Every kindergartner in Springfield, M.A. gets to take home four free books

Parents are coming and we’re really
having a festival to celebrate books that they’re going to take
home four times this year to keep in their own personal library. We really believe that paraprofessionals
are key to our classroom success. And this is an example of filling
a need that they recognized. Cathy worked hard to get this grant. We’re giving it to the kids
and they’re excited to take it home. – We’re really excited.
I’m really excited. There’s 2,100 kindergarten
students in Springfield. So every student will get four books. We also partnered with the AFT
and Cradles to Crayons. It’s incredible to be part of this. Something so positive and so meaningful.
I mean, I got goose bumps. I truly do. I’m so excited. I can hardly wait till the students come
in and see their little faces and see the excitement. – Good morning. It’s exciting
to be here with you. Ms. Cathy, Ms. Laura, and Ms.
Mindie, and a lot of other people are here today with us. They’ve worked really hard to bring the 8,403
books that you gonna be seeing today. It is important. Once you read,
you are powerful. That is why my union and all the
nurses and paraprofessionals and support staff; teachers, your parents, your principal,
the mayor, the city council, your senators, and all of us
are here today. This is great! I like it when you come to the schools
and see what our staff is producing. Young geniuses! So I’m as excited as you about being here
with the best kindergartners in Springfield. “My name is Yoon…” “I came here from Korea, a country far away.” – That book is a wonderful book
for a lot of our students because we have tons of
immigrant families here. So this book was just perfect
timing for our youngest students to know that they’re not the
only ones that are immigrants and that being an immigrant
is actually a great thing. – You’re welcome! – I feel good being a para. I feel like any
para should feel honored to feel that they’re wearing this blue shirt,
understanding the blue shirt is connected to thousands of books and book bags
being given to students. We’re on the ground every day with the kids
so we understand the day-to-day needs. Sometimes kids can’t read or they
don’t have backpacks to put books in. So for us being that one-on-one
with those kids all the time, having an opportunity to be
a changer in their life, I think it’s important; it’s great. And it tells people it’s not just
the teacher’s responsibility; it’s not just the principal’s responsibility. It’s the whole community of Boland or any other
Springfield or Massachusetts elementary school. It’s the whole community’s responsibility to
make sure our kids succeed. I appreciate them putting us in the
forefront as paras to take responsibility and ownership of the education of our young people just as much as the teachers.

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  1. Such a beautiful and great video and well deserved award!!!!…… Yes, indeed, Boland school under its all greatest school staffs and under the greatest leadership school principal of Ms. Lisa Bakowski is such a role model and bench mark example school of not only being one of the greatest, most professional and the best public school in Springfield, but also in the entire State of Massachusetts.

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