Erlebach Chaconne – a composer lost to fire

7 thoughts on “Erlebach Chaconne – a composer lost to fire

  1. You could all always considering *buying* the music – either in facsimile from Cornetto Verlag or individually in critically approved editions from Edition Güntersberg – I assume you all have jobs that pay for instruments you enjoy playing? people who earn a living by making such music available for you to play are undermined by sites like imslp – future editions depend on your choices!

  2. @eddo98
    the 5th sonata in e-minor is published in IMSLP, although beautiful music.
    does one of us find a score of this chaconne, we should inform each other ;-)).
    kindest greatings from a chaconne-addicted – S.

  3. @verakalmijn ,

    Hello. I can only refer you to IMSLP. Just google "imslp erlebach." But i doubt they have uploaded the score to this Chaconne there since most of his pieces are in manuscript form. It takes time before someone thinks of uploading pieces by rare composers but let's wait and see. 🙂

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