Episode Authors Vs. Hitler | (New) Podcast Ep. #001

okay what's up guys welcome to our first episode of our podcast yes y'all we have a podcast by the way my name is Amanda and my name is ish and go ahead girl do you hear my name is ish and we are doing this for you guys because we know you would enjoy listening to us rant about life like put some tea in it and I don't know I think we you will enjoy this podcast since we talked about so many spicy things a lot of our motivation for starting this podcast was because it's and I rant about episode the most because we're both somewhat in the community I'm more into it than she is she's a Wattpad writer so she's cooler but I thought that it'd just be fun to have a podcast that can be for episode and everything else because there is no episode podcast so we can talk about episode we can talk about life and it's and I get into like some serious topics you're all like literally we've been in heated like arguments where we've argued all the time we rant about things we constantly talk so we were like let's just record it and see if people agree or disagree with us we don't have a podcast name so if you want to help us with the name please help us out because right now we're struggling but other than that I think that's I think this is gonna be so much fun yeah and this is our third time recording it so that's fun yeah the first two time amanda ruined it so umm the first time my phone died and then the second time my ipad died and we need both of those things to record so it was just it was stupid I ruined it yes so amanda ruined it too tight so you know two really good takes by me I know they were so good [Laughter] so spicy topic of the day and then then yeah so it's and I announced our then technically we did like a small post on my Instagram at first talking about this project but we didn't say it was a podcast we just said we had something coming to my YouTube channel and some of our old friends just we're not feeling it and it's an eye instead of being mature adults about it we decided to go on our podcast and make the friends well friend that ruined our announcement post and we're just going to talk about that him we're not try to make us look really bad in front of Amanda's followers and dokdo like we literally laugh like like if you read that that wouldn't be making us looking like assholes and we wear it we were actually cool people and amanda was trying to be mature about it where I wasn't know okay I'm gonna argue with this kid I'm like you know what I'm a kid I'm gonna argue she really did but basically I don't know if anyone have seen my video where I talk about a friend that I spent $300 on I talked about him and his name is Kyle in my video basically I already exposed him under the comments so because I don't know if you saw this ish but when I responded back to him at one point I just put hashtag Kyle and then I deleted it immediately he felt bad but now I technically already exposed to him he was my friend and his name was actually Walter but a lot of people call him geo and we were really good friends for like a year and a half and then if you guys watch the video he was gonna come and visit me and I was offering to pay for the whole thing and I bought his concert tickets and then he decided that he didn't want to come anymore and now he decided he doesn't want to be friends anymore then he went under our announcement post and try to somehow expose us even though there was nothing to expose she just exposed himself even further by going on that post and what is really crazy is that I literally had nothing to do with it and after the second time he got into it was like argument with Amanda we become more of a friend but then he just ruined the entire thing arms out so I don't see what what happened and and I was really gonna be mature about it as I'm always mature about things there's just like men mostly yeah you're the most mature person I know you're more mature than me and you're you're 17 right yeah I'm 20 years old and a mature and then I was like you know I this time I'm just gonna talk because I like apparently being like being silent and quiet and mature about it does not work with some people and you got to take yourself I'm true self as low as then and then go high up again clean look excuses being it doesn't even a podcast this is ish motivational speaking time I she's like follow your dreams peace earth and love and I'm like girl that's literally new you love love yes yeah what why'd you say no then no I don't know okay you know what I'm confusing and you know that oh yeah that's what I did I responded and that Amanda responded and he like we kept going back and forth and then Amanda's brother got into it ha ha ha we were like you know what we're gonna drop the mic at here and nothing went further from that point well the last thing that he responded to was I I told him to check out the video cuz he was like how do I use people and I was like we'll check out the video it was literally a video about how you use me and then he was like oh well I'll check out the video since you're the expert of using people and I was like oh but that's that's what you're gonna end on as being like well you know like all right it's just like proof that he didn't have anything to say so it's like whatever and then he messaged me remember he messaged me after the argument because my brother DM to him my brother damn didn't seem like really mean messages but they're hilarious and so fucking true and he like DM to me screenshots of the messages like I was supposed to protect him like I like sent me a screenshot like I supposed to be like oh no my brother oh no so I just liked the message in English because yeah because you always do that yeah you all want to do that and like she always defense people and she always like put herself under the bus for people and she's just like yeah let me protect everybody and like no guns sure I was like this is the the best thing you have ever done she literally just like the picture and I know because it was so good like it way scent will take work more martial that it was it was good and it was true and I support that Marshall said like I'll hold on my dog once then it's distract them okay can't like we can put screenshot of it so like Marshall said a few things and here is Amanda back again and I know can we put a screenshot yeah do you want me to yeah yeah please put some screenshots because I think people need to see the T all right and by the way I supreme shot at all that because just in case someone went and deleted their messages are like deleted their comments I scream child it immediately your society was way sound so petty we're like oh my god you screenshotted the conversation just in case oh my God we're like investigators we sound like annoying girls but honestly we don't get heated that often and I really don't we don't let people under our skin but there way because we know Walter so well he knew we knew he was going out of his way to try to make us look bad or just to be like a little bitch about if I'm being honest like he's literally the most dramatic person I know I've never met a Morgan a person what ever happened like whatever I think we should start from the beginning can we start from the beginning hell yeah let's start from the beginning go it's good it's your time to shine okay so ish Ava and I were friends for a really long time and honestly issue Walter Ava and Walter aren't bad people at all I think they're especially Ava but I'm not trying to like go on this podcast and just talk bad about Walter because he's not a bad person he's just I think he's just super insecure but anyways we were friends for a long time we started talking to ish Walter did not like it's from the beginning I don't even think Ava like ish in the beginning and knows oh it's just like a tension T legs know I love you I literally cuz we were friends with a girl named Ellen as well we're friends Ava Walter and I were friends with a girl named Ellen and they pushed her aside and I kept trying to get her to be friends with us again and they wouldn't let it so like I didn't let the same thing to happen with you and so ish and I just would talk alone like without them for the most part and ish and I developed like a super big relationship and then when Walter Ava and I just started the thing is I didn't care that they I knew that there was like some tension when I talked in a group chat that we had yeah it was like you know what the thing is I never care about anything like literally I don't give a fuck about more like most of things and I know when people like don't want my existence and I why I exist more so just like oh you hate me you gotta hate me more yeah it's kind of one of those things when somebody tells you not to do something and you're like oh you think you can boss me around and you don't like them exactly yeah that's exactly what it is I know exactly what you mean and so and like honestly I like ish so there was no reason for her not to be for the most part because a and I were cool and so the four of us would like try to talk every once in a while but like after a really long time Walter Ava and I just started arguing about everything we argued because I laughed do you remember the rumor when Shane Dawson like fucked his cat or whatever have you heard that there was a rumor that she and Dawson like slept with his cat or something like that and I laughed at it and Ava like I'm attacked me she was mad that I laughed at it like she's like no I saw proof like I was like oh dude were you there when he fucked the cat like not that it's that big of a deal but that just proves like how much we would our didn't think about the thing about Ava is like she knows everything about any celebrity and she just like she was like like you literally like celebrities or her family and she just tried to protect people are you know that that judgemental cousin like family that's Ava was smelly yeah you know how much she's such a cool person like as soon as her I heard like me out you know the thing with James Charles oh yeah you know what I'll just go ask Ava and truly it was like days before and I wouldn't ask Ava and she literally just give me a summary about what happened and it was like wow like mind-blowing because I literally know nothing about celebrities I know and she's like just cool but like why would you get so involved that's the question I think it's because she's from California California people are a lot different from other people like I am not from California I'm from Ohio so you know I like hook up with my cousins and like look up celebrities but I one time I was talking to Ava about my favorite band at the moment and it was my Chemical Romance I don't know if you've ever heard that song teenagers it goes um dude just go the living shit out on me okay well it's a big song and I'm wearing an arm be in person R&B so good it's kind of like bedroom sex song so you know what I mean like the vibe is just like sexual I kind of like the sexual part of songs I'm really weird but I feel like that doesn't surprise you I'm literally sitting here in my face yeah but anyways so I was talking her about My Chemical Romance and she's like did you see Gerard suede which is like I think that's his name I don't know how to pronounce his last name because I'm a fake fan but I do really like those songs for I just don't know a lot about celebrities like I said and she's like did you hear that his brother's girlfriend is getting married like she knew so deep down into his family I don't even know how to pronounce his last name I was like girl I just listened to their albums like their songs are started how she does that and I don't know if she does that and in the same way she literally says that she's busy all the time I think because she is from California um that's just like it's like something like instinct like thanks yeah I don't I've never looked at it as a bad thing but the only reason it's looked at as a bad thing is because it made us argue so much because she just believed everything that like she would read about the celebrity so if I had an opinion about it and I was like well maybe that's not the case she would be acknowledged I feel like you know what if she says anything and like yeah you're right because like she literally know so much yeah that's just I just cannot and if you guys don't know I'm not even from America yeah and I don't live there and I have nothing to do with them so I don't know it like I literally know about scandals I've so five years of happening first time that's me she's from Pluto in case you guys don't know the planet that died that she's trying to find her way to earth not even a planet I know she's trying to find her way here and that's what she doesn't understand pick the scandals and stuff so mm-hmm she's going to Ava to try and be a human I feel like this is an easter egg uh-huh but I'm not gonna say anything else I know right I was thinking the same thing but let's go to what was the what was our topic that we were just talking about let's talk about like how I feel like this is it's kind of the same thing how just like people in the community thinks every single person I've been wanting to talk to you about this this is perfect but everyone in the community thinks that every single person in the community is out to get them have you noticed that oh yeah I noticed that I don't know that this is so weird yeah everyone thinks there was like this there's like a face the first face was everyone thought the episode community was perfect and they're like they're all that mothers are famous they're cool and then it went to the next phase which was where everyone hates everyone in the community so everyone's scared to talk to each other everyone's scared to say that everyone is like we're in like the the famous market where there's like a list authors and shit no look the first thing episode authors think that there are celebrities and that's the first strong point that's Amanda and Amanda thinks she's like so cool and so famous I am she has a code for a he is a man 10400 but she's so cool and she's so famous now like people would take photos with her and like grocery shops and things so my life is hard strong thing I know like you're a millionaire or something I'm like I'm like almost 10 she spent like 10 minutes looking for her iPhone thingy because like not like poor us that we have like use regular I like I have an iPhone 6 and like she has on like I wait for me I have to like look for my I'm Feeny so my phone jack everyone is a fucking iPhone dad you bitch about like being like Amanda tried to breathe earlier can you believe her she did oh my god she literally wanted to have oxygen like what the fuck this is how people like this help people treat people from the community and this is the first franck point yeah having I know I don't know a million followers on Instagram for like an episode account does not make you a celebrity I am sure one percent that when you go and walk in the street nobody's gonna be oh my god Amanda doesn't matter go take a picture [Laughter] your last name is Epis Amanda happy miss epi I always say that that's an inside inside that's an inside joke with my friends Simone is just like walking down the street you were like oh my god there's me and epi they don't even know my last name they just think my last names episode they think I invented episode it's like I made the episode over here over here can you add more customization to ink oh I love this but the thing is this is the first wrong thing about the community is like people think there are famous if they are like a few like if they have a fan base that's not even a fan base like we don't know you and like you know like mostly like some authors like let's say 50% like can we say 50 like 60% of author don't even show their faces nobody even knows you who do you think you are like see ya I don't know like it's real like I gotta be in disguise like no decision mm-hmm I like I'm famous life is gonna get to me so I don't want people to stop me and and like traffic lights or whatever right I'm like you know like you're overrated I follow you because I literally stopped following people from Hama like the story that I read episode so I don't see like spoilers and things yeah like I can easily stop falling you're like a celebrity okay right like don't don't think yourself like a celebrity it's like and then they like do scandals and there is a skeleton under her bed oh my god she used lamb light instead of ink and oh it's fun going like oh my god chill here's nice it's not that big of a deal I don't think that it's the author's fault if I'm being honest I think it's just I it is a fan base like you have people that are supporting you that's a fan base and the thing in today's society is like we can have any amount of fan bases so like we can have a fan base with a million followers or we can have a fan base with a hundred followers if people are following you because they admire you and look up to you that's still fan base it's in my opinion so like the people in the community just get so attached to their stories that they start to develop feelings for these authors and stuff and then the authors are like I can control this fan base and I have power and that's where it goes into the author's mind like these people listen to me they're gonna do as I say they're gonna read what I you know what I mean and so it's not gonna blaming the fan base at all because it's not their fault I just it's so easy to get caught up in to the power like Hitler you know preparing an amazing example are we gonna title this comparing episode authors to Hitler – Hitler yeah I'd want this okay I'm definitely excited about this I feel like that's also true like the thing is fans can we call them fancy event or followers okay give so much attention to like two authors that authors thing like oh my god now like everybody loves me I'm a celebrity I'm gonna do whatever I wanted – yeah like whatever but then there has to be some kind of connection between fans and the I grave but I think like some others are doing it some kind of like somewhat wrong I didn't know yeah I actually wanted to leave authors yeah I want to make a video on why I think that for sub-communities dying and that's gonna be a big reason is that there's no connection between the author and the readers anymore because everyone's disguising themselves and everyone's being fake and everyone no one's being authentic no one's showing themselves nobody's being true to their exam in the community and that's why I think it's dying because there's no connection anymore is that like mm-hmm I think it's so straight I know that a lot of people have insecurities about like how they look and that's why they don't want to show themselves but if they're that and secure why do you have a fucking account dedicated to you and your work like there's got to be some confidence there to be able to release something that you've made so I think it's just like you're I don't know like for the for me okay I'll tell you something that you come from where I come from it's a huge thing to like have your face on your like Instagram I know it's yes so weird so like putting yours pay yeah putting pictures of you but yeah not Instagram models well it looks like me so I put my pictures on my account I have two accounts my like both of them I put my pictures on it and that's fine for me but like there's some kinda I don't know it's something some kind of like bubble that but especially girls for us here especially girls by like putting your picture out to the oven is something really wrong so act like for that I kind of understand something but when it comes to someone's like oh my god I hate how I look and I'm still ugly so I'm not gonna put my picture out that's the kind of like wrong thing well it's not wrong I don't believe it I never really even it's hard to grasp but if you don't have that insecurity I feel like I feel like it like there was so many things way more important than the way you look for things they look absolutely perfect nobody nobody is absolutely perfect and look like flawless yeah like everybody has their you know like everybody has something that they think that is not good about them and it doesn't even have to be in your face some people just won the attention of being and again having attention like or wanting attention is not a wrong thing but like some people just want the attention like they want people to beg them to show their faces just so they can like have the satisfaction I don't know I'd be like it's or maybe it's like a mystery thing you know what I mean we're like yeah people are attracted to the mystery of it so they're gonna keep following you to be like what do you look like I'm gonna wait until you post your picture but also that's the way you think is I feel like a generation z way of thinking whereas like Millennials are thinking when they post themselves they have to show how hot they are and they have to put on makeup and they have to show that they are perfect whereas like Gen Z we're like always naked we're like always posting pictures of like weed and being like we don't fucking care like you know what I mean where I was like Millennials are like why are you doing that you look weird and we are like we don't care so I feel like the truth again mm-hmm so I find the one of the people are like I feel like I'm one of the people that literally do not care if you know me I really put on makeup I think a man is the best I literally do not put makeup as much like when I go outside I'll only put on lipstick and eyebrows and then I'd take a picture with all my I don't know acne scars and everything on my face right cost on it I'd post it and I don't feel like skin it's kind of something that makes me like I do I really feel scared of showing who we I really am do I really need all these filters makeup is different for me because I don't wear makeup to impress people or like I know everybody says that but I really do just like wear makeup around my house because it's more of an art to me where like I just want to put purple on my eyes I just want to see what I can do it sparkles today I want to see how sharp I can make my like contour so to me I don't think makeup has anything to do with like caring or like showing off anything I think that's more of an art but for other people that are like maybe Millennials that lard like trying to get attention of other people they're gonna wear makeup to be like look I can do makeup – I fit in I'm also high but I feel like another genji way of thinking is like no like everything's that art we're all hippies love like you know I think since Amanda started like smoking she's been getting she's the most hippy person I've ever seen Oh like come on people peace and love I don't care I know I know I'm like always like facetiming you well I'm like naked have you noticed you like calling in middle I just pick up and like my nipples are out and I'm just like hey girl that's the thing like me and Amanda don't care about most of the things and that means it's really like kind of bond on things yeah leave the trees don't care about so many things that like we shouldn't care about I think like they're overrated there is so many overrated things right now yeah and another reason why ish and I get along is like normally when you're talking to other people and you are talking about a certain topic you are heated when they don't believe in the same thing as you whereas ash and I are very good at like convincing the other person of certain things or accepting the other person's opinions so for the most part we don't argue we're just kind of like huh that's weird or we'll be like oh I get that I really uh this is the thing repeats like more like we talked about so many things on sometimes like way to get so heated yeah I'm texting to voice message to the house party and only stay for hours try and just convince the other person of and aspect and the thing is about Amanda is that she just like listens she listens and like she lets you talk as much as and I am the kind of person that talks a lot so she's she's just like uh-huh and I love that about her she like listen so deeply and just connects things together and then she ends up convincing me with most things no you like get out house partying you go to your mom you're like mom I don't know what's right and wrong anymore and she's like heated conversations and we come out like a different person let's say it's like a good thing you're amazing I know I'm sweet one more thing I wanted to talk about with you is there's an author and should I say her name yeah there's a it's okay um I told you earlier because we're gonna talk about it then we're like let's say this was a podcast because we turned into a California surfer dudes so Siri is that how you pronounce it it's C Eri she like ro something sin she wrote something at person yeah have you read that falling I think falling at midnight or something else at midnight oh yeah I've heard something midnight us at midnight yeah she wrote her stories are amazing the only thing I can't read about her story's not that it's bad but as most of her characters have like a problem like some sort of mental problem you know what I mean mm-hmm like the yeah I tried to read one just a couple days ago and I don't remember what ended up happening and there's nothing wrong with those but I just get like I read I said midnight so I read the entire story you did I couldn't get through it because of how much she'd let her anorexia come between her and the guy I I uh it was so irritating but I did it not that I think like anorexia is bad and like I but I think I'm never like putting putting a real problem and like in stories it's something breeds like it's good and I think it's kind of realistic like when I read it it's kind of realistic because I know that there's so many mental illness that just like boundaries between you and people so I kind of like when I read it I feel like ouch like this kind of hurts but it's actually kind of like kind of true I don't know I've never had something like that I feel like if ii feel the emotion have this yeah exactly I did it was like like uh it was irritating how much she did she's like he liked her together yeah you would like it so yeah I'd be like I can't kiss you because I don't like spaghetti there's the scene there is the scene where like he goes to college and she's like at home and she's like come and pick me up I like let's go out together they miss you and I and then she's certainly getting dressed and all and she looks at her at herself in the mirror and then she starts like she body shaming herself and then she calls him and tell like just don't come because I can't be ready and whatever and it was like oh my god this is like this hurts my heart what the hell is this I literally she made me feel this emotion right but I don't know I felt like oh my god like white like don't torture people like that why would you do that no the thing I feel about it I understand her side about it where she wants to show different kind of like mental illnesses and broadcast those and her in her head super dope I love that but in my psychopathic untrustworthy mind I feel like it's a reach for attention like the same with like how people put black people in their stories to be like look I'm not racist or how people put like okay like different diversity and their stories just to be like look I'm cool I'm him and I feel like when people use mental illnesses in story it's a way to be like if you don't read this you are against anorexia if you don't read that like you know what I mean no no I feel like when people do put this and has something on this side like where it doesn't even matter just like when they put like a hijab' girl in the background just like walking and wearing a miniskirt where this thing's like you never ever happened okay yeah she's so stupid you would like just imagine me oh my god just imagine me with a crop top and me skirt in a hijab just imagine that no okay yeah and like when this happen I feel like oh yeah they're just like they just like one attention for their story but when she goes like as deep as she did then her sari I feel like that was really good I don't know I've never read her other story so I don't know hello there but I read that and I was like oh my god this really hits home and so deep another thing to me about stories like that again I'm not against those stories I love those stories but I feel like for a lot of people they use the like episode stories more so than other platforms of stories and stuff to escape a sad moment episode when you think of it you don't think of like I'm gonna go on there read anorexia and I'm gonna read about sadness and my parents dying look you go on there and you're like I'm gonna read a dope-ass story that's gonna entertain me keep me connected with the characters and if like a character has like a mental illness yes it is relatable but at the same time it's not gonna make me feel happy not that there's anything wrong with that because you don't need to write to entertain or make people happy but for me when like if I'm sad I don't want to read a story like that and maybe that's why I don't finish those types of stories because I do get too invested and I'm like no now I'm gonna read the story then I'm gonna feel like I have anorexia I'm gonna be sad and like maybe that's why I literally don't know but I can just never get through those types of stories like um hard over wheels I don't know I don't remember what she actually has a OCD or something and she lets it in between her relationship as well and it's just like I can't connect to them because I don't let things like that come between me and anybody so it's just irritating I guess but I love them they're creative and they're so artistic and I love that but I mean like maybe there was someone out there like who connects with stories like this I don't for sure for me I don't know but like with other people there's so many but like that episode is like a sea of sorry so yeah there's so many categories there are so many things you can read about you can choose what you want to read about so that's why I feel like I don't know maybe there is someone who connects with story like that like if me and you don't there's like so many other people who do do connect so I don't know like it's kind of a choice yeah I feel mm-hmm I agree completely I wanna talk to you about something yeah a humor comedy and episode is literally going downhill I go and read a comedy story that I expect myself laughing but I cringe an entire episode and then I just go no girl I literally did that with this story I despise you did you read that story it's it's a good story honestly but I have like humor of like a 13 year old boy that's like more into like gross vulgar things and that humor is like very childish it's like the guy goes for example they have to like kill each other they're against each other but they went on a date so they have feelings and then they have to like try and find a way to kill each other and she tries to shoot him and there's like a glass of chocolate milk on the ground and he goes to pick it up and then she shoots and it misses because he reached down a glass of chocolate milk it was I think it was supposed to be funny but I was like why the fuck is there a glass of chocolate milk on the ground like yeah she planned it like don't pick it up you asshole late if it was a pizza apiece I would have said okay but like a chocolate milk on the fucking ground just sitting there waiting for you to pick it out I don't know what I know Amanda why do they do things like I don't know but the thing is the concept of the story is so good but I can't get through it because of the cringy humor and stuff like that where I'm just like oh and like it's in the comedy section and it should be like that but I'm like no no I want to see something like okay I'm gonna see comedy stories I want to see comedy and drama where summer is like people there's like yeah like some kind of joke yeah okay kinda joke but a mature joke put and like pg-13 joke I don't care but like yeah don't fucking give me this grungy cringy things are when like the author just pops in the story and just said something oh no no no stop okay do something get funny and creative as I have done that mocked oh did you just attack me yes you bitch oh that was pretty no why would you do that I don't know because I was funny I'm a comedian no well there probably was it I probably wasn't probably I probably cringed on it but it just didn't say they want to hurt your feelings but girls I'm gonna say now no I understand yeah I know there's a lettuce but there is so much to comedy than this stop doing that you know what I want for that I think that we should do on our account if you don't know it should I have an account now where we are gonna be releasing stories and we're gonna try and make them short and just release a bunch of stories at once and be like authors but I think we should do a story where we do like South Park or like Family Guy like make it adult humor because everything that's in episode stories is an adult humor yeah we might get banned but like yo it'll be so fucking worth it number one will have a cool story that we did like South Park humor on episode of number two episode banda happy next goal episode need i ban so dom heighten I know it's gonna be so cool I mean like I'd be bragging about that like major you know what happened it's so fucking been yeah they took down our stories I know that he's so cool let's try it maybe it will do like a three chapter story and just do like episode or adult humor instead of like the normal stuff because that's the kind of stories or that's the kind of stuff I like I don't want to read about I don't know I really I don't want to read anything cringy right now so I like it literally just okay I like since I finished my exams like I think last week or something I was like okay you know what I'm I'm gonna do something I'm gonna just like go and start reading my episode again since I haven't done that and so on and I went to episode and I'm like search of two stories I don't want to continue the ones I've already read so it was like why don't I start a few couple stories and then I'll continue that like with time right and I hope like kind of three stories I don't remember the names it was just so random and I I saw like the ones with like like 50,000 views and reasons or whatever I know and then I open the first episode and I read it and it was like why it was I know I don't know the stories I think I have to look them up I was like why would you do that to the readers so I think is there somewhere really enjoying this kind of humor no probably not [Laughter] girl I really that's between I I was like I'm dead-ass read just between us you'll like it not even to like be like oh my god it's my story but I think you would actually like it it's different than other stories I spend that I buy if I see one cringy joke I will fucking throw my phone at you okay I don't throw it listen I'm full of cringe okay that's I know me okay I am like I know like a year I absolutely know that I know so I feel like that's what makes me funny is that I'm cringy so all of my jokes are energy they push like the cringe boundary because like those people that are doing like the chocolate milk jokes those aren't even crunchy they're literally children not even to be mean because I'm 20 years old but like they're literally 6 years old being like let's put a glass of chocolate milk on the ground I'm sure the girls lovely is super nice not even to offender just not my cup of chocolate milk [Laughter] see that's the kind of cringe I want but yeah so if you're gonna read just between us just know that it's it's it's probably cringy but it's a different grungy I don't know though that Amanda I really didn't know I don't trust you anymore oh you know I didn't know well you like just between us alright little does she know you like little Deschanel Pilate it it had some cringy things I cringed on I read okay so I became friends with Amanda like what month are we in are we in June yeah I guess we were friend a big let's see September I think like something right like we started yeah I started following you on June okay I remember that and then I read like half of your sorry okay and then I haven't read the other half of little does she know and will become like really good friends mm-hmm for some reason okay I don't know and then I was like okay what why did I read the story like before Anna I've read some cringy things but of course I didn't say we're like we started to be friends right I'm not gonna go until they're not gonna know the screenshot that it was like flick Amanda look at this this is cringy I don't like it a little bit yeah and it was like it like littlest you know have like the story is really good okay like I this entire story is good I like little does she know I know you do I hate it oh yeah right I know that I really love no no no I really loved it littlest you know I really liked it mm-hmm but then there is like this cringing moment okay I feel like this is like at the moment of truth this is like oh this is where our friendship ends oh god I don't I just told you I think that whole story is cringe so if you just point out one thing I'm gonna be like yeah it was good no I need the whole now I I really like this you know I really really like it I didn't love the concept of it and they loved the story and in love how it drags on like it drags on but like nicely you know like smoothly dragging on hey not like the kind of story that is repetitive repetitive so then okay I was like why haven't I wrap this like long ago since we've become friends like I've read like the first maybe five five staff chapters of it and didn't read their next I was like okay this is really good and then there was some cringy moments I won't die then I crimson and I wouldn't like to snow okay but then I continued like when the entire story is good and the concept of is good a little cringe want like married that much but why are you reading the story 10% story and 90% the characters doing crunchy things um excuse me one no I agree I think that's kind of like okay when there's a good story when there's like romance and drama and action and everything but then there is like here's a little crunchy things I'm like okay this is a bit crunchy I laugh it off maybe not yeah just like leave it alone but when it's like this whole fucking cringy that you can't like you forget what are you reading all the writing is print I don't want that I don't think anyone I'm not like maybe 11 years old one would want that but like not as like as an adult reading on Episode I don't want it I don't want to see that I don't think this is the right king I'm 217 it's not an adult you're like um it's the 40 year old british woman that i am i just want to say that i don't blow a year old spirit no i totally go g mean that like a lot of the stuff that authors say in their stories is probably directed for kids I've done stuff like that I'm not even gonna lie I feel like a lot of sentences are directed more for kids and then like we have sentences that are directed for adults too I just feel like it's gonna happen and obviously every single story is gonna have cringe especially for the people that are first stories I feel like every single person in the world cringes out there first stories I hate my first story honestly I don't even like mistake in that much I don't like any of my stories except for just between us right now the and it's because I'm working on it yeah but I'm sure as soon as it's over I'm gonna hate it like it's one of those things I'm just like oh I was tired of seeing it so I don't know you get it I gotta hate it yeah I absolutely get that I hate everything I write yeah the things I used to wrote like the thoughts the pawns I used to hate them I absolutely hate them I hate my story that I just creating it and I wanted to tell you wanna change the entire thing I don't like the concept anymore like literally every month I feel there is a flood of ideas that come to my mind that why didn't I change that I didn't so I was like you know what I'm just going to leave the entire thing rewrite it again maybe even change the entire story I don't know right but so I I totally understand where you come and I know that you hate um a little less you know because it wasn't the way that you wanted it to go oh yeah but yeah yeah but I feel like it was a really good story I think a little dust you know um let's meet is sweet you're so sweet so uh do you want to wrap it up this is our first podcast we just finished it I really hope that nothing goes wrong I'm really nervous that we're gonna try to end it and then our audio is gonna like dissolve like disappear I'll be like audios I don't want to do this anymore alright I'm so nervous but thank you guys for listening don't forget to subscribe and listen to our other podcast coming out I also have another podcast with my brother watch our called watch our fucking mouth you can watch that and and it's super cool I promise that's sweet do you want to plug your Instagram yeah okay follow me follow me on it's rock ride I said are a queue rights and right like some of my pictures I don't have much there you know I just that was really disgusting just don't follow me and if you follow me and follow me I don't deserve this go follow her she doesn't have a lot of episode stories but that's because we're working on them right now so she is an episode author but she's not showing it yet go read her Wattpad story go follow her on instagram follow me on instagram at Amanda Eppie and what like just listen to our other podcasts we'll get juicier I promise this was our first one we'll probably have a title one over a name for it and we're gonna try and figure out camera stuff – we're gonna try and figure out – how to record us eventually but that's for a future ish and manda don't worry about so we'll let them deal with it so as of right now we're just gonna eat our popcorn and do nothing so thank you and make sure to subscribe again for Amanda because she's awesome and look at all her videos because again she is awesome and if you want more juicy spicy full of tea content I suggest you look up our podcast and listen to the others also listen to her podcast with her brother because it's so good bye guys bye guys

11 thoughts on “Episode Authors Vs. Hitler | (New) Podcast Ep. #001

  1. spilling tea is a hype rn, it's kinda sad. Well I mean with those expose accounts on instagram and stuff.

  2. "I think it was supposed to be funny, but I was like… why the FUCK is there a glass of chocolate milk on the ground?"
    "The author just pops into the story and just says something. I'm not- no! NO! Stop. Okay? Do something FUNNY and CREATIVE and like-" "I think I've done that before, did you just attack me?" "… yes, you BITCH."

    😂😂😂 I do hope you continue this. Very entertaining!!

  3. Hey guys , its ish here ! Sorry if my voice makes your ears bleed but i hope you like the gossip and ideas we shared on the first episode of our podcast ! much love 💕
    Also make sure to check out our shared account @amanda.ish on Instagram! ❤️😊

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