Eric St. Petersburg vs. Guyern Munich in the DtG Writers Cup!

all right so we're on everybody who's might be watching us on stream we're having a server latency issues so what I think we should do is guy see if you could start it on your end I'll close my now and then okay we'll see if it works on your end better because mine's frozen now Oh all right go for it well mine still thinks it the server though so that's kind of latency we're dealing with me will this work is the question hope so yeah you're not downloading anything are you no no I don't have any you know malware eating me up or anything like that yeah yeah alright I cleared my history so nobody could see what I've been up to okay it's you set it up though alright so what time is it over that 12 12:01 yeah it's noontime yeah having a nice coffee just kind of hanging out trying to get this thing to work I got errands to run after this at a lazy morning I got up but we recorded the podcast which I'm sure millions of people watched on Twitch yeah millions of people watched it on Twitch it was great and then you know edited that up so that's gonna be ready to be out tomorrow night at 6 o'clock and now I'm trying to do this sorry so I'm in the game so so I should just join join online game yes alright show only friends Dom there we go I'm excuse me fires joining online game yep and then I'll ask you to put your manager in alright this is the same process is when your so yeah so I can see you ready good fine china all right there I am I'm gonna put myself in the game choose team to my and we're gonna be importing Eric st. Petersburg load all right okay confirm okay so that's you're playing all right I'm playing continue oh my god amazing oh it's working all right so what do we're doing guy earned Munich vs. Erick st. Petersburg all right yeah for those who don't know my name is guy yeah she's alright so we're saving game that should only take a few moments yeah just throw a little save and I would let me continue alright so then we're gonna get our tactic I am using so you're gonna be able to see what I'm doing and not so much what a guy is doing so that's all right you can see I'm using my attacking four four one one a DM I so mate isometric am CL custom scary yeah it is yeah he's throwing something together as we're talking so we're gonna set up my team while we're looking here all right so you see my team am i right here I'm gonna go with her stay get and goal I'm gonna go with uh go six eiga Christian Eric set up front and my ticket Whakaari stick roll Thiago alcântara in midfield so this is where it gets kind of tough because I'm playing side midfielders but I don't have any out and outside midfielders which is alright so we're gonna end up playing the meta position at a ditch on the right Silvan on the left for our defensive midfielder our h-back we're gonna do tecora we're gonna do Lucas Herrera Tellez on the Left Trippier on the right you guys notice I haven't got to my strikers yet because I have absolutely strikers which is which is why I'm trying to do a tactic that had a little bit more university leti to it so I don't have to rely on the truck I'm the striker to score so this is where it comes this is where my big decision comes up striker checked ozan right ah awful alkis inject ozan oh boy I'll do Alka soon all right and I'll let the assistant manager pick the subs so that's where I'm lining up we have mark to Seguin in the back had the goalkeeper left-to-right Talas tah Raphael to Loy if I pronounced it that right carrying Trippier halfback Tarara so Vaughn on the Left Thiago alcântara on in the middle of my a box-to-box midfielder tatak on the right Christian Eriksen as my track juarista and l Kison as my attacking full forward or bad by advance forward look at this Eric st. Petersburg to face guy earn Munich and DTG Cup clash alright the odds are in my favor I'm six to four favorites did you see that oh really yeah I'm six four favorites I'm six four favorites draw two to one you're winning three a 13-day no he's right there gate one right now this is the this is the tactic see cuz the thing is my team isn't very good so the tactic has to it has to be where it's at for my tactic yeah and um so this is a surprise tactic this is my secret weapon okay well mine's pretty boring so I'm just going for a flat full 231 so it's pretty pretty basic but we'll see all right match preview I'm going to match preview screen we have beautiful we're playing where are we playing today we're playing in the old stadium or my stifled the the muddy Bowl arena sure mine it's called the pod the part nice yeah team selection I'm fine I just set up my team so I'm good proceed to match yes [Applause] all right so we see the lineups a little bit of background noise the crowd is excited [Applause] Fabian ski florenzi go Dean Jimenez Gollum Hernan Fabio and fernandinho getas desmond Griezmann scuse me Nobby you know I'm gonna have to turn this sound up I'll tell you that hold on although okay so all right Sam I turned my sound off so that people won't be a we're working on extended highlights all right yeah okay cool excellent that's a good start yeah all right here we go we're off we're underway how you feeling you nervous for this one am i nervous but I see I'm like I told you I'm not confident in my team I'm confident in my tactic I'm confident my tactic I'm confident in my wow I don't know I've got a decent squad but the tactics just kind of thrown together so yeah it's really given it much thought really I think I'm just gonna train Jojo oh come on that was a penalty it's two-footed challenge me in the box what you do on oh here we go we've decided to give it away oh I'm far away from Thiago oh I just realized I haven't done any opposition instructions actually cool all right so we're seven minutes in now we're seeing I mean possessions in my favor no perceptions into my favor shots are in my favor on targets in my favor fouls also in my favor – although I really if we were to go back and look at the replay I really think I should have got a penalty shot on that two-footed challenge yeah I didn't see that oh yeah I do don't you you awesome finger excuse that's pretty boring so far yeah I like to see two good team is going up against each other there's not a whole bunch up here we go throw in Oh so you're kind of backing up and bunkering a little bit yeah a lot of bodies forward there as well I do again reading in Brittany of my up here we go here it is oh it's my inverted wing backs they wing backs inverted ah yeah inverted winger inverted wing backs Wow come with the asymmetric oh yeah call that looks compete no wonder we can't deal with it guess I had to go tactically strange because I have a team alright 25 minutes and we haven't seen a whole bunch of action but five shots off and three on top here's another set piece oh wait here we go oh hey fans from Fabian Sookie going long oh oh no oh no oh we said oh that was the most disgusting bully over see ha ha ha alright route 1 just bad if you just split the difference enter bad yeah just pull it up yeah I mean they're just standing there what's thumb trip yeah you're just left it you just didn't want to know yeah all right here we go this is not looking good well against the run of play certainly yeah and so we're only 30 minutes in normally that's a third of the way yeah yeah lots lots of time still to go I'm still I'm still pretty nervous the stocks look very much in your favor oh well Vaughn just got injured oh I see that all right hold on so we gotta take him out we're gonna put oh sure Ari I guess else you're worried no come on right ouch owari is going in for Silvan that's a big mitt loss I'm not trying to play a few loose ball Tony P let's go for them if it works I think that's what we'll stick with and we're go for it we're going for the same tactic again has worked once before bit long oh come on guys what role do you have for me know on go I'm on a decline forward on attack all right they seemed like he's just waiting on the line yeah pretty much I don't know whether you're playing like a High Line or yeah the whole and I've got Griezmann on the shadow strike so I'm hoping he makes an impact cuz he's like my best player really but he doesn't seem good done too well with six five yeah yeah I've just realized there's no shouts in this this is the first time I've ever played touch yeah I've never played hide I had to download it for everybody who's yeah me too yeah yeah there's no there's no you can't shout with them to tell them to be there with you I normally do one that works or not I don't know but it makes me feel bad three minutes at a time alright this is gonna be the last one before half-time yeah last highlight can I be with it anybody gonna close down on him guys come on there we go we've got another one this would be the halftime was no problem lots of pressing going on from here [Laughter] well after last time when you just walked right through my defensive bags ballooned it over the ball I think that's gonna be halftime they're probably yeah that's out time all right so now we have to look at what kind of adjustments I think I'm gonna make you I don't know I mean I like so I'm playing I like the way I'm playing I'm just down yeah you've played you played pretty well yeah I like to I I like the way they're playing so we limit look who's not performing all that well so we have taught actions not performing all that well but I love them Trippier i think is gonna have to get sucked but who am i gonna stab them out with because my whole team sucks Johnny Evans no I don't think so so I'm keeping him in there I'm gonna have to keep him in there Erickson has not done so well but that's the big question do you take Christian Eriksen out for Alex Teixeira hmm I don't know I don't think I can do that but that's possibly I'm possibly looking at to share to be an impact sub in the second half if Erickson continues to not play well I think we have commentary going on and the dictate the game facebook chat and then it is in the discord or is it in via facebook chat I've known if we're popping up at the Facebook bits of both I think okay all right Oh what I go out on Twitch or not I'm not following along on Twitter's no nobody in the chat and the twitch but Dom law was keep taking clips okay from Eric st. Petersburg versus guy in Munich at the clip from the dictator game twitch account which clips the first opening goal all right so we're underway in the second half it's not been the best 45 minutes the first half no we the second half a little bit more quali yes you've already subbed to Livan off yeah he's injured the Tobin's already been injured we sucked him off my eyes on Eriksson because I'm just really not loving the way he's playing but I don't want to take him off quite yet see I'm not making too many adjustments on my attack because I believe in my tactic hmm I'm not going to stall it from like a pretty basic self and then which is what I tend to do when I play normally is start with a really basic tactic with hardly any individual interest Oh freaking agreement oh no oh oh no I haven't done any set-piece tactics or anything like that either no I haven't either Venus Oh No well did I hit the post I think he hit the post I don't hit the post I think I hit the post and then he got it off the post Ryan's commenting oh no oh no hahaha alright I don't have to take I'm gonna have to take care I'm have to take Eric's it out okay I don't want to but he's playing like and I'm putting check toes it in so I'm using my last of my subs Lukas amount of subs taking a ball move Luke Hume says hashtag Eric out which I don't know if the creator of the score more tactic has any room to say anything to anybody that would be my response to that what was it that was the first game the other night wasn't it been played Luke's the other night in penguin was it three two I think it's been one yeah on aggregate because they had to crash and he ended up winning 3-2 so you know of course all these matches will be talked about at length on next week's podcast also on Dom's article on Friday plus it's gonna be right about it isn't it yeah yes a long kind of thing so since I'm always promoting to Monday make sure you check out the big announcement that we can't talk about we can only talk about how there's a big advance but coming up at 6 o'clock on Monday for dictate the game come on guys let's go as a team we're starting to play a little bit better now but a very boring it has second oh now we got we got the ball again and making these lips oh just making of stuff dammit yeah I'm gonna throw good again instead like for like substitution it's just looking a bit tired oh it's got a highlight it's another big long kick in Farian ski it's a good ball in yeah can we work something from him markings pretty good here yeah there we go right let's go now come on options on the left here yes here we go here we go check toes in pace yeah counter get in there come on excellent yes here we go here we go here we go here we go I'll take a draw I'm not playing for a draw but I'll take a draw all right here we go Carrera now we're doing it now we're talking ah five minutes left to play abnormal time products oh we were breaking away there and then no no highlight for you I think I'm gonna have to take Griezmann oh that's a yellow card is that a second oh that's forensic okay I thought I was it's like a yellow card for birdie Firenze he's only yellow now as well wind down the clock with some substitutions here here we go here we go here we go here we go oh come on get in there oh no one's getting back I'm gonna drop these guys a bit deeper I think that's it we got one more shot to wind down the clock a good tackle yeah and let you cough it up I think this is gonna be at yeah I think you could be look clearly yeah trying to win all right so let's break this down one crap goal yeah the crap yeah my team I'm happy with the way my team played I'm not happy with the outcome but I'm happy with the way my team played I'm happy with my cup by my tactic I'm not happy with uh with uh Christian Eriksen he was my number one draft pick came out with a six point two not good Karen Trippier not good so I don't know I think I'm gonna have to uh back to the drawing board a day I no not back to the drunk but I'm staying I'm staying with my with my own just give him a shout then yeah I'm staying with my team I'm staying with my look at the reigns and stuff they've done pretty well really it was just that sort of one mistake where Trippier switched off for the goal really yeah yeah that was really am i right well I hope everybody enjoyed our game alright yeah alright so I hope everybody enjoyed I enjoyed our game the fans of Eric st. Peter Brooks Petersburg are upset and I can understand why I don't think it's a hashtag Eric out as Luke said and there's more games to be played so uh good game bars I appreciate it well play I don't think I don't think I think you got lucky I gotta say that I do think you got like no I agree with you that yeah pretty even game I don't think I deserve to win no all right well alright so there's more games be played I don't know if Dom is out there Dom who my next game is if you could tell me that who are next games are so I don't know if we're playing I really don't know anything going on I just visit the first time I ever played FM touch I really don't understand the whole concept but we played a game and we did it on Twitch and it was fun for everybody to see that's the point so that's hope so that's hope so so this will be up on phase eyes on you as well do you have anything else you want to say before we go on with our day virus did you use Moneyball at all in URL yeah yeah for picking my players yeah yeah definitely all right all right now I used Google and search for players with the right surname I used I use sort by of the town okay yeah I think I use FIFA ratings actually oh wow and then I like cross-checked them with FM rains because it's quite hard to find a big list of loads of FM players but FIFA has them all so it was easier to do it that way well uh what's on what's on the agenda for the rest of the evening I need to go out and get some I collect like food waste weekly so I'm gonna go do that okay and give it all away and then that will be about yeah I think all right chill maybe play some of my money Bowl save I don't know I haven't decided yet yeah so of course you're doing something altruistic and wonderful thank you oh yes yes they're doing something altruistic and wonderful you're either running you're either walking twenty eight miles or feeding the homeless or doing whatever you know yeah fantastic thank you I'm just doing regular you know pedestrian errands I'm not going to be doing anything altruistic although now I feel bad about my choices so thank you all right vice continue on with your your profile pictures you stroking elephants tusks yes yes oh he's so he's so let's just break this down he's going to feed the homeless he's done a 27,000 mile walk and he's a friend of elephants that's virus thank you yes Erik Erik is just going to do what he wants to do for his own life and not impact anybody else and no wonder I lost all right goodbye everybody that's it yeah all right goodbye everybody do you have anything else to say about what wonderful things you're gonna do are you going to walk two old ladies across the road are you gonna do anything up alright that's tomorrow alright yeah yeah alright good that's all for one day having yeah all right thanks super it put your cape on and have a nice day alright well we have a message hold on before we go we have a message Luke can you put the twitch clip on Twitter I hope you can so maybe you'll be able to see a twitch clip on Twitter alright so we'll talk to you guys later bye everybody

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