English Orthodox chant: I’am but earth and ash (Lyric Video)

I call to mind the prophet who shouted I am but earth and ash And once again I looked with attention on the tombs and saw the bones therein bereft of flesh And I said truly who is the king and who the soldier Who the wealthy and who the needy who the righteous and who the sinner But to Your servants O Lord with the righteous grant rest

28 thoughts on “English Orthodox chant: I’am but earth and ash (Lyric Video)

  1. "From dust you art, dust you shall return". Let this remind us that we are not gods and godesses but mortals who will wither and die at the end. But the promise of God is never failing and we shall attain life eternal thru the cross of his son our savior Jesus. AVE DEVS PATRI FILII ET SPIRITV SANCTI amen

  2. Don't forget guys that vanity is a sin. Don't go swaggering around saying "look at me I am orthodox I am so much better than you" or "look at me I am catholic I am so much better than you" because your beliefs do not make you a better person. In fact this makes us a worse person because we are accountable for our sins. We were not bred in ignorance we have been taught true morals and gone against them. We have sullied our souls worse than the nonbelievers because we have sinned knowingly. A better man is better man so judge not lest you be judged. That is one of our worse problems right now. I notice the comment section is often like that now days. Show a little respect and pray for heretics and schismatics instead of calling them trash.

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