Episode 1 – Exploiting My Relationship For Content

hello everybody and welcome back to for the first time welcome back for the first time to the first ever little stinker radio our podcast this is a podcast that I'm starting because I I just want to get more content out there and I like to talk and really the main thing the main thing that always gets in the way of me like posting more videos is how much editing goes into them and it you know it one idea can turn into a week of work which is fine but I want to be able to post more often and just kind of interact with you guys more and I love podcasts so I figured why not just start one and also because of the timing with Valentine's Day being that's right today the good good laugh she's really good at being a sidekick here and we're only like 30 seconds in so but with Valentine's Day being today we figured let's talk a little bit about how how we met I know I've told that story before but it was kind of buried in a very long video that I'd know most people didn't watch and I think it's a really interesting story and then also we did long-distance for like a year and a half so I want to talk a little bit about like long-distance relationships in general just because I think well I've actually been reached out to a few times and for people who have been like hey you know though tell me kind of like what their situation is yeah so we want to talk a little bit about kind of some of the stuff we did to help get through that tumultuous period of time and and the do's and don'ts of long-distance and yeah we'll kind of recap a little bit about our relationship because right now we have we've done long-distance for a year and we've lived together a year both of those for a year and a half actually because I think it's been like three years yeah three years yeah I think we just we just hit that checkpoint of like oh we've now lived together in person as long as we did long-distance yeah so we're yeah we're about three years in still going strong well yes alright carried away we're going we're not we're going we're going yes we're still going yeah thanks for clarifying that you're just kidding I don't people think that like you know yeah um so we're just hanging out here we're doing a podcast which I've never done before but you know life is all about trying things and getting distracted by our cat who loves to destroy our furniture hopefully you can't hear that but she's she was scratching away a second ago but um you know let's get into it so we met do you want to tell a little bit about how we met I picked this up I never took a drink so now I'm gonna take a sec so my I I love to tell a story but I always like to tell the shortened version of it yes do that oh well I think it's I think it's very interesting when you actually how it literally all just like aligned yeah it is kind of it is really weird cuz well first of all I'll say that so we met on vine about three years ago and I lived in Orlando at the time she lived in Arizona for those of you who don't know basic geography those are very far away yeah so that's all the information you need at this point but but at the time I had gotten out of a relationship this was in April of 2015 and it's just so funny because I was just like I don't want to date anybody like this is a like I was talking to my friend like I'm done with boys I want to have a single summer like nothing sorry yeah yeah they're wild and crazy single summer and you have some wild and crazy stories from that time but we don't need to get into that but you know April 28th or 29th or whatever I stayed up all night I was editing a video and um literally did it all nighter I think I stayed up until 5:00 in the morning went to class I was like delirious whatever and I came home and since I love to get addicted to things I will we love addiction it's I was very addicted to vine and I would constantly delete the app and you know cuz I just spent so much time on it and I had just reinstall the app so I was on the app very tired and I saw your vine that was the spider-man one I was like he's really cute so I went on my profile and put my bio as my Instagram name knowing full well that you were going to find me on him yeah yeah it's fun well at the time too I only had a few hundred followers it was like right before I blew up but yeah it's it's you were kind of banking on me being like lonely and desperate and I was so it worked out perfectly I don't think I found you on Instagram I think no I looked you up I know just yeah yeah because I don't know I said yeah like that but yeah so you had a vine but you didn't have any vines on it so there was no way for me to know like what she look like what she talked like putting yeah putting your Instagram I creeped hardcore changed my profile picture oh I don't doubt it yeah just one of those things you do when you kind of want to this Orlando boy so he ends up I fall asleep I take a long nap I wake up it's a three-hour time difference yes so yeah it was later for sometimes two hours but sometimes three answers Arizona does not respect you in savings time I woke up this was 11 I guess I woke up at 8 or 6 I don't know who cares however anyways I met I sent him a picture and I said a burnt toast and I said you are so cute why did you have to live a million miles away from me so I you had followed me I was like oh yeah I forgot about him yeah I probably liked a couple your photos maybe commented like hard eyes or something you know something like way over the top hey that's geography I guess you're gorgeous I said no you are gorgeous yeah so we got off to a pretty combative start they're kind of butting heads right away I have to really stick to my word on not wanting to date boys I talk to boys when I was just like yeah the moment I showed any interest you're like no you're gorgeous I never want to be single again which kind of ended up happening so far and that's what's funny is I was I kind of want to talk to anyone and then now we're engaged though there were other things that preceded that but as I said you know can't believe come on in stream for buying I forgot my password from my old account make a new one so that wasn't that hard just searched it and then I said true and I thought I literally I was just like okay that's fine like that say like that's all I wanted I don't want to talk like that was fine whatever yeah you got your rocks off already got your little you're weird the compliment rocks off and that was gonna be it because I had made a joke like well yeah I'd found you because you put your name and your but it was like very sarcastic and kind of knowing I was like yeah I think it did come off a little so I was like oh what's Arizona like and then that's what we kind of started if I if I lived in any other part of Florida I don't know how viable it would have been but because I lived near all the theme parks in the world yeah are all in Orlando and I got the beach in every direction it worked out and so we we we talked a little bit and we were like describe your average day and that was when I was going to school I it's funny that I mentioned I Drive there in my Honda Civic and then I I was working at Sonic and then yeah this week is finals weeks I've been awake since 5:00 a.m. yesterday I'm editing a video as we speak it's due tomorrow I was even still editing um so I thought that was already because you also had a Honda Civic so we were like and yeah I think that was that was what did it for me that was what sold a it's like wait she has a Honda Civic too where do I sign yeah the most basic average car all right so we don't remember what we were just talking about cuz my camera overheated I guess I don't know that's a fun problem to have so I guess we'll just try to keep this kind of short but anyway we were talking about oh yeah yeah I think another another way in which our relationship really got off to a good start was like we were both like losers we were both like nobodies like I mean we were in college it's always kind of a loser when you're like 20 though I mean unless you have I was 20 and I think you had already been 21 yeah I mean like I don't even mean that in a bad way it's just like yeah I worked at Popeye's still I had gone to college and then stopped going to college and then tried again and then you know I didn't really find what I was doing yet and so we she worked at Sonic I worked at Popeyes so there was never like a status thing it wasn't like I was a rich famous youtuber I wasn't even a famous Viner yet she just liked me and and I liked her and so it was a really good place to start with nowhere to go but up I would say so yeah we chatted for a little bit and then I said you should text me so I literally made oh yeah she did make a lot of moves hey it's 20 it was twenty sixteen just as progressive as 2018 2015 this is 2015 that's true yeah and then he said oh you were like oh my vine has blown up today so this was this was either maybe that night Joe Jonas tree find you or yeah cuz yeah then Joe Jonas were fighting him and then literally like the next day I started messaging you uh-huh you got so many yeah like within a couple weeks afterwards I think I went from a few hundred to like thirty twenty or thirty thousand and then cool we didn't and then we started texting obviously and then my next message to him was in August and just says I love you yeah so yeah at that point all our messages yeah transfer it over but yeah so then we talked for a couple days we facetimed after like a week well no and then we did yes and then that night you were packing to go to Chicago to spend a couple days in Chicago with your dad and then you got put on tosh point-o so you were just like yeah yeah it's funny I definitely had some hard weeks before that because I was miserable I worked at a job I didn't like and I didn't I wasn't making any money and I didn't have a love life of any kind and then it just like yeah it's all turned around kind of all at once yeah it's a good it's a good like you know maybe optimist optimism provoking story of like you never know when suddenly things turn around that night I was just like telling my friend like I don't want a date I don't want to talk to anybody I had no idea I'd go home it's funny you were talking to your friend saying how you do doing today because I was hurting my friends saying I gotta find a girlfriend I need to fuck right now America it worked out but so yeah so then after like a week we yeah we texted for a little bit six days later we facetimed and then talked we FaceTime for like seven hours somewhere of me just like okay I guess I'm gonna do it yeah and then like instant regret yeah it was it was I was very nervous yeah cuz I wasn't really you know she was flying to me which isn't something I would really recommend I guess it's I don't know I guess we'd be like the exception I don't know I don't want to tell people not to do stuff like that cuz that could also have gone very poorly I would just seem to be normal but there's a lot of people who seem to be normal who end up not being normal but it it worked out neither of us murdered each other we don't need to get get into the what-ifs of what could have happened so we finally met three months later June 3rd yeah and I have all these wonderful pictures that you know I'm not gonna go through but I think it was cute we went to we went to Universal the first day we met well we met in the airport which was very awkward and weird and then yeah also at like 10:30 p.m. if you can meet someone like for the first time try to schedule it in the morning or the afternoon because it was weird it was like we met and then it was like time to go to bed and then yeah weird is the kind of an awkward night it took it took most of the next day to kind of get acclimated this new situation very weird to tell people yeah I'm gonna go meet a guy I met on vine to tell my grandparents is like yeah we met at school oh yeah yeah you don't live you can they know now yeah but so we went to Universal and I think that's awesome because now I work there I would have never never ever ever ever ever in a million years that I would live here and work at Universal and then so into Universal and that was really fun and I like that was literally our first date like I actually just we kissed a lot and stared at each other it was very hot and very slimming we were so gross that day June in Florida oh my god there's a lot of shitty pictures in here because I took these they're all terrible yeah these were camp we don't even need to show you guys because they're so bad so there's really no reason to even go through them but so that was our nose her first time is great memory yeah – good start and then it was like as soon as we did that we were a couple days in and it's like well this is great yeah you know we're gonna it's gonna be tough we're gonna keep going and I'd never been in a long-distance relationship she's never been in a long-distance relationship so well actually it and then I always I thought about it this way – was I kind of had that single summer I guess cuz we so that was the thing – as I was never good at being alone or doing things alone so that was interesting because I got to be independent and by myself but also still have a boyfriend so yeah I think it's gonna kind of as we transition into more of the general tips for long-distance I think something to keep in mind is that there are very good aspects of long-distance its I think we were kind of lucky to have a little bit of disposable income at the time and free time to plan to see each other every couple months but it was like we'd had these cool vacations together but in between it was like it was all about ourselves and we would talk still obviously but it was still hey you got to be single and you know being single is it just like I want to fuck everyone I see it's just like I need to improve myself and keep working on my own life and we both got to do that we got we both got better jobs and I finished school yes you did I still have yet to do that and probably never will but but if her grandparents are watching I'm think still thinking of going back this fall yeah I'm gotta get that degree never hurts to have that degree even though I'm a professional youtuber now but so you may be wondering what this book is that we have here yeah maybe they might be wondering I'm just seeing how visible it is so this was my idea to make a very very long love note written by yours truly and it has Duran Amanda written in chalk for some reason and then I taped it all shut so this was I thought this was cute and fun to do every time we'd see each other we'd write stuff while we were gone and then we'd give it to each other so I like about this ya know this is a great idea this is this is a a thing that I think yeah cause like when you do see each other you only have so much time together you only have a few days yeah so we would take turns like we'd see each other she would write like the first maybe 20 or something pages and this or her just kind of like sort of like a daily diary kind of thing like some of it isn't even just directed to me it's just it's just kind of like a way to like you know vent a little bit and then we'd see each other again and then it would be my turn to write it kind of like daily notes and then it's this cool gift where you get to like Rita together the next time you see each other and kind of like think back to those times I remember texting well you know some of these are kind of sad they're like because we we had some times where it's it gets it gets rough sometimes you know and you don't there's not always like a light at the end of the tunnel and it's just like and you'd be lonely and you know the we I think we talk very candidly a couple times in here I'm not gonna get too into those because they're a little depressing well can imagine like we didn't know that we would end up living together at the time for sure yeah it's easy to look back and be like oh yeah we well we just had to grind through that and get where we are now but but even when we kind of like we got to 2016 and then it was like December we kept thinking about December I saw that in here a couple times because we were graduating yeah and then you ended up finding a way to actually move sooner yeah and then in August 2016 because I could finish my degree online and it just kind of it was very hard to get me to move here yeah that was tough and I mean I'm not even gonna be like yeah it was like really hard to convince her to move across the country for a guy she had spent maybe like 27 days with together you know it's like you can be in a long-distance relationship for a year and spend three weeks in person together so it was tough it was like you know I'm excited and then the next day it's like huh but I'm scared and it was very difficult I think I would say and we're gonna be all over the place in this which is fine but if you're in a long-distance relationship I think there's two main tooth long-distance relationships because I've gotten messages from people asking for advice where there's a way to make it work and we were in one where I think it could work because we were adults we had jobs we could see each other every few months I don't want to totally kill your spirit here but if you're like sixteen and I've gotten a couple of these and I don't really know what to say to these people but if you're like sixteen and you're like hey so I found this girl online and she lives across the country and neither of us have any money and we're both in high school still and she's a girl of my dreams but I don't think I'll ever get to see her what should I do you gotta let you gotta let that shit go I'm sorry but there's just like there's no what are you gonna do long distance for three years you can't it's torture yeah it's torture to go it was hard enough for us to go two months without seeing each other so to go like six months or a year it's how we like you got to be able to see each other and there has to be a reason to there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel we kind of kept hinting at it like we think we can you know we don't want to break up so I think it will happen someday but if there's no end in sight if it's just like we're gonna do long-distance forever what's the point of that I mean you'll find someone else you you got to just live your life then yeah I don't know but I've also I mean I've seen stories where people have been together since sure I mean I'm not saying that like it's impossible I just think like I don't think it's where it has to be either you know we're gonna move together and go here we're gonna move together the rice cooker yeah or like like I why I was trying to get you to moved me in Arizona but that wasn't happening so I was like fine I'll move to you like I think I can make it work so that was kind of like once we kind of had that we were like okay like we can make this work but if if I didn't move there we probably would have broken up cuz I just wouldn't know for sure yeah yeah and we liked each other we it was great when we were together it's great it's it's just hard to separate like sometimes you need to separate that though because like even if and we we had to keep this in mind too while we were dating as much as we loved each other as much as we liked each other it was like we always knew like if we couldn't find a way to live in the same place together if we just had different interests if I would needed to stay in Florida for some reason and she needed to stay in Arizona or I needed to move to New York or whatever it was it's like we need to put we're young and we need to put ourselves first it just likely worked out that it was compatible you were able to move here and get a couple really good jobs that you liked and and that sort of thing that's why I like our little journal because it reminds us how so bad arable yeah some of these it's like they're really like like I want to die I miss you so much it's like but I mean I don't I don't remember that but it's like it's so funny because I don't think about this because we live together now and it's like yeah you know yeah he's we're so accustomed to living together and it's so funny because it's like there were times where I would have done anything to just spend like an hour with her and now I'll do anything to get an hour by myself sometimes well my favorite thing in here oh there was oh there's my new year's resolutions um this was to the 16 I think oh yeah these were mine so this was 2016 this was a January 1st 2016 yeah it's doing the temperature thing again we're just gonna roll with it my camera doesn't like us and doesn't want us to talk about our love but you know what we're gonna fight through it okay it's been lesson yeah whatever anyway I'm not gonna get to anodize anyway January 1st 2016 my new year's resolutions and I already marked off that I failed a couple of these do a hundred push-ups everyday failed workout at least three times a week yeah very fitness centric both of those failed by far save at least $1,000 a month how much money was I making back then god I had rant and shit yeah I don't think I did that this was the only one I was honest about jerk at five times a day I really wanted a jerk off five times a day unfortunately I couldn't post more vines probably never did that practice more guitar didn't do that here's one I just noticed earlier start a website well it took me two and a half years guys but I have a website now so I guess that doesn't count as fulfilling my 2016 New Year's resolution but I did I did start I did make a website so oh and then move in with Amanda we did that so that was that was the main one but you did you write these at that time or yes on January first removing a man and then and I must have checked it off later my number two goes to gay 275 baths and drew would write really funny things that's what like maybe sub sex I'm like god dammit he's so funny yeah I really would get angry at how funny I am yeah I did also there was one that you wrote like about like how you can't wait for us to live together and look kind of like tech sweets in and it was just so like weird to think that this page was sponsored by Bed Bath and Beyond yeah this was very expensive to make so I had to get a little financial support but they don't I tried to give them to you and they don't have a latins day I miss you to read it and see I'm a little worried about reading these I'll read all read it it's very I miss you it is very hard to be away from you especially for this long but still I'm always happy because I put too season because I'm a fucking idiot because no matter what we found each other it's Valentine's Day and so many people are reminded today of the fact that they are all alone to them there are nothing but questions will I ever find my soulmate would do I even have a soul mate could anyone really love me but for us the only question is what state are we gonna live in it is so so hard to wait but it is so so good to know I'm waiting to be with the love of my life the woman of my dreams there is no one like you there is no one on this earth more perfect for me than you and even though today is a painful reminder that we are not together I know for a fact that this is the last Valentine's Day I will ever spend without my soulmate it's true actually what do we do for Valentine's Day last year last year we got tacos and pizza and went to the party that's right we did do that and tomorrow or today today don't mind the fact that it's clearly 8 p.m. you are working but that's ok huh well so far so good yeah yeah that's that that was something to keep in mind that you know even though we were very optimistic yeah I think we tried to be I want to actually go back to this one page because I thought it was kind of funny I'll take any opportunity I can to remind you guys that I'm a funny person oh where did it go this was a bonus fit this was all the secret things that I did to the secret book because this was a secret I didn't tell anybody about this I dipped my pin in my own urine before writing every word that's true I took it with me on one of my nightly walkabouts where I lost it in an anthill for almost three hours I had to replace every page on two separate occasions was not easy to do it still recording don't worry are you worried people are gonna miss out on this me reading this entire page I tried wearing it as a scarf while I was in Pennsylvania which is very snowy did that for four days had to dry it out several times tried selling on eBay until I realized I wasn't gonna get anywhere near my asking price of $12.75 we spent an underwhelming half-day together at the zoo I dropped in the toilet once an accident once on purpose Oh bonus bullet point I love you so much snuck that in there I've had I've had it professionally painted and repainted several times but ended up settling on the classic look we all know you don't have to worry I already taught it all about the history of slavery and racism in general so it's very tolerant and and understands I found out it's parents are missing dog posters they never found the dogs by the way and we took an online yoga class together which was great until he decided that it conflicted with his religious beliefs also he's a boy now I guess so I love you I love you on this page too I think that was my thing was I would write I love you on every page this this page these are quotes from a page we found on Facebook call or a group called like I love carpentry or something yeah and I think these were comments on sure of like improperly constructed bathrooms you know it's like lol nice that's a pants around the ankles tissue issue Scott Burnham I wouldn't have seen that walking in and been like hell not alright we don't need to get into that but yeah so this was this was still pretty early on or maybe well I guess this was 2016 so I imagine the next time I wrote here that was when I was getting really rough was like towards the end because I was we're hitting the earmark and it's like oh so this is what we look like back then yeah a little bit different than we look like now but the same basic kind of structure I would say I still got that square head yeah I would love to I would love people to like chisel like a more normal head shape but I'm stuck with a square for now and probably forever and then so April I guess it was your turn and this is probably last time oh you she drew a much better version of what we look like it's important that I get this up close to the camera and show you our wonderful drawings but I would say this was pretty integral in to our first success how many times would you say that we almost broke up a lot was it a lot feel like it was only a few twas the end yeah it was like every day I had to like convince you every day ya know this is a good idea and it worked out that way luckily but it could have not worked out that way yeah well that was always a thing to was if it didn't work out you know I we moved into your mom's house it's not like we moved to an apartment right away and I had to sign a lease it was I still kind of was like there's always trying to go back I could go back my parents so it wasn't like you know mm-hm we didn't have like a kid together anything so it wasn't like we're stuck together I would say no got out of it but yeah I would say or what were you saying I was gonna say that one of the main reasons was if I'm gonna move here you're gonna play engaged to me because Oh true yeah by the way we're engaged I've mentioned that a couple times that wasn't the plan it's a it's a funny story of did I already tell this in the vine video I don't know but yeah so she was gonna move to me and I was like well she's gonna commit to me I gotta give her this ring so I let her we talked about already she knew it was coming I let her pick out the ring I bought it but she picked it out and I was very nervous there's a video that no one will ever see of me proposing to her in front of all her neighbors and friends and family okay people I feel very uncomfortable around or at least uncomfortable being the center of attention while doing a big life thing so that was just like we went – will you marry me I don't even think I asked you I was like I would like for you to marry me so I really blew that moment and I'll never get another chance hmm whatever oh the other thing I was gonna say and these are reminders of that this is a weird thing but one of the I bought these for her because one of one of the things that got us going through this difficult time of being away from each other was the game Fallout now I bought it for her and this it's not a game you can play together it's like a single-player game but having that thing where because talking on the phone keep it very repetitive and like you want to talk you want to keep interacting but you run out of things to say and it's like I just want to go do something else so by finding a thing we could kind of do passively at the same time and just FaceTime and have FaceTime on just kind of set my phone down for several hours at a time we would just do that for like hours and it would be like hanging out without actually you know having to be like oh and then this happened today and oh you'll never believe what my friend you know because we talked every single day but we did we got really yeah I don't know I don't know like phone calls I had to make an exception at the time but I find phone calls to be really unnatural and FaceTime can FaceTime always goes in and out you'll be like talking and then you're like so I didn't hear anything you said for the past three second sentence but having that to where we could kind of I think we'd be one hangout tonight we would say that yeah yeah we just play for hours and I was also scared of playing by myself this game so yeah cuz scream yeah even the pressure game that aren't scary you found scary just like going into any building was scary because we knew a ghoul would be that in there or something yes then you bought these I think you had one and I had one yes I was a thing I had I had you and you had me and I would just leave it on my – now we have them together oh and just like how we are together now so that makes sense i under I get that now I didn't understand we're so cute aren't we God didn't do a lot of cute things oh oh and then speaking of cute and this I was trying to remember this is hilarious and we just found this for the first time because everything she does but this came in handy so this is actually really funny it wasn't what it's yeah it's still recording this will stop in like five minutes and we'll have to restart the whole podcast over from the beginning so this is a good practice run so anyway I don't know why I thought this was funny but one time she came around Christmas and I bought her these like little little earrings in a box from Walmart and I wanted it to look like I was gonna engage yeah it's a poser and I guess the joke was like I was gonna open the box and it was there was a carrot inside and like that was a joke it's not funny and I don't know why she didn't she I remember you not laughing okay see like what I was like you know I love you so much and I like I got nervous to do my prank I don't know I'm so stupid but this is funny because the carrot is still in there from like a year and a half ago guys I got to get even closer because I found that I was like cuz I just stick cuz he would put us in there like what is that I don't know what that is that's what a carrot that's like a year one of the grossest things I've ever seen just thought we'd share that with you just a funny prank I did that was never funny and still isn't but I think it's f thing it's funny now I think it it's funnier now it's well it's only time it's aged it's aged well unlike the carrot the joke has aged well yeah I was looking at I was like is that a stick yeah like what is it that's a dog look yeah I'm not wearing these I need oh no I spent three dollars on them they're cubics are cold eat a lead so to wrap this up yeah let's wrap this up because long-distance was very hard it's very difficult in the end it was worth it and now we're so far into short distance relationships though I don't even remember what it was like to do long distance I really don't and like when we go on little trips now it's funny like she'll be she'll go to her family for a few days and it's like it's like my favorite I can't wait in a week and she gets to be alone and just like walk her in the house pantless which I guess we do anyway but just like not have to deal with anyone's shit or volume you know well there was also a text that you sent me with the math remember oh that's right yeah we'll wrap it up with this and this will be something this was very cut Damon where it is sorry if this was kind of mostly specific to people who were in long-distance relationships and that's not a lot of you I'm sure but this was I think the kind of thing that I because I'm very mathematic I'm a nerd and so I will take anything that isn't math and turn it into math and so I took let's see this was July 13th 2016 so this was almost two years ago so here's the plan I just turned 22 for argument's sake let's say I live to be 90 you're still gonna be there you're still gonna be there in fact you'll die at the same exact moment as neither of us could ever bear live without the other my 90th birthday is 68 years away 68 times 12 is 816 months 5 divided by 816 I guess we're only oh this might have been a while though yes this would the five months we've had together has been wonderful okay so that's my thinking so we were five months in and it was it was difficult and but we already five months in we're like we're gonna be together forever because that's just what you do in relationships you know so I divided five by 816 and figured that was point zero zero six percent of the way through our relationship I said we aren't even one percent through our relationship together not even one so let's say we move in together one year from now November first five plus twelve is seventeen seventeen so this was like projecting forward so seventeen months we spent about 17 months in long-distance / even 16 about two percent so we we plan to be together until we're 90 years old and we died the same exact moment what do we die from I don't think we ever planned syphilis we both divers syphilis in the same moment then we will only have spent 2% of our relationship in long-distance so that was kind of something like yeah like it's tough now but if you if if this goes the way we want it to and you zoom out this is so insignificant this period here and then it's all gonna be worth it we're gonna be together and now now we are we love being I was weird I got my first kiss on camera sorry we don't kiss it's we're Amish so yeah that was that was it's like and now we're at a point where only 50% of our distance our relationship with long-distance and the longer we go the smaller that percentage gets alright so we're gonna wrap this up I started to wrap it up and then it cut me off cuz the camera stopped after but anyway what I said was only two percent of our relationship it's gonna be long distance that's so insignificant that we'll probably get to a point in 10 or 15 years and we can't even remember it was like and that's funny because like I was thinking oh 10 years from now we don't remember literally were a year and a half in even six months and I forgot what long-distance was like and yeah it was it sucked it was so shitty it was really shitty but like I don't remember not gonna remember I remember all the times that we got to see each other so that that's something where it's like well that was something that was what was interesting to was like even in that whole year of not lived like being here I was a couple we had to do so much we went to we did yeah yeah was like we did it worked out you'd come here we went to like we spend some time in Tucson version of a long business relationship as you can have now if obviously it's different for everyone like if you're a military wife and your husband is deployed in Iraq and you go years without seeing that's tough because yeah I don't know I had no advice for you cuz I don't know how you would get through that and people who do props to you that's incredible but yeah the best version I think of a long is the relationship was every three months you get together and do something cool you go to a hotel in Sedona you go to you go to the beach you do you go to all different parts of take a vacation together and then but we would also it wasn't like we went to VidCon too right before we yeah but we were also like it wasn't like when we hang out now like we don't really do much but it was like okay we didn't do anything we did more he's coming for days like I mean you know I mean a plan right yeah he was like really we're gonna condense yet four days like let's pack everything into these four days but what I was gonna say and just kind of to wrap this up it's like yeah if you feel like you're with someone and and this is your soul mate this is your person you're gonna be together forever you just gotta get to a point where you are actually together then if you can kind of zoom out and look at it think of it like that think of it mathematically which is the least math is the least romantic thing in the world but think about it kind of like from a stats point of view you're this is so insignificant and very shortly after it and you'll look back and not be able to remember how hard it was because we don't so it's been great it has been great Amy – we just made burritos for dinner and we've definitely we've learned about burritos or just oh you mean about love and stuff each other yes love and burritos yeah God what if that was like we should get like that like stitched and put on the love and burritos so it's so dumb yeah so dumb so let's not do that but anyway I think we're gonna wrap it up now right yep yeah because the camera is probably gonna catch on fire pretty soon I keep getting a temperature warning got a got a Google that mmm she's been taking improv classes like I've been trying to get her to do so we're gonna do a little one voice for you guys apparently hi happy Valentine's Day that was more just you getting me to say that as in me not knowing what the fuck you are time okay we'll do something else or we're gonna do Valentine's it knows something else hi my name is Cupid all right we're done this is so that's it guys thank you so much for watching if you didn't cast first podcast there's something I'm gonna try to do more often it's just a way like I said to get more content out there and kind of do more stuff and just talk and let me know if you went what oh yeah this was good cuz she I love getting Amanda involved and she likes to be involved and we like talking about ideas and she's very supportive of my videos but and I love her but she is the worst fucking actress in the world she's she can't like she's so funny but as soon as it's like okay say that again like we'll like improv something but as soon as it's like oh that's a funny line now say it she turns into like a robot whose truck has to learn I don't know who said pretend they're a human it's very fun but this was yeah that what we might do more of these together it's not specifically about long distance maybe we can talk about the Paul's or whatever because I actually filmed a couple these by myself and even though I make my videos by myself I found it to be really difficult to get through and kind of cringy to watch and maybe this was too but it's easier to bounce off someone else so yeah so I hope you guys liked it be on look out for more of these and yeah happy Valentine's Day you fuck that up you fuck the whole thing up I hate you

42 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Exploiting My Relationship For Content

  1. i think yours and amanda’s love is so beautiful . i can only dream to have a love as pure and strong .

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    Pls bring back the podcast, this felt like a little hangout which was cool and ~fun~

  6. im crying my girlfriend and i always watch your videos together and now i found this channel i never knew about. we lived together the last two years and are now temporarily long distance for the next 4 months so i relate to the extremes of either long distance or being always together. this made me feel better but also miss her at the same time. your story is wild, life can change so fast and you never kno what will happen. I LOVE LOVE <3

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