Everything Wrong With The Outsiders Complete Novel In Just 11 Minutes

upon the mount we'll start out with negative sins because this great song when I stepped out into the bright sunlight narration [Applause] run faster pony boy what the hell did he try to do run away that's where you gave for not trying to escape that's life you don't know what like movies and books you know I wish that you could concentrate on something else just once in a while we will get to the love subplots in a moment we can if you had to go by yourself you should have carried a blade and most importantly told them you alone Milan dishes with my point familiar what do you think about me becoming your personal bodyguard how Ponyboy I don't think it's too hot of an idea come on man he's offering to help you Johnny cakes really soda how can we dropped out of school some dumb but I think this house passing so you dropped out clear thought you weren't passing that's a waste [Applause] so do you know sandy good a love interest apply what the hell was that for what I don't like hey you were a kid before what it happened some to read it you're not getting a girlfriend dolly no matter how much you try are you real I got Amy that was funny one thing removed shake your nice and leave us alone I'm well aware of that shall we start now – nah he's too nice sure my friends call me cherry cuz my hair yeah I know we go to the same school you're a cheerleader yeah did cheering army wife actually never meet point boy before probably the latter your brother works at Jocelyne station right at the exit thing well guess what she did me point away before just dropping oh that's too bad you're right this is my career anyway you think the Saudis have it made the rich kids the south side Sochi well I'll tell you something Ponyboy and it might come as a surprise but things are rough all over you're almost to employee boy Chris had flashback but so stood for being forced in just you wait something bad will happen and what do you know a so scarred you notice OSHA's what white-trash Mustangs imagine that is to would come back I've heard in my entire life also he was basically asking for a fight and that's what he gets who invited azad if they shouldn't point it why are you giving it to them why are you letting a way to begin with well you guys are death care to ask a simple question what kind of law is that and now we're guys get the hell out of Johnny why did Johnny have to leave pointy boy like that what are the chances you could find that you see the way pointable gets real close for a second I thought he would kiss Johnny that's all he is a convinced him I know what he's really thinking what the hell why did Ponyboy have to dye his hair blonde but Johnny didn't he celebrating over cleanest ocean dude it's not a monster meeting it's not on the screen but you still eating it frankly you probably wouldn't give a damn not the right time to have candles considering what happens next narration again I'll take aways tune for the scenery yeah I don't think I could ever tell Steve or two-bit that's why people have their own personalities how did da we don't do in G Mountain special delivery for a pony boy Curtis you man who's this from the president United States of America yeah right team reaction pony boy I kill people with heaters don't worry you ain't loaded hey no I don't have any money man dude you have money you pick some food you should have 13 cents go away what I did that little clutch judders aging I offered to take over the dingo for Coke she's telling me to go to hell huh so you think she might like me a little bit huh I think she's kind of cute point we can't help you wife your wife scary I respected believe you when they help the children five sins removed greasers you give him a chance man does your young man that's why if one of young smokers could take that advice bull stuff like that again on my Jillian he helps children asshole honey celebrating cuz plain boys back out what about you in the paper oh of course you know why it's burn to death he hasn't changed one bit doesn't matter a few witness you'll still be where you were before at the bottom will still be the lucky ones at the top with all the breaks that's your excuse for not being in the rumble don't bother to talk scum no wonder you hate your guts you don't even care about him you're damn drunk you go straight to hell you go right there and I saw something go straight to hell John's been abused so much I'm glad to bits defending him I'll take office in he killed did you actually care for Bob yeah well that's okay cuz I don't want you to go see him anyways we don't need your damn charity way to make a girl upset yeah real good you say it from the north side too yeah you're actually excited for the wrong gold yes that is a bitch I understand she was your friend but are you that depressed by one of those son ask if he's okay actually no don't ask he wants to die too stupid idiot indeed I mean me cap also narration again thanks for watching if you like 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33 thoughts on “Everything Wrong With The Outsiders Complete Novel In Just 11 Minutes

  1. Anyone who thinks I didn't read the book will be really pissed off when they learn that I DID read the book.
    Want proof? You can see my production blog based on this video. It's on my G+ account.


  3. Yah yah yah i can't judge the game becuz of.how dark the screen.is but.i seen 70s movies Brighter than.this it was hard to see the Details

  4. The full novel version is better. As it says. Full novel. Unlike the other version where it starts then its to credits then onto dally.

  5. the majority of these "sins" aren't even necessary. and if you didn't notice, that's Johnny crying while he's talking/ yelling about last night. He fainted cuz he was sick, literally. Also, no offense, but I don't like the outro music…

  6. I know this was your first, yet some of these sins are very unnecessary so this does look a little unprofessional. Yet you did do pretty good, keep up the good work but be smart with what you chose.

  7. 4:23 (laughs like a maniac) He's off! Just like that! Daddy didn't even have time to think! (Continues laughing maniacally)

  8. Johnny didn't dye his hair because he is tanner than Ponyboy is. It would look weird and suspicious if Johnny's hair was blond.

  9. I’ve had twelve tests on the novel; now I have to write an essay on the movie -_-

    I actually liked both the book and movie, but having to get tested and get assignments on it sucks ass.

  10. One major problem with the movie is Dallas. In the book, he's a badass. In the movie he comes across as a sore loser or a whiny, cowardly punk.

  11. I know a lot of people pointed this out, but there was a huge mistake on the script I didn't noticed until after posting the video.
    When Ponyboy and Johnny are in Jay Mountain, I asked how Dally got there. I know Dally gave them directions, but what I meant was how did he know they got there.

  12. You forgot that when Dally said get tough like me you don't get hurt…………….. says The one with a bruise on his face

  13. You know what your wrong there is a reason everything happened and it took a long time to make the movie it cost matter what you say this is the best movie I ever seen

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