Episode 316 Suzanne Giesemann – Author, Teacher, Medium & Former U.S. Navy Commander on We Don’t Die

Welcome to another episode of We Don’t Die I’m your host Sandra Champlain author of the international bestseller book called We Don’t Die A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death. I’m excited to welcome back Suzanne Giesemann who first told us her amazing story on episode 104 almost three years ago now the author of 12 books radio show hosts teacher and keynote speaker Suzanne shows people the way to peace happiness and freedom from the ego a former US Navy commander who served as a commanding officer and aide to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff she is a medium and today provides stunning evidence of the existence of universal consciousness and our interconnectedness whether in her books her classes and workshops her radio show or her one-on-one sessions suzanne brings messages of hope healing and love that goes straight to the heart and illuminate the light of self-awareness within you can meet Suzanne this year 2019 and so many different places she is going to be in Washington DC with our friend Suzanne Wilson getting to know our spirit guides that’s July 13th and 14th she will be at the Omega Institute with her own workshop messages of hope connecting with loved ones and guides across the veil she and I together well will be speaking at different times but we’re both presenters at the AIIMS conference SEP 29 through September 1st that’s going to be in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and I am stands for the International Association for near-death studies and at the fantastic brand-new Seoul summit Scottsdale which is September 12 through 15th and I recommend you visit for more information on those things at her website which is Suzanne Giesemann dot com and you’ll find so much more she’s now got online workshops videos meditations and a great documentary film about her called messages of hope Suzanne Giesemann welcome back to We Don’t Die Radio! Oh Sandra it’s just so obvious why you have such a great show you’re very smooth thank you for that intro oh you’re very sweet with the smoothness I care and I am a listener as much as I am the host and I tell you since I mean it’s been a long time since I’ve interviewed you I know I’ve seen you but my life has transformed transformed with these episodes so to be able to give that away and talk to great people like yourself it just makes a huge difference in my life – well it’s been a pleasure for me to meet you at various conferences I remember the first time I
saw you in person just just feel this big heart-opening and and you just know right away why you do this work oh thanks and you’ve certainly come a long way and I spent some time on your website I’m like holy cow this woman’s been busy haha so I’m excited to catch up and some of our listeners this might be their first episode and would you mind just giving a recap kind of who you are and how you got into this line well sure yes you did you summarized my Navy career 20 years retiring as a commander and really was such an honor to serve at the highest level being the aide to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs who’s the head of the whole US military gave me a window into how our military operates and meeting presidents and kings and queens and congressmen it was quite an eye-opener and an exciting time but you know my husband and I just went back and visited a naval base in San Diego this past week and it showed me how far I’ve come because that is such a different world than the one I’m living in now now I know there’s a group that we walk in two worlds at once it’s really just one world that’s the key right there just one spectrum of awareness and by shifting our focus we can become aware of the greater reality we’re part of but I never would have even spoken that way back when I was in the Navy because I had no idea would one day be a medium that’s the crazy part yeah yeah it came about as the result of unfortunately the death of my husband’s daughter Susan my beautiful stepdaughter who was a sergeant in the Marines was crossing the flight line at Terry Point Air Station in North Carolina and was struck and killed by lightning and she was six months pregnant at the time so it was a huge wake-up call for me and a call to discover if it’s true what they say that the death is just the transition and boy have I found out that is true and have gone on to speak to thousands of souls who have crossed the veil and because of my left-brain background my military background I need evidence I need proof that I’m really communicating with these Souls and board and they give it to me all the time that is the best and you’re such an inspiration and I tell your story too many people just because I guess of your past and how you have the skeptical mind and you needed to look at for that proof and then you yourself got involved with mediumship became a medium became a teacher so much more and I know once I got a little taste of this it’s just I had to give it away I had to share because of the yeah it has that’s right because ty and I my husband I went to a medium after Susan passed I’d heard about these people that could connect across the veil but never really had a reason to visit one and that one hour changed our lives it changed my whole worldview I had no choice but to believe that Suzzanne had been right there in the room with us from the incredible evidence that that woman brought through so what a gift that was and I thought if I can write books about this and then show people this is real I can change people’s lives never realizing that in writing the book I would uncover the ability to do so and go on to teach others how to do so what a ride what a ride and I can’t believe you’re up to 12 books now that’s pretty awesome 13 oh hey 13 what’s your latest the latest one is called droplets of God I love that title and it’s biography of My mentor in mediumship Mavis Petula who’s been a medium for over 50 years she’s revered around the world for her beloved teaching and her story is so awesome it reads like a novel and the title droplets of God comes from what the term that she uses to refer to these thoughts that those in the higher dimensions put in our consciousness all the time and we often mistake them for our own thoughts but they when we listen they lead to these magical wondrous moments of connection and insight that’s so interesting because I’ve often wondered every so often I have these droplets and I it’s my own voice though and I think many people might feel their loved ones or hear a voice and then we just easily blow it off that it’s got to be our imagination it can be in our own voice these thoughts well gosh 99.9% of the spirits who speak to me and my readings come through sounding like my own thoughts the only people who have ever not sounded like my own thoughts were my Susan my father and my friend grand the Baker because I knew them so intimately oh and my mom just yesterday and I think I believe that it’s very challenging for those across the veil to recreate a frequency that sounds like their own voice to our thoughts so it’s much easier to just use our own thoughts but it’s their thoughts ultimately the teaching that I share is there is only one mind with a capital M extending itself through all of us having these experiences of interacting so learning to discern the difference between our own thoughts and those of higher consciousness can be a challenge but it’s all part of the journey and we are all on that journey and you know I remember the last time I saw you at a workshop you gave us each one of those pictures you know when you cross your eyes and one picture arises out of the other yeah the 3d magic that’s it and I excellent tool I love that moment when everybody goes oh because this heart of roses jumped off this 2d page but it’s 3d and the analogy the reason I use it is that this is like the greater reality we’re part of all it takes is a shift in focus not literally with the eyes but with your consciousness and this other reality that’s right here jumps out and reveals itself I actually keep that picture next to my bed just to remind me when I wake up in the morning and I love that what jumps out is a heart because the heart is the bridge we go straight within to that connection point right there that connects us to any reality there’s not just another one there there are limitless realities of work that we can play in well I didn’t know that but no maybe I did no conscious consciousness is limitless so we call a reality one one rule set our world certainly has its rules we have gravity with time extends itself linearly in the spirit rope different rule set but that’s just the reality that’s immediately after this one I’m sure there are many other realities there’s the mythological realm you can tap into that and get evidence from it I just happened to focus on the spirit world most of the time but I’ve certainly dropped into other realities it just a matter of what you’re drawn to it makes total sense I think I just concentrating my awareness on this life and talking about the afterlife right but right thank you makes total sense I mean and I don’t think our human minds can understand the greater reality if we put it that way or explain it I talked to so many people have had near-death experiences and there’s no words to it share the whole entire thing that they experienced so I don’t know if a bet oh yeah that’s the key right there they instead so we can’t understand it we set the intention to have an experience of it I wanted to experience my Susan’s presence and it led to so many experiences while sitting in a state of meditation or expanded awareness or out in nature that have left no doubt in my mind that we can experience altered states of consciousness that lead us to real experiences hate to repeat the word there but that’s what everybody who’s listening should aim for is their personal experience because I could share stories for days of evidence of greater reality but there’s nothing like that personal experience to know I am so much more than this physical body well I think that’s important because so many times especially me being on my journey I thought I had to go to a medium and not knocking mediums because I love mediums I’m going but it doesn’t mean that your loved one is only there when you’re on the phone having a reading or you’re seeing somebody one on one and right and I you know so I’ve even heard from so many of my listeners you know can you get me in touch with my loved one it’s like they’re right next you’re there right with you and we’ll just say to that because so many people as you know who either come for reading or listen to this show and they’re really looking for just something to give them some peace some little bit of healing through the grieving process and a sign that their loved one is around and not everyone gets some kind of a bold sign even though some do right right and it just read the literature from people who are in this field and you’ll learn more about the way those in the spirit world send us signs there’s a timeliness to them there’s a catch a snag that you can’t ignore it so that’s one thing about science is learning what to look for it’s not just set up butterfly flies by it’s much more than that but as far as connecting ourselves that’s what I’m going to be sharing at my workshop at the souls from it in Scottsdale and at at Omega a way to clear out a belief that may be blocking you that your loved ones are right here and then get into an expanded state and actually have a conversation with your loved ones my mom passed last August and I’ve been telling everyone I’m a medium and I haven’t heard my own mother I visited her immediately after her passing and that was satisfying of course she was okay that we all are after we passed but I wanted to have a conversation with her and my most recent interview on my messages of hope radio so with the doctor Mark’s Britt got us to talking about these conversations across the veil and I realized I was expecting too much from my mother I wanted her to give me evidence of things I couldn’t know from another loved one which is silly but that’s just that’s the box that I was in and I realized just let go of that and start talking to mom and she came to me and with no evidence whatsoever at first it sounded like I was making this up and just as Marge and I discussed them on that interview it morphed into our loved one telling us things that we wouldn’t have thought of and things that we need to hear but didn’t know and so it’s a matter of just trusting this will happen sitting down and having that conversation inviting them in and starting by asking questions and seeing how it flows very great and I’m a little bit I don’t want to say sleepy that’s not the word right now but I was just on your website and I did the guided meditation with Jim Oliver and thank you for posting meditations for free but it just made me like you say have a question in mind and it just put me in such a fantastic space sitting up clear I wasn’t sleeping but it definitely
tuned out and I you see Mike’s a Spacey but I think it better her would be in an expanded state of awareness well I was in an expanded state of awareness don’t drive him don’t operate heavy machinery for a little bit after that yeah don’t get my radio call yeah I’ve good news for you one way to get grounded is to eat chocolate I don’t know if you knew that well how about that that’s nice no I’m was just teasing with all this but but the weather it’s a meditation like that could you talk about quieting in mind could you talk about hunger getting into a zone because I think that’s a practice that well is important for us because I know we don’t die but we want to make sure we have a good life while we’re here and that’s such a asset to the elites who are finding peace I somehow intuitively knew and it was probably a droplet of God after my Susan passed that I needed to quiet my mind to be able to tune in to her if she still existed of course I found out since then of course she does but the problem with most of us before we start down this this path is that where our minds are always going and they’re so focused on this physical world we’re either focused on the past or the future or somebody here and now or our own issues it’s always either me you past or future instead of just going to this place of spaciousness and seeing what comes in we have to learn to create openness in our awareness to tap into pure awareness from which everything arises so that’s why so many sages talk about practicing presence and I used to think why do I want to just do the dishes and say I’m doing the dishes it’s because in focusing on what you’re doing right here right now your mind isn’t wandering off to the past the future me and you and all those issues if you’re just present with taking this bite of food or or looking at that tree it may sound boring but that’s aiming the mind to create openness spirit is trying to talk to us all the time and we just don’t hear it because our minds are so busy holy cow are they busy absolutely and it definitely is training and I can’t say I have a regiment for exercising that but I can well no I haven’t yet go ahead have you have you do you know about my hemi-sync recordings I don’t but I my god that on your website today yeah unfortunately I can’t give those away for free because they’re produced by the hemi-sync company but hemi-sync is is a
technology where specific meditation music or our guided meditation is overlaid with binaural beats there are many people that use specific beats I know that the Eben Alexander and Karen Newell have wonderful sacred acoustics recordings this is a similar thing as everybody can try different things and see what works for them but the theory and it’s worked is that these beats are set so that they bring the left and right hemisphere of the brain into a synchronized state and when that happens you’re radiating coherent brainwaves coherence is the key to connecting with higher consciousness and Hema Singh says it’s kind of like training wheels for meditation and I was so pleased when they invited me to do a mediumship series and I said the very first one in this series must be the training ground because that’s how I discovered my ability to connect across the veil by training myself to recognize the alpha brainwave state of expanded meditation and then at will to drop into the theta brainwave state of deep meditation or you really have some cool adventures in consciousness and if people go to hemi-sync site and just read the feedback from people who I’ve used these recordings all of which the scripts were dictated by my team of guides who we call sanaya the the feedback is way beyond anything I ever imagined when they asked you to do this because if you thought the radiant heart meditation got you Spacey buckle your seat belt but for the other ones and it provides a systematic way to train yourself program reprogram the brain to be in that open expanded state so that we can better connect with our loved ones and it works how many audios either well there’s a 2-cd set to CD set three recordings on the training ground the second one is called building the power I believe that’s too long recording and then the third one is working with your guys another two CD set they also come in mp3 but like I said they that my guides I sat down with them got into that very expanded state that we’re hoping to help people get into and I said please give us the perfect scripts that we need the narration and I just turned on my tape recorder and channeled them and it’s funny because the hemi-sync people usually go back and forth with their narrators tweaking the manuscripts that they send in not a single time have they changed a single word on any of my scripts and I know it’s because they come from the higher vibration that’s pretty neat I remember hemi-sync back in the day I experimented with the CDs and as great as opening up my consciousness may have been I also noticed some day-to-day differences I remember I had a very stressful thing happened to me and instead of me going into the usual panic attack I don’t know what to do it was like I was smooth very systematic and it just I saw it and here we go boom boom boom boom yeah and everything worked out fine but it it was in that moment when people even a wrap-around to me said who’s this Sandra this is not how you talk but wait and so much absolutely and I’m sure to our stress levels to our health all of that that’s the beautiful benefit of this path for any of us that was the first thing I noticed when I my initial goal in meditation was to connect with my Susan and while I that didn’t happen immediately which is a key point for everybody listening I did notice that I was more calm throughout the day was more peaceful I reacted differently and then I started knowing things that was the intuition coming back online oh that’s very cool Suzanne this is kind of gonna be a dance this conversation because I want to catch all I know what you wanted you know what I want to hear what you’re doing and all that so just thinking where are we going to go next and I know I read in your introduction freedom from the ego if we could talk a little bit about that because I think we all have this inner voice that is not our champion and can get us to not trust not believe be highly skeptical I don’t want to try loaded with fear can you talk about that a little bit oh yes this is the whole spiritual journey if you could narrow it down into one sentence the spiritual journey is shifting from identification with the ego to identification with the soul beautiful but when you realize that there are two aspects to us the story which we call the ego the suzanne story the Sanders story and then this light being who doesn’t need a body who is the embodiment of peace and love and joy when we realize that these there are innate aspects of yourself that were drawn towards love and joy and peace because that’s who we really are at a level beneath the ego then we start paying attention to the voice in our head and when it’s less than loving and when it’s frantic and have to and must and should and has all these ego voices we say wait a minute there’s a better way I know there’s another aspect of that has nothing to do with this ego and that’s the part that doesn’t die do we have to catch ourselves in the act when we’re going down one of those ways of thinking that’s not so positive you don’t have to but we don’t have to does it help when you do catch it and that’s when you do that little 3d shift like the heart of roses that’s beside your bed Sandra that’s when you say okay let me tap into the soul and it’s just this little shift and you go to the heart and then you can shift even higher and ask higher self what is the best response for me in this situation and it’s stunning how we get guidance and come up with better ways to react than the egos old ploy hmm and that’s why I’m grateful I just did that meditation because you get to ask a question and I just I’m so proud of you really knowing you I mean
not that we know each other well but at this Suzanne that’s in the world right now with all you have to offer and your love for Humanity and the difference and just some more things you’re doing and the more things you offer and how much further you’ve gotten out in the world I’m so proud of you and you’re an inspiration for me to that Suzanne’s dowhat and doing it it’s just that once you feel this love that’s our true nature once it cracks through that shell of the ego there’s no holding it back sometimes I laugh and people laugh at this visual but I sometimes I just want to spew it everyone the love you can’t hold it in and it’s also this sense of assurance that no matter what happens I know how to find the peace and it’s not outside so it doesn’t matter what happens in my life I can remain peaceful and hopefully help others find that place we all have this ability so that’s why I just feel this urge to keep creating we’re all co-creators and so if that’s another book or another meditation to help people it’s that’s my path and people I know the people listening they want to know what’s my purpose everybody wants to know that that’s right just ask yourself just ask yourself what’s your passion it’s so you don’t have to change the world just shine your light and your life will flow I said that already I can be a broken record sometimes but it’s so simple and we miss that sometimes hmm how about if we’re deeply grieving I don’t know if it’s so easy to just turn up the joy yeah and I know this show attracts as yeah why I got into it in the first place was to ease rice so the reason they’re listening to this show is because their soul knows there’s something more and we don’t like that feeling of grief because our soul knows only love and is trying to draw us back that place of peace and love the quickest way to come into a coherent state is gratitude so even when you can you don’t even want to live another minute you can always find something to be thankful for even if it’s that you had the love of that loved one who’s no longer physically present then just start reading works by people who have been where you’ve been keep focusing on gratitude and when the grief threatens to overwhelm you catch it and say that’s love just saying that brings you right back into the heart gives you that impetus to keep going towards the light for just another few minutes and this is when having connected with the heart we
disrupt there is higher power that’s pulling us for that’s guiding us that’s always with us and you ask your questions of that higher power what is going to get me through this day send me someone to help me and on a ghost just like that ask and you shall receive without a doubt but you must believe there’s something more if you don’t you puttin up your own roadblock by grace at times gifts will come to us when we don’t believe but there is always that little nudging that tugging in the heart follow that ask it what are you trying to tell me what am I supposed to do next and then keep your eyes open for whatever snags your attention whether that’s a book some television show a radio show like yours Sandra whatever grabs you then just keep pulling that string it’s an ongoing string of pearls when we follow it yeah and that’s our journey being human to its I personally think that out of my darkest times came the best thing that I have now if I had not experienced the death of my dad the way he went suffered terribly with cancer the breakup of relationships within my family that would have never put me on this journey to investigate grief and more about the afterlife and then to share and so although crappy things can happen and they feel horrible and we don’t have the answers it is my greatest faith that if we use that as getting us on our spiritual journey and the things that we can look back a year to from now going oh my gosh that if that didn’t happen this way I couldn’t have done nicely and the beautiful part of mediumship is once we know that your dad is fine and I know that Susan is still with me and we can talk to them that changes everything then then we see through our own growth the purpose in this whole life is just remembering that the the elysian that the spiritual teachers talk about is that we’re ever separate from each other that’s the illusion once this is such a beautiful journey bran but it’s not without its bumps could I tell you a little lesson that I was given about the bumps I was out riding a mountain bike with my husband on a nice easy trail because I had been knocked off balance I think I did several workshops in a row and I was just tired and and I said let’s just go for a nice easy bike ride to recharge and so the trail started a little slowly and it was beautiful and curvy and wonderful and it almost suddenly hit these roots and these rocks and I’m getting jarred around and I six
silently this is supposed to be relaxing and I heard this booming voice and it said it’s a mountain bike trail for God’s sake and I started laughing out loud and as a bigger lesson of course is we expect life to be all flowy and wonderful we look around and there people that are successful in their life is so happy and so wonderful and then but we’re going through these challenges in these trials and that is life this life is like that but you’re absolutely right Sandra that it’s from those bumps and those valleys that we learn and as we climb out of them we can teach other people this is life and what are we going to do with these lessons it’s not why did this happen to me it’s what can I do what more light can I bring into this world as a result of that challenge there’s a great part in the movie I think it’s Bruce Almighty
with Jim Carrey and Morgan Freeman plays God and I think Jim Carrey wants courage and and someone says God says Morgan Freeman that they don’t give courage you give opportunities to be courageous and so life represents all these opportunities and there is a reward on the other side of risk there is our dreams fulfilled outside of our comfort zone and it takes something well courage is another one of those innate aspects that the soul if we are fear fill that’s ego if you recognize that then and set it aside distrusting i am a soul courage is naturally there it just emerges it’s it’s amazing how it happens people say where did you get that strength we didn’t get it it’s part of who we are mmm you know he’s mine yeah yeah go ahead well I’m just smiling because I feel like we’re catching up but there’s no way to catch up because there’s so much and I’m I’ve got my page open to your website I’m like look at all these online classes she’s got now and it’s just a way not that I’m trying to sell all your products don’t but you know I’ve never been one to sell sell sell but it’s not either but why do we put them out there because they’re helpful there are hell people and I know if I didn’t have this radio show that when I go a few weeks without recording an episode I can get very caught up in the day-to-day life and totally forget that I have a soul and everything and so it’s just really nice to see that you help nurture and expand ourselves through what you what you’re doing I’m like so I’m that excited that is the key we get so wrapped up in our human focus that that some kind of daily connection is so important and and yes I have you know my products I charge for them because there are certain expenses with having a staff and the website and all of that have said I do try to balance it out with those free meditations and the daily messages from my guides that are free and right there on my website and on Facebook that’s just a beautiful way to be inspired daily and feel that heart connection until you start getting your own daily connections that’s great yeah yeah any thoughts on the subconscious I know so many times like whether it’s guilty thoughts while we’re grieving that I should have done this or oh I think I think it just kind of it’s a habitual to just live a mundane life or Camby that’s it you you got you hit the nail on the head right there it’s habitual and in just programming but once you feel the joy that comes from this connection with the higher self and that experience generally comes from sitting in the silence sitting in okay and only five to 10 minutes a day we’re not talking about becoming some guru and meditating for an hour a day nobody has time for that maybe some people do it but once you feel that peace then the best recommendation I can give is to make a commitment to yourself to practice awareness of your thoughts because they we become like little robots and the same patterns repeat all the time so I give myself a little reminder I have one of those little rubber wristbands I’ve created several of those and I’ll wear that on my wrist and when I look down and I see it I say oh yeah have I connected with higher consciousness lately and my paying attention to my thoughts and you just catch those thoughts when or you catch that tightening in your gut whatever doesn’t feel good and you say what’s the more positive way to look at this if you don’t know you shift your focus higher and ask help me to change these thoughts we never do anything alone we everybody has a spirit guide at least one so ask them to help you catch your thoughts I’ll ask them to help you reprogram your whole way of seeing the world it’s such an empowering path once you really step onto it and I don’t just speaking personally we’ve talked plenty of times about spirit guides but I’m not living my life as if I’ve got daily help and a daily partner that’s just in the unseen room and forgive me listeners because I know I talk about it a lot but personally I haven’t so how can we use that and do we have to know who they are do we have to know details or can we just trust and know that relation you don’t I would say trust but we do love to get signs and validations and so that I play with my guys that way all the time I’ve never seen them other than I saw a light their light literally 3d in front of me dancing around and moving so to think that your guide has to look like a human being and have a human name is just human thinking okay but they will show up that way for some who need it but I’m not visual in that way so I asked them what shall I call you and they gave me names and so then you can play games with them and all of this takes place in those few moments of meditation every day I said not thank my guides that I connected the heart Oh on YouTube I have a video you can search for Susanne Bassman connect across the veil in seven steps that will take people to my seven step process for connecting with higher consciousness such as your guides and it the last step which is it’s a my method that I call the bless me method I’ve you were in my workshop where I taught that so it’s now free online the last step in bless me is I experienced it’s during that phase of experiencing the presence of a guide when you can ask questions like how do I know this is you can you give me a repeatable sign like my guide twitches my lip I can’t even create that twitch and it just happens and it’s so validating for me to know okay they want me to pay attention right now what am I supposed to pay attention to and then ask the first sign alright you gave me the name rose give me a sign in the next couple days that that really is your name this really happened to me and the next day my husband walked in the door with a dozen roses for me no holiday no special occasion I said why did you bring me and he said oh they just spoke to me you know it becomes an interactive experience and I love you say play games this is I would imagine people around you guides around you or around me or around you the listener we love loving caring fun people that they have humor and they have love in their hearts and that they’re our best friends cheering us on wanting us to be the most successful we can be yeah but it goes back to be as a child right I mean not maybe this retired Navy Commander and I can certainly be serious if I need to but I’d like a kid ageless you know and look at little kids playing they’re not worried about what other people think about them they don’t have fear if we can be like that and just have a spirit of playfulness as we enter into meditation look what’s gonna happen today let’s see who shows up you know that invites in this beautiful light and magic happens but it’s not a trick it’s magical that’s great I have been making a practice recently tuning in just recently and talking to my dad and I didn’t do that too much but what’s happening now is before I fall asleep at night it’s almost like a little slideshow I get that I’m not looking for it’s not like I say okay dad I’m going to bed not even thinking about dad and these pictures of him at different ages and some that I didn’t even know him as when he was younger before I was born just kind of appear pictures that yeah I can look at them it’s not like I’m creating them my imagination so that’s when I know okay you just put this here this is not my imagination creating this yes and and see that’s how it shows up for you and it will be different for everybody maybe like that and then it’ll change for you again in the future but we make the mistake of saying well I’ve already seen that picture I’m making that up no it’s the you’re not even thinking of it and they’re coming in randomly being put there by your dad how else are our loved ones going to communicate with us I think people expect they’re going to appear at the end of the bed and we’re gonna see them and they’re gonna talk to us wouldn’t that be wonderful yeah and I’m sure some people have had that but you don’t hear too much of that it’s more coming in our dreams or as I was driving I really felt my grandmother was with me and trusting that that is her that’s not just the imagination and then knowing that they’re trying very hard and acknowledging those efforts and talking to them and saying thank you so much thank you for visiting me like honoring them in that way it’s wonderful the gratitude is so important never forget somebody said this to you if you have your old Aunt Mildred and she’s sending you a birthday gift every year and you don’t say thank you you won’t get any more gifts so it’s not about receiving the gifts so much as being grateful being in communication acknowledging the experience because if I’m your daughter in the unseen world and I’m picking up that you’re hearing me or you’re getting these I I know I would like to play with it what else can I do what else can happen you know I would love you as much as you love me and keep that relationship alive I’m not gonna lose yeah I says of humor and my sense of creativity and my sense of wonder oh they don’t they don’t they are creative and funny and still as sentient and intelligent as they were when in a physical body and why not because we are conscious sentient beings it’s interesting my teacher made this Pattillo whose book I just wrote said something in her class that I pass on in my classes now because it’s so important for anybody doing this work of communicating across the veil is to represent what they say accurately because Mavis says you don’t want to get to the other side and have a spirit come up to you and say why did you tell my love when I said that when I didn’t say that at all isn’t that interesting mm-hmm absolutely I’ve heard some things come out of me mouths that I think oh that’s your mind that’s not yeah yeah I have I have yeah Wow let’s talk a little bit about your online classes because you do offer mediumship in person and then also you have online things as well and then I’d love to hear about your other things you offer I do I have two two courses of basic spirituality let your spirit soar and your emerging soul no particular order that they would go in but really for those who are new to the path and want some excellent practical tools and how to understand the kind of things we’re talking about and how it is that we can connect across the veil I’ve done my best to put that in very simple terms and I believe that’s why people like my mediumship classes well that class was filmed and it’s now the course making the connection on my website people love it because when you take the course you feel like you’re in the class and then you can sign up to do practice readings with others who are taking the online class but it’s self-paced because it’s a video course it’s not live but I I’ve heard people say I’ve been studying mediumship for years and I learned more in two days with you than with any other teacher and Sandra I know that’s because I have not been seeing spirits my whole life it only opened up for me about 12 years ago and from the beginning with that left brain military background I needed to understand how does this work what is going on here and I’ve really narrowed it down to processes and tools and techniques yet bringing in the balance of the right side intuitive side merging the two so it’s just beautiful balance of practical teaching and an understanding at an intuitive level how to tap in with the non-physical senses so I’m really pleased that the feedback that I get from people that were hitting the mark yeah and thanks for doing it at a reasonable price to I’m there’s lots I want to do and sometimes in price really is a issue and so yeah it’s important to me that people can mean it yeah yep and it takes something I remember hearing when my book first came out you’ll find sadder when you give away books most often people don’t read them but when they make an investment is when they do so I do think there has to be adventure think an exchange of your money there yeah yeah lovely mm-hmm and you still do readings and work with people one-on-one I do but unfortunately that wait is up to four years now oh my goodness so many because I’m out there and you can read the books and they do the meditation they hear about me more and more and I can understand wanting to have that reading but I can’t keep up with the demand yeah of course not you’re one in a million you’re one in seven billion that’s why we you know instead of giving a man a fish teaching the fish that’s the goal mm-hmm so your teaching and your sharing and can you talk a little bit about sanaya and your daily Oh teachings yes yes yeah I have some sessions online on YouTube where I have brought them through in channelling sessions and they just keep getting more and more profound Sinai’s my team of guides but really it’s just higher consciousness all of it is and that’s what sahnaya teaching is about teaching us who we are and why we’re here and the daily messages always teach us ways to find peace and and understand the deeper truths about this world so I love the energy that I feel when I tap into that and when I teach my classes they always teach with me and I know it must look a little odd but sometimes they’ll grab my attention and I’ll look up to the left and then shift what I was saying because they want me to say it in a different way it’s really a fascinating process yeah it’s pretty great and the first time didn’t you write a poem or something like that oh yeah I remember that story right my memoir message is the hope begins with that poem where I was sitting in meditation and I and I was brand-new on this journey and somebody who is very connected said your guide they’re going to do something magical with this week just be ready and I was ready I had pen and paper just in case some what happened meaning maybe I’d hear a message they gave me a three-page poem with perfect beginning middle and end rhyming words perfect stanzas all about the fact that I would be doing this work and it flowed in under ten minutes I was crying because I knew I hadn’t done that and they picked a really good way to let me know do you get this you are not making it up we are here and they never have gone away you know they don’t go away we are not alone Wow beautiful I don’t know where to lead on this dance quite yet we have just a few minutes laughter we can talk about what’s upcoming for you what you’re most passionate about you later what what I would like to talk about how it was brought to my attention that everything that I teach can be summed up in just a few short phrases and I’ve put that together in the term that I call the awakened way and it’s just a way for all of us to live it’s not a it’s it’s a focus for how to live our life be awakened way it brings such peace and that the foundation of it is that we are pure awareness living this human form right now but we’re so much more than this human form and we’re part of one big web connecting all that is and we find our way home our true home our pure state of awareness through the heart so everything that we’ve been talking about today can be I hate to work use the word package but let’s say put together understood under this umbrella term of the awakened way so I would invite people to go to the awakened way org which this lands you on a separate page on my website but just to review the information there that sums up what we’ve been talking about and when we make it our daily practice to a tune into higher consciousness and that the goal of remembering who we are then our life truly flows we just stop hitting walls we find ourselves more peaceful like you and I were talking about and life does become joyous no matter what’s going on we have trust we have faith even through the hard times my I agree I’m excited to look you know that we awakened away yeah great and then and for those I’d yeah well those who are grieving the best advice I can give it this time besides going to the heart and thinking thoughts of gratitude is find a way to get outside of yourself we talked about going within but if we’re going to be here in human form it’s all about relationship and connecting with some other being so even if that’s helping animals or helping someone else by by connecting with the heart of someone or something else it takes our focus off of the ego which is always where we find pain and we do realize we’re so much more than just our story if you’re in pain if you’re hurting you’re trapped by the story the story is where the ups and downs happen but you’re so much more than this drama you’re living you’re a beautiful light and that’s what we have to find within ourselves and sometimes connecting with others at the heart is the fastest way to find them well said and I do know just even on the study of grief and what’s happens to our body chemistry and things when we can take the focus off ourselves and make a difference for another or being in the present moment or being with somebody we love or taking a walk outside all those kind of things they really do help shift that brain chemistry and ease us through the grieving process so it helps on so many different levels good words sister good words now you are going to be talking at several different things that I mentioned at the beginning I just like to go through those because I know personally I’ve been in your workshops and your just regular you’re a great person you’re easy to understand you’ve been there and you’re lovely to be in a workshop with so your next one July 13 through 14 2019 of course somebody might be listening to this in the year 2022 so they can go back to your website every rug yeah but you’ll be with Susanne Wilson and Washington DC you say right right we have a great synergy the to Susanne’s there’s so many similarities in our stories are stunning not just our names and so we we go back and forth teaching people how to connect with their guides and we’ve done this three times already so it’s a guaranteed winner of a of a workshop because people have wonderful connections enjoy the energy and learn lots of tools to take with them so looking forward to that mm-hmm and then the Omega Center for me is the place that I first it was my entryway into this whole world of everything I’m into now I’ve been there several times it’s in Rhinebeck New York it’s a beautiful retreat center in the woods and oh if I could be there I would I love well lovely about that is it’s in residence residence residence because we get to sleep there eat together and just really enjoy learning how to make the connection I’ll be leading people through expanded states of awareness to do those writing exercises we talked about I will also be channeling my guide sanaya in the evening that that’s for anybody that said I make it that weekend so that’ll be fun yeah there’s always different courses going on and then you eat everybody eats in the same main big room and yep meet people that are on different courses you can walk through nature I’ve seen so many deer floating around on the paths and there’s a beautiful lake and it’s beautiful time of year wow that’s great that’s really great and then you and I will both be at the IND conference I think that’s pretty cool that’s August 29th right here there did you yeah uh-huh yeah right near Valley Forge so I know the area so well it’d be fun to be back yeah I stepped on you and you were saying the dates what are the day yeah August August 29 through September first and I have not been to that conference were you there oh you are gonna love it yes I think this will be my fourth time I’ve been a keynote speaker with them I’m so thrilled I was there first medium they ever brought in and they were nervous because it’s a very they have scientists and doctors that usually speak and oh they went out on a limb to bring me in and they were so pleased because I’m not will woo woo woo is relative you know and we bring in a lot of evidence but their conferences have so many fascinating speakers and they and there’s but yet even though they get scientific they’re still very hard based and it’s a wonderful time to network with others who are on this path yes and my Drock that I’m giving there ah the talk monkey knows beasts called magnificent you and I’ve given this around the country a few places and it’s a it’s just an eye opener plus I get to do a workshop as well so I’m honored to go back again and this conference is for all you don’t have to have had a near-death experience to go know anybody who’s just interested in the afterlife and then also our friend Suzanne against is a man Suzanne and Kathleen Malone are putting on the Seoul summit Scottsdale which kind of morphed from we’ve had the a REI symposium and although this isn’t brought by a REI it’s definitely blessed by a REI the afterlife research and education institute because it ties in not just evidence of the afterlife but also living a powerful life so that’s the Seoul summits not still do you want to speak a few words about that because I yeah the great event we haven’t had one mm-hmm can’t wait because my talk for this one is what’s love got to do with it it’s this conference is about living a high vibration life the answer is everything love has everything to do with it now I have a short video on YouTube with the same title but this is goes way beyond that in the fact that love is the highest vibration and when we can aligned with that vibration that’s that flow we’ve been talking about so the extended workshop that I’m doing after the keynote speech at that conference is the awakened way to explain in greater depth how to live that life in accordance with who we are and why we’re here and then I also get to channel sanaya there I say get to because for me it’s such an honor and a blessing to share that energy that experience with others so I’m excited yes as you should be and it is a an experience for sure to know and love you and then to hear sanaya speak or those who speak through sanaya because it’s a team right oh yeah it is and it’s an it’s a palpable experience for those people see auras that have never seen ours and see them around me and people some have even been physically healed in the presence of that energy one woman came into one of the sessions with she had facial paralysis for 33 years and it vanished forever during that session Oh amazing yeah very validating it’s so great because I feel even with this show Suzanne I can see just how it’s shifting and not that we would always talk about evidence of the afterlife but just more and more and more it’s about living a powerful life because if you know and I acknowledge and thank the listeners who have been on the journey because this is now episode 316 so that’s crazy yeah over you thank you so much but it really isn’t our commitment it is living a good life a great life expanding our consciousness living in wonder there are so many great experiences yet for each one of us to discover and I think so some at Scottsdale and who you’re being and what you’re doing and I mean I love finding out about these things myself but it’s just giving us the next next bar next part of our journey and it’s real and there’s love on it I’m sorry to interrupt to pretend I said people think people think oh I’m gonna have an awakening and that’s it or I’m going to get lightened and that’s it no the great thing is this ever onward ever upward and it just keeps getting better it doesn’t mean there aren’t bumps in the road no oh and you’ve tasted once you’ve tasted who we really are how powerful this forces that breathes us and that it is guiding us and that it you’re not left alone when we face challenges then then you really can be enthusiastic about the future I love it I love you and I thank you thank you love you too thank you thank you for having me on the show yeah it’s great to reconnect and I know I’ll get my eyes right on you soon but I do from everybody is listening appreciate you for all that you’ve done and you really are an inspiration to me about spreading the word and developing yourself and you continue going after your passions and learning more and then you get you share them and through all the various ways you do thank you for that you’re welcome thank you hmm most welcome and for our listener thank you for spending this hour with Suzanne and myself Oh Suzanne best your website is let’s just say it in your voice uh Suzanne giesemann comm or the awakened wait org very good and your how do we find you on facebook that would also be facebook.com/ slash Suzanne giesemann and then there’s also the weekly radio show messages of hope with unity online radio gorg I forgot about that but we go to a unity online radio org yeah and you’re the link through my website yeah and it’s all happening on your website great and I listener thank you for taking the time to be here it’s just great I hope you’re smiling as I am and thinking about life that there’s more to be discovered but the entryway is the awakens’ way and quieting our mind being in the present moment all those great things shifting our view and I’m so grateful that I have that 3d image next to my bed just to remind me that there’s a world well we instead of saying world within the world I’m part of a world that’s so much bigger than my understanding and the out the afterlife is not outside somewhere I think it’s all part of this just changes different shift in our focus joy that’s it yeah excellent I want to invite all to go to our home bases which is we don’t die radio.com and now you can find 316 episodes and some freebies like a very healing audio called how to survive grief it says several chapters from my book but it’s actually the whole book once you start reading and a PDF about my reasons to believe in the afterlife so in closing my name is Sandra Champlain and I’m always so happy I get to be your host we don’t die radio and talk to great people like Suzanne Koosman I do believe that life is an education for the Soul and that you are loved your life here on earth is important and you are one-of-a-kind thank you for listening and we’ll see you soon.

14 thoughts on “Episode 316 Suzanne Giesemann – Author, Teacher, Medium & Former U.S. Navy Commander on We Don’t Die

  1. I enjoy the informative stories of actual experiences of the other side.
    This type of guest I get nothing out of. Very elementary.

  2. Wondering why the streaming on this channel is intermittent and is the only channel I get the rebuffering message on every time.

  3. Thanks for having Suzanne back. I always enjoy hearing her stories and insights. She has evolved and done SO much in such a short period of time. So grateful for all the lightworkers positively affecting many lives on this planet. Thanks again Sandra! 🙂❤️🙏🏼

  4. As a navy commander that role inevitably is about war and death or am I wrong, if that is the case is there any
    conflict with her life now?

  5. I listen regularly. I do skip around on what i listen to, depending on my mood any given day. So, I thank you for this and all your videos. I lost 4 women, 4 of the 5 most important to me ever. 2 of them within a month and this loss woke me up to my mortality and started me down the road to what really happens when we die and. At 60 i am much closer to the end than the beginning of this adventure and it helps both the grief and the fear knowing the end of this life is nothing more than going home. Thank you again and Bless You!

  6. Thank you, Sandra, for another great interview! Suzanne is an incredibly evidential medium and what I love about her is how deeply connected she is to Spirit and the development of love and its expression in everyday life.

  7. She seems like a nice lady. But for my part I would be ashamed of military ‘service’ . The USA 5th fleet is starving millions in Yemen with a blockade and have done for years. A child dies every six minutes due to USA navy. So maybe not ever looking at the negative side is denial. I don’t think this is a selling point. To be honest, I am shocked she seems so nice. Because going to other countries and killing people for money should have psychic consequences. Karma. Maybe she was a commander during peace time. But still US military occupies and dominated the world in a cruel thuggish way. We have no business stealing the sweat from our citizens for this overblown military . The pentagon lost trillions and is totally unaccountable while we are held accountable for every penny.
    She does seem like she is connecting. Baffling for me to understand how she could be connected and be from the military.
    She must be a very balanced person .
    Interesting. I admit I am boggled.
    And so kind to be balanced with making sure she has free stuff as well as taking care of her own needs.
    So it’s nice . Well
    Thank you for your interview.

  8. Wow Sandra, I feel like a have hit spiritual gold with this interview. And I know that Spirit prompted me to find this interview. I feel like a new life is beginning for me with this interview. Thank you so much. xxx

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