Ethics Video Series: Global Ethics in Publishing

you first I really do believe there are differences across countries and the norms and standards and practices that are done but once you become an Academy member or you engage in the Academy activity the code of ethics says that you're supposed to follow the code of ethics both sa member of the Academy and in its activities or any sponsored activity by the Academy of Management to be a community that depends on contributions of members as reviewers and as consumers of work and honest feedback as well as contributors of ideas we need to be able to trust each other which means that we have to have some values and some norms in common so so the issue really is the extent of which the Academy of management is a national organization or an international organization and if it's an international organization to what extent it ought to reflect the different cultures that enter into it I do think that there are some normative practices elsewhere that are not acceptable in our really code violations within the context the Academy the the different cultural values I want to be sensitive to cultural values when it comes to this we need a code again that we all share understand and abide by and it's very important for publications in our journals and to understand as well as conference papers and and in sharing ideas etc to be able to trust and and care about and build relationships with people across boundaries and these following these codes of norms help us or allow us to do that and you really can think of the Academy as a group of scholars who have signed on to a common set of norms and values and as as personified in the code and therefore even if you come from different backgrounds once you join in the Academy you agree to be bound by those in the same way that when a country joins the United Nations it becomes a UN member and then abides by the code you

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