Erotomania (Lesbian Movie) by Writer and Director Allen J. Redwing

(thunder booming)
(fire crackling) (soft music) ♪ Miss Otis regrets ♪ ♪ She’s unable to lunch today ♪ ♪ Madam ♪ ♪ Miss Otis regrets she’s
unable to lunch today ♪ ♪ She is sorry to be delayed ♪ ♪ But last evening, down at
lover’s lane, she strayed ♪ ♪ Madam, Miss Otis regrets ♪ ♪ She’s unable to lunch today ♪ (rapid guitar) – I want you to relax, close your eyes, and take deep breaths. (loud whirring) Mr. Jude, welcome. Thank you for choosing– – I didn’t. My wife…thought it would be good for me. And she’s crazy. – Yes, Mrs. Jude. I just need you to sign
a few forms and then– How ’bout we wait until
the end of our session? I don’t want to impose. – Thanks, appreciate that. Typically, how long is the session? – We have 45 minutes. – Okay. – Tell me a little about yourself. – I hate head games. Originally from Boston, I drive taxi, ex-Marine, Intelligence. (soft chiming) You told me you love me. You said you wanted to be with me forever. Top-secret stuff. (ominous music) (spooky music) But I’m sure you know all
that from my file right there. I’m sure you know all that
from my file right there. – [Woman] And your wife? – Bitch is never available. – What do you mean? – She runs her mouth
entirely way too much. Always giving advice
that she doesn’t follow. Always imposing. – That must be painful. – I can hear her voice right now. It’s funny how the mind works. – How long have you two been together? – (sigh) A few years or so. Fancy degree. Looks expensive. How’d you pay for that? – I’d like to spend our
time talking about you if that’s alright. – Do you enjoy getting
inside people’s heads? – [Voiceover] Never looked at it that way. – Never looked at it that way. Do you feel as though I’m being intrusive? – How? – How about I make you a deal? I answer one question during our session and you answer three. (sighing) – That’s fair enough. – I waited tables. – And? – That’s two. – Go on. – Local parish work a few days a week. – Well, I bet that felt holistic. – It was. My turn. Tell me about the Marine Corps. – [Matthew’s Voiceover]
You’ve heard before, I’m sure. If I told you, I’d have to kill you. – My first question. How’s your wife? – I found out she cheated on me. (slow music) (soft singing) – So sorry to hear that. – She’s pretty. (soft music) – A guy asked me about you. Said he knew you from a long, long time ago. – Did you know him? Must be painful when you love somebody. – She was a friend of ours. And that’s two, counselor. We are almost outta time. – Said you probably wouldn’t
even remember his name. – How are you feeling about what happened? – I can only think back– (ticking) How we used to write our love letters. How I used to love holding her while she slept. How we exchanged gifts. (loud buzzing) I miss that. How we talked. ♪ I want a Sunday ♪ ♪ Kind of love ♪ ♪ A love to last past ♪ ♪ Saturday night ♪ ♪ And I’d like to know ♪ – The amazing parties. ♪ I want a Sunday kind of love ♪ ♪ Oh yeah yeah, I want a ♪ ♪ Love that’s on the square ♪ ♪ Can’t seem to find somebody ♪ ♪ Someone to care ♪ ♪ And I’m on a lonely road ♪ ♪ That leads to nowhere ♪ ♪ I need a Sunday kind of love ♪ ♪ I do my Sunday dreaming ♪ ♪ Oh yeah and all my Sunday scheming ♪ ♪ Every minute, every hour ♪ ♪ Every day ♪ ♪ I’m hoping to discover ♪ ♪ A certain kind of lover ♪ ♪ Who will show me the way ♪ ♪ And my heart needs someone ♪ ♪ Someone to unfold ♪ ♪ To keep me warm when Monday’s ♪ ♪ And Tuesday’s grow cold ♪ ♪ Love for all my life
to have and to hold ♪ ♪ Oh and I want a Sunday kind of love ♪ ♪ And the moment before she died ♪ ♪ She lifted up ♪ ♪ Her lovely head and cried ♪
– Awesome people. ♪ Madam ♪ ♪ Miss Otis regrets ♪ ♪ She’s unable to lunch today ♪ (cheering and clapping) – And how I was always there for her! (sobbing)
(soft music) (screaming) Ellen, you never knew this
because you don’t know me. I am a Marine. Do you know what that fuckin’ means? You are the Corps to me. Your turn. What do you think about me? – I try not to make judgments, Mr. Jude. – Generally speaking. – Or diagnosis, especially
after so few visits. You’re a nice gentleman, somewhat isolated, shy, but easily friended. Your anxiety seems not to stem from
what you’re experiencing with your wife. Many men suffer from
untreated mental illness, so I don’t think that– – Do you know me at all? – I’m sorry, was that a question? – Are you asking me to repeat it because that wouldn’t
be fair, now would it? Oops, I know, too many questions. Well, answer me something, huh? Who could possibly– (sighing) fucking love somebody like me, huh? – I am concerned that you have what is called erotomania. It’s a delusion which the affected person
believes that another person, usually a stranger, high
status or famous person, is in love with him or her. – Are you trying to tell
me something, Ellen? – [Voiceover] Ellen? – Mr. Jude, our time is up. – Are you trying to leave me
after all we’ve been through? – No more questions, Mr. Jude! – You said you loved me! – I made the statement that it is healthy to love oneself. Now, if you would excuse me, I have another client coming in. Our session is over. (ominous music) – Look at you. Sittin’ there, big expensive degree, but I know BeantownG69. You told me you loved me. You said you wanted to be with me forever. You were drunk. But I paid for that degree eight times. (soft piano) ♪ Miss Otis regrets she’s
unable to lunch today ♪ – But now, now, you’re some fancy shrink. ♪ She’s unable to lunch today ♪ ♪ She is sorry to be delayed ♪ ♪ But last evening, down at lover’s lane ♪ ♪ She strayed ♪ ♪ Madam ♪ ♪ Miss Otis regrets ♪ ♪ She’s unable to lunch today ♪ ♪ When she woke up and found ♪ ♪ That her dream of love was gone ♪ – Miss Dame, I received your emails and I’m grateful you decided to come, given the disposition of
your father’s estate– – Mine. – Yes, well. – As you were saying. Buyers. – Have agreed to your asking price. But I recommend waiting. – Time is money. And for the last six
months, you’ve been implying that I have neither. – [Voiceover] If this asset– – Doesn’t sell immediately, your daughter will come to view her mother in the same way that I view yours. – You’re just like your father. – You’re just like your mother. – Don’t be a whore, Ellen. Perhaps you’re the one
that needs counseling after all these years. – Elizabeth, sell it. Or you will end up just like her. – Yes, mother. – Nice dress. – You repressed all the fucked
up shit you did to get there! (ominous music) I told you my life story. (gasping) (growling) (screaming) And we fucked like animals. You called me Daddy. What’s wrong? Always good enough then but I’m not good enough now? (baaing) (spitting) (slow hip hop music) (creepy music) You drag your helpless
little ass to my bar every night. (creepy music) Doing your little side gig. (ominous music) And I’m delusional? Well, what about you? – Mr. Jude! Part of the condition you have– – Don’t impose your little textbook psychology on me. Are you fucking insane? – Good day, Miss Dane. How are you? – Chess? – That kind of patient, I see. How long have you been seeing him? – A month or so. – Why don’t you present the case? – He is a 32-year-old married, Caucasian male who presents with feelings of derealization, ideas of reference, paranoia but no hallucinations, possible variance of
pathological mourning. – Episodes of mania
and increased spending? – He states that he has regressed to spending time sobbing. – I see. You mentioned erotomania in your email. That’s such a rare diagnosis, perhaps as– – I was wrong. – Erotomania is characterized
by a delusional idea and usually in a young woman. – Yes, yes I know. – About a man she considers to have a
higher professional standing is in love with her. – I remember your lectures. – Thus, she develops an elaborate, delusional process about this man, about his pursuit of her, his love for her, and her inability to escape
his affectionate clutches. – You once characterized Seimen’s writings by stating that the love objects of patients such as he were ordinary men who were phantom lovers. – True. But studies show that it is usually women who display dependent, timid, predictable patterns of behavior with little real heterosexual experience. When you were just a girl, I tried telling your mom that was not a good idea to be bringing you around. – Good day, Professor. It was nice of you to come here, with me, after so long. (ominous music) – You stalked me! I know it! When I paid you no attention, you created little blind dates so I’d get jealous and fall for you! – Mr. Jude! Please calm down. (ominous music) That doesn’t scare me. What scares me, is that I might die and you would never fully
know how much I love you. – [Mr. Jude] Good try
but you just told me– – I just told you that I’m afraid to love you because I’m sexually dysfunctional and have Daddy issues. But if you give me one more chance, I would show you just how much you mean to me. – Don’t fuckin’ play head games with me! – You’ve got a gun on your lap. How could I? Do you love me? If you love me, give me the gun. – Put ’em down and get up now. (gunshot) (ominous music) (sobbing)

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