English Novel – A brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking Part 2 Complete analysis in Hindi

43 thoughts on “English Novel – A brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking Part 2 Complete analysis in Hindi

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  2. I think Stephen Hawking writes about lord Shiva in his book that's why you discussed him on the name of Stephen Hawking

  3. Amazing.and last on u said that..there must a politician related to science in our govt…i liked this one..

  4. hamare body ko antioxidants sarate ya galate nahi hai. balki ye hamare body ko damage hone se bachate hai. these are good for our body. balki free radicals se bachate hai. isliye students ko galat teach mat karo. aise aur bhi galtiya hai.use correct karo aur video phir se study kar ke banao.

  5. Aditya L1 mission
    Or sir strong or weak force magnetic nhi nuclear force h
    Strong nuclear and weak nuclear force

  6. Bhai aap ko follow karta hun …but aap mythology ko science se compare mat kijie…..ye bas ek request hai.

  7. I have studied a little on nano technology… How the image of an object can be formed at nano level… Sputtering, and various other non lithography process….

  8. sir agar swami vivekanand, jesus,gautam budh ko is duniya ke bare, is space k bare me malum tha to ve directly kyun nhi is dunia ko bataye.

  9. 18:00 kisiko aesa kabhi lga hai ki koi cheez ya thing apke sath pehle ho chuki hai or ye wapas dohra raha hai

  10. Thanku so much sir give us rvw of this great book i have read this book also,but ur explanations are best nd esly understandble,i would like to give a suggestion that as u told in ut lecture that scientist have admited that thre are some extrnal forcs who run this entire system of univers, yess this is Allah He run this system please keep side all the things like hindu nd muslims only one tym u read Quran with meaning just for the information only not any other prpos i m sure that you can give next lecture good nd satisfied to the all knowladge seeker aftr recite the Quran with meaning 😊

  11. hello sir,
    I am Akash and i am regular viewer sir great explanation thanks a lot giving us expensive knowledge.
    or sir please or thoda lecture bada sakte hai hum log bor nahi honge kyoki aap itna ache se smjate h. hum logo ko time ka pata nahi chalta hai it's my humble request that please give me depth knowledge please sir.
    thankyou very much SIR

  12. 27:28..anti oxident…help us..

    You are wrong sir..

    Antioxidants…help cells to get rid of cell damage…

  13. really awesome,outstanding lecture..plz upload next video on subhash chandra bose.we r waiting for that.

  14. Wonderful lecture sir. I am literally sharing this video to my all friends and also Sir keep motivating us such that we can make our country proud

  15. Science = philosophical idea + experimental or mathematical proof.

    Is there a proof of strong electromagnetic waves radiating from our brain.. when we think very hard ????
    Is there a proof of these waves affecting our lives ????
    We may feel such things in our daily life… But is there any proof.. ???

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