the plates with their SPIRITUAL EYES. Exactly what you would expect from people who believed in magic and treasure hunting.

  8. It was taught that Joseph Smith translated The Book of Mormon from the Golden Plates. This is not correct. Although many Mormons will say he translated from the Book of Mormon from the Golden Plates, in reality he used a seer stone and a hat. The seer stone was placed in the hat. His placed his face in the opening of the hat. Joseph received the words and dictated them to a scribe. He and his Father would use this method to find treasure in people's yards. Many stories get changed as the years go by. The Bible states that God never changes.

  9. Even if eyewitness testimony comes from a credible source, and even if it's corraborated by other testimonies, you still have to take it with a big grain of salt. There's a reason we don't convict criminals based purely on eyewitness testimony. Even if these people weren't frauds, they're still human, and humans can and will misremember or misinterpret events.

  10. You forgot to mention that Joseph copied from other books to create the Book of Mormon. The 8 witness were all related to Joseph but 1. Joseph knew how to swindle people as there is court documents of this. And most importantly why would he need the plates when he had his all knowing seer stone that he used to look and write what Mormon spent so much time preparing? Sorry no more believe the BS

  11. And David Whitmer was a drunk and had mental issues just like Oliver Cowdrey and Martin Harris. Why didn't David go back to the fold after he says and never denied that he seen these said gold Plates of Joseph's????? One would think that if you had that kind of proof, you would obey

  12. Moroni 10 4-5 And when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that ye would ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are not true; and if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, Having faith in Christ he will manifest the truth of it unto you by the power of the holy ghost. And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things.

  13. Wow. This comment section reveals how much broad ignorance exists in this world about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It also reveals a certain pettiness. If you don't like a faith, don't follow it. But bashing another faith… seriously, don't you have anything better to do?

  14. It is so strange that ono one has ever taken a picture of an angel Why take these plates away? Surely better to leave them as proof

  15. The fact that some 3 other morons attested to Smith receiving the plates is so much garbage. The same as all garbage written about the existence of jesus or god. It defies belief how anyone coud believ

  16. Given under the oath before the onerously honorable Koruptingus Kneehi Ibeliar one of many generations of the Quorum of the Twelve Aposticles, this merry month of March 26, between 1820 and 1842, after 500 touched by an angel visitations of Joseph Smith.

    I, the eyewitness, state that Joseph hid them under his secret yet powerful holey undergarments. I, too, (also, another eyewitness), shot him to prove the plates were under the garments. Joseph said he wasn't carrying the plates at the time, but that the magic bullet proof underwear protected his underparts by the magical solid-state-transitioning-to-impregnability-when-bullets-fire properties of the undergarments. I heard of another witness, of no relation to the first witness, but related to one of the others, who said he saw an impression left by the tumbaga plates on Joseph's undergarments as they both left a shaped imprint and discolored his white and delightsome undergarment. The stains would still be there today if the bloodstains of his massacre hadn't washed them away.

    The plates were quite hefty as Joseph would frequently need his undergarments repaired by Emma who noticed the discoloration from both the tumbaga as well as the makeup from the other women all over his torso and nether regions. She sewed an extra heavy-stitch reinforced pocket in the undergarments so Joseph could conceal carry the plates more comfortably. Yet another reliable, identifiably anonymous witness saw her sew the extra pocket into the garment and said he could vouch for the scents of the other wives that were present on the garments while he hefted them freely, and “Yes, that there was something heavy like plates in the pocket.” The reliable unidentifiable expert witness was kept anonymous for the sake of his wife not knowing that he knew the other women’s scents while sowing seed; he admirably did not want to sow any discord in his first eight marriages.

    Meanwhile, Joseph claims the oily hand print (from one of his other wives) was from her attempts to help him hold the plates up so they wouldn't fall out from his pocket– a witness also saw her attempt to clean the handprint and other stains while casually hefting the plates with care in the other hand to avoid further oxidation of the cheap metal plates. Yet another witness confirmed the imprint which the plates left in her hand, having held the heavy plates for so long while Joseph demanded a thorough cleaning of the garment before returning the plates to his secret pocket after being hefted. Another witness actually hefted the plates on several occasions while Joseph used the outhouse, even though Joseph would not allow him to hold the candle; it was darker and smellier in the outhouse, thus he was in greater need of the candle. He said they were shiny, but smelled like the scent of a woman– actually, many women, probably heifers who could not be hefted.

    Another witness, Smartee Muckflies, said that he personally witnessed a man by the name of Doc Gordon Andrus Brown arrive in a spaceship (identified many decades later as a DeLorean) hand the plates to Joseph; the witness muttered something to Joseph about "Andrus appearing angelic or that he had a fluxing capacity for being white and delightsome." An odd fellow with an oddly conflicting surname, given that he was white and a definitely delicatessen foreign delight.

    Anyway, the story of the multiple witnesses is ever being written and re-written, revised… in fact, after having undergone an untold number of revisions, all Mormon apostles have unanimously agreed that it gives greater credence to the historical claims of Joseph Smith, these LDS adherents high on the hemp of Kolob. As a matter of historical record, several members witnessed the hefting of the contents of Joseph’s undergarments. To this, they will testify as reliable witnesses in any courtroom– so long as they remain in Salt Lake, preferably within the shadow of the Salt Lake Temple.

    To further substantiate claims of the plates' existence, Apostles, during the Secret Mormon Temple Ritual Ceremony, are issued special Biblical names– all by amazing heavenly coincidence, the same for each one, the beautiful Book of Mormon name of Helies 1 and 2, so on, and so forth. Also, the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles' secret undergarments have had stains similar to Joseph's magically appear within minutes of donning them for the first time; even more so magical is the fact that they all testify to having seen magical capes as well appear upon their shoulders with a mysterious emblazoned S/ on them, all believing this to have noble ties to the powerful dynasty of the House of Smith. Although, when questioned, wives of these witnesses or Apostles cannot attest to having seen the mysterious S/ on any cape; the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles all assure their gullibly-faithful followers that they bear witness to having seen the capes upon one another's shoulders and that they are fit for leadership both by virtue of having the stained magical undergarments complete with cape AND they are all one another's witnesses of the ignoble S/. There should be no more questioning by skeptics as to the attestation of the plates’ existence. The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles have all corroborated their testimony in secret chambers with the same exact angel! The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles advise any notable historical scholars to cease and desist with any further questioning of the veracity of the Book of Mormon for as surely as that emblazoned S/ exists, they all recall a vision in a dream, seeing Joseph, just before the jailhouse fire, suddenly empowered with the donning of the S/ cape over his magical undergarments, fly off to Kolob in white and delightsome flames, although with much flicker of yellow, orange, red, and blue.

  17. The Book of Mormon is the word of God given to his servants in American continent.
    The Devil and his followers will dismiss this fact, because they are simply ignorance. They did the same to the Holy Bible, they broke the true knowledge of God.

  18. DUMB – this is like asking a criminal to swear he did no crime, guess his/her response? Yeah, right…. duh! Bullshit in 3000 words….Lol

  19. So he ran 3 miles with a 200lbs plate's? All the while fighting off three different men. To only have a thumb injury. The more plausible reason for the thumb injury was he injured his thumb trying to bend the wire of the manufactured plates. Ah but the dog ate my homework excuse works too.

  20. You're trying to hard to prove something that did not exist. Besides Joe disagreed with the content of the plates later like God to gods.

  21. I am glad you have your faith and this question is more academic than a criticism. The signatures are printed.Any idea why? Again not a criticism but I have never, seen signatures like this. Any reason? Was this common back then? Also was there any heresy witnesses to the witness, ie those people the witnesses told what they saw held and felt. For example jane’s diary of what David whitham saw as recorded by Jane herself at such and such a place and time such as “ David whitmore told me about why he signed the Book of Mormon at church after service , on Jan 7, and told me himself the marvels he saw” ( Jane from her diary. )Are there such people like Jane supporting the witnesses to the witnesses ?

    Fascinating video about a fascinating religion. Kudos , keep up the great work

  22. There were no plates. No evidence that the BoM existed before Joseph Smith. No evidence that Joseph Smith ever translated anything correctly. He never translated from any plates, his face was buried in a🎩 hat and he was reading off seer stones. The BoM is fiction.

  23. Hearsay… show the actual golden plates to examined… Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's. clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

  24. What difference does it make whether the plates existed or not? He used a rock in a hat, and often the plates were in a different room or hidden in the woods.

  25. No plates, no peoples, no horses, not one shred of evidence with all the people mentioned in the B of M.  Temples that do nothing that resemble God's temple of Israel, yet they claim to be restored.  Restored only as another Pagan attempt to fool millions into Satan's trap.  The founder's and leaders will pay a heavy price on judgment day.  The members that I have known are some of the best people I have been around. Unfortunately, they are so blinded and refuse to investigate.  I pray that they are able to one day find Jesus before it is too late.

  26. With all due love and respect, you do not have evidence. You have people, mostly with the same last names, saying the same thing. Plenty of room for conspiracy. The Holy Bible has overwhelming evidence. God has allowed us to verify It through science, history, archaeology, geography, and most impressively (in my opinion) vivid prophecy, much of which needs little or no interpretation because it's so black and white. I'm yet to find a Mormon that can show true evidence. I do believe you are trying to serve God in the best way you can but you need to be able to show why what you believe is 100% true or else it's just like any other religion. I left the Catholic religion and eventually became a Christian for the same reason. No one, even in my own family, could show me in the Bible where is said to pray to Mary and the saints. No one could show me that it was true. Hope this sheds some light. God bless you.

  27. I guess the fact that all the witnesses were family, close friends, or financial backers of Joseph Smith had no relevance on them saying they saw the plates? 
    They stood to make a prophet (haha) or profit from coning people. Joseph Smith, as admitted by the church, had a history of coning people with treasure maps, hole digging and seer stones. But it's not like there is a history of con artists in religion, right?
    So of course they are not going to deny their testimony, they had their reps and money to think about. And besides belief in the BOM will only ever be a belief because they can't be substantiated due to them being "taken" back up to heaven.

  28. As a former Mormon, it makes me so sick seeing educated guys like this one defend the integrity of the church history. It makes me sick because you know they know the facts, yet choose to carefully arrange the story in order to make it sound legit. Focusing on the 5% of Mormon history that paints a heavenly picture of the church, and ignoring the 95% that damns it.

  29. This video tries too hard to make truth from fiction. The evidence is far too compelling that Joseph was a perverted fraud.

  30. They each claimed to have seen a vision of seeing the plates. If I said I had seen the plates would you believe me? No you wouldn't so why would believe these people? If you did believe me then you would believe a lie. Joseph Smith was a treasure seeker which he failed every time.

  31. Joseph Smith was too poor to afford lead, so it must have been gold Inside the box. Makes perfect sense.

  32. a poor argument..there are any number of reasons why they would stick to a made up story..not to mention, demons could have appeared to them, the same way that a demon talked to Mohammad

  33. The main issue I have is he
    " discovered " these plates at 14 years old. If you're a guy dont you remember the crazy stories you told in hopes to get girls to like you let alone try to get laid. 14 year olds were no different 200 years ago .

  34. Can somebody please explain this to me: if God went through all the trouble for 800 years for these ancient prophets to record all these writings, a lot of people dying to preserve these golden plates. Why then did God just have Joseph Smith look at a rock that he found while digging a well, by putting it in a top hat, in order to translate, while the plates themselves sat covered in linen or sometimes not even in the same room? I cannot figure that one out.

  35. If that were true they would have stayed in the church because they would've known it was true. Other wise they would go to hell. Just like Mary should have been Christ's biggest follower because she was a virgin and would have known god was true but she wasn't, just like these guys.

  36. I remember when this crap used to to make perfect sense to me. Now I think this could be an opening skit on SNL.

  37. "Hi! I am Stephen Smoot, and what I say can only be proven to be 99% false; and since you cannot disprove the other 1%, then I am 100% right!" 🤣

  38. And then…many of the witness followed Emma Smith to James Strang's church and also testified he was a prophet of God and a couple even testified that he saw an angel. If those witnesses are so reliable, why don't you join the Community of Christ?

  39. They saw the plates with their “spiritual eyes” not in real life. Also all the signatures are signed by one hand. Lots of people swear they saw UFOs and little grey aliens and stick with their statements. Does this mean they saw aliens? I assume you say no but that doesn’t apply to Mormonism. Hold a double standard.

  40. The video doesn’t show what actually happened in their story. Why make fake paintings if your not hiding something?

  41. They all lied! Joseph Smith was a false prophet! Joseph Smith was a necromancer, a waterwitcher, and a fortune teller. He was a whoremonger, and tried to say God had told him he had to preach plural marriage. That was after he was already practicing it! The false prophet
    made up Celestial marriage, preexistence, and baptism for the dead! The Mormons are being led astray by a false prophet, and are not willing to listen to the truth of the Bible.

  42. You say the they had nothing to gain or lose after showing a newspaper article of one defending his testimony.

    He would lose reputation through notoriety… Which would ruin you, especially amongst religious people…

    He gained fame. Which is always lucrative…

  43. You know who else claims to have seen an angel and gotten a divine truth from God way before Mormons? Islam. Just like Mormons they claim the original scriptures were corrupted and the Quran is the final book. So how can y'all claim you are the final book and how can you claim future books won't be the final book. Truth is the Bible is the final book closed with revelation. All you need to do is read it and understand the gospel of salvation. Salvation is by faith not by faith and works.

  44. People who post is b***** all this hatred of the religion they're not members of the LDS Church nor have they read the book of Mormon aegis surprisingly the stupidity of the videos

  45. In other words they make makeup completely random false lies people like that don't read the Bible or the book of Mormon

  46. We believe God what was written in the Ten Commandments and in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ Messiah Son of God Son of Man

  47. How is this proof! Your own book! Really come on, this is just a way to decive the masses, which im sure are believing this.

  48. I really really wanna donate, I left my gold donation on a hill in New York, there's 3 + 8 witnesses who are all dead and they are the only people who knew were to find it! Most of this donation is melted together and completely useless yet still worthy of all your belief…

  49. If it’s real why is there so much "proof of evidence". I’m a man and my mom can prove it also dad. Also witnesses seen me pee Upright. Come on haha

  50. Whether you like it or not it sounds like fraud, collusion. Why couldn't Joseph Smith keep the plates in the first place to be examined, dated by experts? It would have solved all this doubts. Nannn, that would have been to much to ask. "He had to give them back to the angel". Yes, how convenient! The only thing he was able to get was the dubious testimony of these men, that by the way, were with him and from the same two families. Without talking about all the inconsistencies of the Mormon book

  51. This entire video is based off the following logic: "I saw a dinosaur yesterday that had a angel riding it"

    "Now, you cant refute this because you dont know if it is true or not, so its true and you should accept it"

  52. Rev 22:18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

    Scripture is Genesis to Revelation. Nothing more.

  53. How about a snazzy video about the Kinderhook plates. You know, the other plates Joseph Smith translated.

    Apparently the angel Moroni forgot to grab those for some reason…but we're in luck! There is one remaining at the Chicago History Museum, not to mention the LDS Church published all the facsimiles for us to examine! No witness testimonies needed! 👍🏻

  54. What I don't understand is that God made sure we had the Dead Sea scrolls to show proof of Him because of our peoples lack of faith. Why would those supposed golden tablets be taken away? How come there is no proof of these so called ancient civilizations?

  55. I know The Book of Mormon is true. So grateful for my testimony. What a blessing to know that Jesus Christ is The Savior of the world. Our Redeemer and Advocate with The Father. Praise be to His name and Glory be to God forever. 💜🧡💛💚❤💙

  56. Uhmm, I hereby declare I saw Joseph Smith in hell being sodomized by Satan! If 3 other people on the comments also say so, we have the same amount of evidence you claim to have for the plates.

  57. Were the plates necessary for the lds faith, since they were not used in translation, the stone and hat was used according to what I studied,

  58. I agree Mormonism is a cult, but wonderful people and they have a lot of love for their communities and neighbors. I believe many Mormons just don’t know the depth of their founding. I follow Jeff Durbin he is very well versed in Mormonism and has done evangelism outreach to reach many Mormons. The Book of Mormon/pearl of great price, doctrines and covenants, alludes that the Mormons will one day become a god or like a god, inherit their own planet, they believe in the veil that we were all spirit babies prior to coming to planet earth through natural birth to live out a good live through our good works and deeds earning us eternal life with God the Father, but that God the Father became God, He wasn’t always God everlasting with no beginning and no end, they believe in the planet Kolob, and that they will inherit their own heavenly planet/kingdom, they have hiarchy in the church it’s a well oiled machine with presidents all throughout starting back to their earliest founding elders Brigham Young and Of Course their famed profit Joseph Smith of whom many Mormons don’t know was an active polygamist, he preyed on young girls, ran for president of the United States of America in 1844, he was a general commanding officer in the the US Air Force as well for the eighth cavalry in fort Bliss TX. He was also jailed and murdered in a jail cell along with his brother by a mob of 200 while awaiting trial. I think the biggest thing to note about Mormonism is that the religion wasn’t even invented until the 18th Century after a time when Jesus rose from the dead and said to watch out that no one deceives you for many will come in my name claiming I am the Christ or in Galatians Paul warned the Christian Church to watch out, stating he was astonished that many were deserting their faith and turning to another gospel not the true gospel taught in the Bible. Mormons don’t believe the Bible is translated correctly, this is why they have their scriptures as they are the most literal and correct text which when put up to scrutiny is an absolute lie. The Bible has stood the test of time with next to no difference in text other than punctuation if anything dividing up the original Scriptures as they were written on scrolls and papyrus. This may offend, but it’s all factual, read the intro of the Book of Mormon you will find that Mormon was the son of Maroni in life and he died and was resurrected as a glorified being and appeared to Joseph Smith on the Hill of Cummorah in upstate New York where he supposedly gave the golden tablets with Egyptian hieroglyph written on them, this land was excavated in the 19th century no evidence was found for the existence of these fabricated tablets so the Mormon Church bought the land and deemed it as holy land and banned any excavation to this day. Interestingly enough you still see Jerusalem being excavated to this day and every stone uncovers biblical history to a T. Most archeologists secular and Christian alike use the Bible as a guide for nearly all excavations to this day as their road map. The claim of the Book of Mormon is that Jesus Christ appeared after his resurrection in the southern americas to people and that the Mormon blood line goes back to that of Christ. The interesting thing is the precious metals used in the battles described in the Book of Mormon about the battle between the Nephites and Lamenites didn’t exist in the myan ruin areas of the southern americas according scholars that to this day are tour guides in the area.

    I have nothing against Mormons. In fact I love them and believe they are incredible people and they have a value system and moral accountability which is superb. I simple believe they are deceived sadly in many ways without the knowledge to know any different. They are taught and indoctrinated from a very very young age and if you step outside of the confines of the teachings of the church to search for evidence for everything, you may endure one of the hardest things any Mormons worst nightmare would ever be EXCOMMUNICATION from the church. If you don’t play by the rules you will find yourself devoid of even a relationship with your own family as they in many cases can and will disown you for leaving the church. I can see why the system is a cult and is so hard to get out of. Very very emotionally devastating.

    There are a ton of resources for anyone truly searching for Truth, but sadly most aren’t looking for Truth their looking for comfort.

  59. You too can become a Mormon, it's easy really.!
    Just believe everything one man taught and wrote, and believe that God the father and Jesus Christ visited him personally, along with bible characters and angels.
    Just believe him that the Holy Bible was corrupted and God picked him to sort out the mess .
    Just believe that he was able to translate and correct the Bible.
    Just believe that by following the rules regulations and practices he taught that you can become a God one day, it only takes one lifetime of faithful obedience to his teachings.
    Just believe that by following him you can be married for eternity and be baptized for deceased people.
    Just believe him when he said he wrote the most correct book on Earth, and that you shouldn't really trust the Bible completely as it isn't actually translated correctly, never forget that.(in case you do it's an Article of faith) neat, and anyway you have all his writings to make up for the Bible's inadequacies!.
    Just trust him, with you life, family and your eternal future.
    Trust him when tells you what to wear, and what not to eat and drink.
    Just trust him, trust Joseph Smith, trust the book of Mormon, trust it!, follow the prophet for life, sing praises to him in church, honour him, love Joseph and dedicate yourself to following him, Joseph Joseph Joseph, the book the book the book of Mormon all the way.
    Now you are truly truly a Mormon,
    But not a Bible believing Christian, a follower of Christ……….

  60. If you saw the angel yourself then why would you ever leave the church regardless of whatever falling out with a member was. They didn't go back on what they said because they didn't want the reputation of being liars

  61. Hey Maroni does the big G. Not want us to decrypt the voyanich manuscript or something…?
    I was under the impression those golden tablets of destiny are the way to decrypt the Voyanich codex…?
    Aye Anias…?
    Not hidden in ogden…?

  62. Hey if Oliver Cowdry, Martin Harris and David Whitmer actually had an angel show them plates why would they ever leave the church to begin with? How would you have a falling out with somebody you know is the one true prophet of god?

  63. Joe smith was a pedophile and the plates never existed hence the reason he used a stone in a hat to write the lamest book ever written. He even plagiarized the the bible.

  64. It don't matter if it's the mormon or the bible. God give many thing so that we can get closer to God but people miss use it and then blame it on him and each other.

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