Ep. 102 – Why You Should Give Away Your Publishing

what's going on everybody welcome back to Phase six your source for music business motivation and support is your boy cirlove who's on another dope episode you guys today they were talking about why you should give away your publishing ooh that sounds creepy everyone says don't give away your publishing always protect your publishing read the contract make sure they don't take away your publishing well why should you give away your publishing did you want me an interesting concept if you haven't heard of this before like subscribe follow the channel go in there all right first off like you say watch go straight into it then I'm back with a new pro swag I decide to go ahead and grow a little beard out he being cold outside so I figure I switch it up a little bit keep my face one y'all let me know if there are rocking with this and not anyway but that jumping into the topic let's talk about for publishing right publishing publishing publishing publish it in this game we hear the concept all the time why you should give it away it's a theme in the name of this video and I want to talk about it so a couple things you have to recognize about publishing for those who don't know what publishing is you need to watch a couple of other videos that we have that we dive into publishing I think I have a video that talks about pub deals I have a video about publishing as a whole watch these videos that you just know what I'm talking about okay but from a high level publishing is basically the money that you make off of your music being licensed either it's licensed through a record label or it's licensed by someone just playing your music we talked about that in mechanical royalties for for my royalties all this other type of stuff watch all those videos I'm pretty sure we'll post them on the side you can see them but that publishing okay now in this game you're told not to give away your publishing and the reason you're told not to give where your publishing is because historically artists heavily have been extorted there they've been robbed they've been cheated you know publishing that's been taken from them they're giving their publishing away for a dollar they give them their publishing away from chicken wings in one particular instance that I've heard about artists have given away something that's so valuable for so little and the stigma now is no matter what hold on to your publishing and what we're getting away from is the understanding of what publishing is and how to use it correctly now recognize that publishing is a long term asset by asset that means it's going to be similar to owning a stock or a bond or something of that nature or you know any other patent or any other long term resource or license any long term resource that you can use and sell to recoup money from right that has value which value increases or decreases over time and the value of that particular product or the demand for that particular product or service increases decreases whatever it not just a music concept okay publishing is the stock of the business long term asset okay so anytime you have a long term asset the reason they tell you not to sell you in from your your publishing or give away your publishing because they want to make sure that if you write us on today that get resurface or remade or redone or remix ten years from now that you're still getting paid off the new version how many times you hear a remix or redo or example of old records where you're listening to your music today this is very popular in hip-hop culture is very popular in urban culture it's also very popular in the form of covers in country and pop and rock and it all sorts of other genres okay you might do a song today it gets made tomorrow you know someone who does we does a song as effectively you know a jazz rendition of the record someone does a rock rendition some famous youtuber doesn't cover up the record all these different versions will pay out on your publishing therefore your publishing is the gift that keeps on giving baby we talk about it in the info fact that I've created I go real in-depth into how these things pay out long term but right now I just want to give you guys a concept of the value of publishing or why it's important because any time someone who's your record you get paid each time that record is playing if your record is being played in multiple countries all around the world multiple times because someone else made a hit off your record that's the drive you're publishing if you if your record gets put on a commercial every time that commercial runs that's the value of publishing if you get put in a movie you get where I'm going with it okay so why should you give away or sell or leverage the publishing the kitchen the topic number one reason why you should do it is because you can trade long-term equity or values or short-term equity of that what do I mean by that I mean just like any other investment you can say hey I don't I need fifty thousand dollars think about a home if a person owns a home right they may have a home that's valued at three hundred thousand dollars they go to the bank and say hey Bank I need to take out a loan against my house the bank says okay we'll give you a hundred thousand dollar loan against your 505 dollhouses you do not pay us this 100 off without a loan back we're going to take your house you can do the exact same thing with publishing you can say hey I'm going to allow it we're not the exact same things but a rendition and say hey I'm gonna leverage the value of my long-term asset for short-term immediate cash so a lot of you artists are out here trying to figure out how to get cash flow to push your project forward and you haven't even considered saying hey I can leverage my publishing for immediate cash today there's an investor that are a person considering investing a person that may put money into my project and I can say hey listen if you give me X amount of dollars upfront I'm going to give you X amount of ownership over the publishing over these records and if that person if they're talking to values your records they can see that these records are going to appreciate and you get more plays and get more extremes or get using commercials or have viability to be successful in other ways long term it's worth it for them to gain the piece of that aspect just like we invest in stock I look at stocks and I go oh I want to own some discs and shares and Disney Channel and I did the channel but in Disney because I see the Disney is going to be a long-term sustainable company so I can buy shares and it today it's going to be worth more later and I can sell it to someone else right the investors are thinking the same weight or they can just hold it and get the payout from it which in stocks are called dividend you get to pay out if you own stock if you own share I mean I share this you're owning publishing and that record train to get more more popular you're getting payout for you know every time that reckon it's licensed so number one is leveraging your short term your long term asset and publishing or short term cash so that you can move around and do the things we do number two second reason to do it is this equity bargain which is very similar to you the first one equity bargain this is a necessarily industry term but by equity bargain what do I mean I mean any you watch Shark Tank you'll see a situation or a scenario in which the Sharks will basically stay in order for me to give you X amount of dollars we're going to need X amount of percentage in your company so if I'm giving you a hundred dollars and you're telling me definitely worth 10% you're telling me that your company is working million dollars in debt would I give you a hundred thousand I can only own 10 percent because that's ten percent of a million right and then a shark will go well is your company really worth the million dollars and they'll go back and forth we're trying to figure out what it's really worth and they'll say hey I'll give you a hundred thousand for 30% off you 200,000 for 40% or whatever and they play with the excellent right the whole concept of this is that the value of what you own your long-term asset going back to that concept is it stipulated by the perceived value that the person has off of what either they can create for from it or what the market can create so when you get a publishing deal for example publishing company may know this song is perfect for the direction that you know sound is going a lot of music supervisors are asking for this particular type of sound right now because movies in this particular genre are popular in this sound for whatever reasons fit that they know that they can shop this to X amount of television stations and make their money back you may not be aware of that because you're not a publisher and you're not studying television commercials and you don't know what's hot in television look how do a radio will apply on television is two different things so they may buy into the equity and records they may say hey I don't want the whole record I give you a check up front right or they may say we do some type of coal pub deal we want some type of ownership over the records either way you're getting a check up front for equity on your records the benefit of selling your publishing and giving up your publishing if you have immediate cash I can chop this up into five or six different ways but each way it's going to go back to the same abundant truth you have to make sure that you're giving away your publishing you're getting a check for it so a lot of guys out there right now trying to figure out how to fund your project I'm telling you right now trade your publishing don't trade at all don't be stupid next questions gonna be well how much is my publishing work I've done all sorts of years I've seen the deal was a person pays $5,000 for 5% of somebody publishers now there is no market together for your public key there is no way to determine what it's works unless it already has some type of long-term sustainability making money in the field we've already got commercials we're already on television you're already doing this you're already doing that if that is not the case you might find yourself giving up multiple records of publishing on a whole NEP or whatever in order to get startup capital to pushing records forward but this whole conversation is giving you guys the new perspectives to let you know that hey number one you have action you create value you have intellectual property and that is when you write record I'm gonna talk to a real legal right now if I kick it on the other side it's like a blow you produced it right it works on if you're gonna give is you trying to get some cash train what you got for what you need keep it real simple and if you have to explain it to somebody the way I broke it down earlier break it down to them and let them know the strike just wanna make a lot of money over the course of the next 40 years how much is reasonable doubt work potentially interesting conversation so I don't want to talk to guys heads off in it I just did this whole video to give you guys a basic concept to let you know they listen if you're broke right now is the artist we're trying to figure out how to get some revenue what you need to be doing whoa not what these be doing but an option that you can take is creating value for yourself by making yourself appealing either in television commercials radio streaming whatever way you're creating popularity for yourself you can take some of those records you can sell some of the equity in those records to somebody else to get started capital to reinvest in yourself and remember if today's market factors are like this will make you so many records I mean you could give away a whole new piece in two years later you got three more use out it's like a conversation now I know everything about a little a little bit about a lot every time I jump on give you guys everything that I got from you gotta focus PMON you know I hear you good go to www.hsn.com like out the contact information text her – we got tech number one in a contact form you have questions we talk to you what way to help you guys out so uh nobody

15 thoughts on “Ep. 102 – Why You Should Give Away Your Publishing

  1. Help! I am very confused.

    I am a songwriter getting back to doing tracks after almost 20 years. I never did anything related to publishing administration before, but I'm trying to do so now.

    Is there anything I need to do right now other than register with BMI or ASCAP? There are other publishing organizations that handle various kinds of royalties and international territories outside the United States, but right now, I am just working with producers and generating tracks. I think I have a poor understanding of this, but I think I just need to BMI or ASCAP and do the others later.

    I thought I would use CD Baby, but as I am not looking to put music out as an artist right now, their service isn't a good match. I thought their Pro publishing service was supposed to be some sort of portal that handled ALL of a person's publishing administrative needs, but apparently, you have to upload material to distribute first.

  2. yo did u hear about that new netflix show rythm and flow ? ive been reading the audition rights and im confused lol

  3. Can you do a part 2 of this video going more in depth about how the publishing deal should be set up? Like what is a reasonable percentage to give up and how long the publishing will or should last.

  4. Yo can you also do a video going over some of the contracts on your website? In specific the 360 deal. Jus kinda like goin through it and explaining what It all means. Which parts can be changed to benefit both parties as fair as possible. I’m tryna start a record label but I need to make sure the artists signed to me are gonna beat eating. Not jus fuccin em over.

  5. Dope info man👏🏾👏🏾 I jus had one quick question. So I’m about to drop a project. I’m a producer but this is my project featuring the artists on it. My beats and everything. Anyways I was wondering, how do I fill out the split sheets? Do I fill out a split sheet for every song on it or a split sheet for the project as a whole?

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