Enya – Book Of Days (video)

36 thoughts on “Enya – Book Of Days (video)

  1. All the songs you sing it change the way i feel, i always feel better, i'd love to meet you #enya# by labuan bajo komodo flores

  2. I just love Enya's music. I think this song was featured on an episode of Northern Exposure, another classic from the 1990's.

  3. is é mo thuras éisteacht le enya gach lá a thugann an neart dom é a dhéanamh trí lá eile !!

  4. I found this song at the age of 16, when I needed it the most. Now, at the age of 31, I need it once more, so here I am.

  5. and to think this song was nominated for a golden raspberry, it's a great song it's very beautifully sang by enya , people appreciate garbage these days it's a shame, also far and away was an epic film and a great film to watch I remember seeing it in the movies with my parents it was truly a highly loving film with terrific performances by cruise and Kidman my dad loved the ending I remember my dad and i really enjoyed that movie including my mom.

  6. O M G Going through a bereavement forgotten how good Enya music sounds, have been listening to all her songs for the last few hours, what a inspiration

  7. I want to finish my last life wrapped in cherry blossoms in full bloom while listening to Enya,s this song . 🍎

    From effulgent Tokyo in profound Japan
    Which national are you watching this video ?

  8. 迷宮に入るような曲

  9. For James Puser and all the gang Berkeley class of 98 way to go 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇺🇸🇮🇪

  10. For those who find similarities between this song and the titanic soundtrack, James Cameron originally wanted Enya to write the music for the movie but she rejected the offer because she said he was a bit hard to work with since he kept changing his mind overnight so he hired new composers and made sure they created music that sounds similar to Enya's songs, especially the ones included in The Celts and Shepherd Moons, such as the Sun in the Stream and Book of Days. Both songs were released years before the movie. This one was released in 1991. Titanic came out six years later.

  11. I've listened to Enya, since I was a child growing up with my mom always playing it! 😍😄😢🤗💘 I'm surprised I didn't ever get tired of her voice! She has so many great songs! This is actually my 1st time watching the music video to it & I just have to say it, "STAR EARRING"!!! ☆ NO! LOL! 😣😑🤔🤐😔☹😒😧💔 Bad Enya!!! Lol & it's not one of her best video's she's done, but I still love the song so much! It's weird when I listened to it as a child I would even imagine myself riding on a horse out in the country.. 🏇 Then boom, there's horse's in the music video.. I felt & imagine that already, even before seeing the music video to it.. A little trippy to me, if you ask me!!!! Lol!

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