English Literature : Great English Poets & Novelist of 16 – 19 th centuries

hello and welcome to miracle English language and literature Institute I am professor Rama Sharma and we are making a new video series on miracles top-five list today will take up the top 5 English poets the fifth on our list is PB Shelley one of the younger romantics known for his lyrical qualities and long worse he is highly regarded as English Romantic poet 19th century who tragically died young he was a controversial English writer of great conviction his point Accords are known to all literature lovers we look before and after and find through what is not a sincerest laughter with some famous front us we the songs are those that tell of sadist his most inspiring lines are or trumpet both prophesy f winter comes can spring be far behind the fourth on our list is John Key's the youngest of the younger romantics oh he is dearly loved by the literature lovers he wanted to see his name in the list of great English poets and he died very young and honest epitaph has written his name was written in water the famous thoughts from his old the Grecian urn are heard melodies are sweet but those are earned of a sweeter beauty's trot show to be made from and I may and we have a thing of beauty is a joy forever and info to autumn he says where are the songs of strings a rarity think not of them thou has them a third on our list is William Wordsworth the pioneer of Romantic era he was the one who gave for the theory poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings recollected in tranquility he was a nature Pig his entire world reflects his belonging next to nature like deputies the world is too much with us solitary Reaper contingent heavy where his Voytek bars seem to be quite mature this Prelude is in fourteen books which narrates the journey of the soul from child to a man in the company of nature his famous quote the child is father Japan is from intimations of immortality the next in our list is John Milton who can dare to match his genius a very renowned English poet who was also a part of English Civil War during the Puritan upheaval in the reign of Charles one he wrote a pamphlet called a refuge Attica against the banning of freedom of press his great masterpiece Paradise Lost of magnum opus and epic was written when he was blind in order to justify the ways of God in man his famous codes are all is not lost the unconquerable will and study of revenge in mortal aid and the courage never do you submit for you they also serve who only stand and wait better to reign in Hell than to serve anything yes the greatest English poet and dramatist of all times is William Shakespeare he will always top the list ever made on English poets and Romanticism his poems sonnets and dramas are so famous that the plays are still staged all over the world his famous tragedies are Macbeth Hamlet King Lear both hello romantic tragedy Romeo and Juliet romantic comedies muttered what nothing Twelfth Night as you like it the historical plays being Julius Caesar Richard – Henry Ford fifth sixth and eighth almost every line written by him is a famous quote of today to be or not to be that is the question know which line to speak and which one to leave that is the question for us this is a famous vac statue of Shakespeare at Madame Tussaud in Hong Kong if you like my effort please like comment share and subscribe also flora website www.misnylaw.com there are many such lists in the process so keep in touch thank you for watching take care hello and welcome empirical English language and literature Institute I am professor Abba Chevron and in this video we are going to take up miracles top 5 English novelist of the 18th and 19th century the fifth on a list is Samuel Richardson who was an English writer and printer he wrote epistolary novels Pamela or virtue rewarded was published in 1740 a story of a 15 year old maid servant she was beautiful and her land owner mr. B makes unwatered two boxes it is a conduct book by Richardson in a series of letter earned in your story it was a best-seller of its time his masterpiece Marisa or the history of a young lady also an epistolary novel is a story of a Rowan whose quest for virtue is constantly defeated by her family it is the longest novel in English language as per the word comedy the next on our list is the father of English novel Daniel people he was a trader journalist and even a spy he was a prolific writer wrote more than 500 books pamphlets and journals on different themes Robinson Crusoe was published in 1790 is a story of amoreena who was shipwrecked stranded in a lonely island for 28 years this novel is epistolary confessional and didactic inform this cast of his story is based on the life of Scottish Alexander Selkirk it is the finest realistic fiction the fortunes and misfortunes of famous small Flanders was published in 1722 dealing her exploits from births to old age it was a vigorous novel the third analyst is William Makepeace Thackeray from Anglo Indian descent born in Calcutta who came to England at the age of five when his father died of a fever in 1815 his book Vanity Fair was published serially in monthly installments the title taken from Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress book is densely populated multi-layered panorama of manners and human frailties subtitled a novel without the hero the lack of Barry Lyndon is a picaresque novel published in 1844 about a member of the Irish Gentry trying to become a member of the English aristocracy the second on our list is a Victorian realist and Edwardian novelist and poet almost funny many of his novels concern tragic characters struggling against their passions and social circumstances and most of them are steadily Flemmi sexual region of Wessex the return of the native is Hardy's most popular novel Acton he being the place has human emotions claimed as the native group comes back from Paris to his native place to Samuel the mayor of just Bridge in life and death of a man of character is a story of her gate cruiser who gets drunk he sells his wife and child in a fare then takes a while next morning out of regret never to touch alcohol for next 21 years and with his hard work he becomes the successful businessman and later mayor of pasty French Alastor stopped by the very popular ignorant novelist Charles Dickens he enjoyed popularity during his lifetime his work is now considered classic his work appealed all rich or poor his most popular novel is David Copperfield which is quasi autobiographical it has applied for young child who is born posthumously and his ill-treated my stepfather and also in his school it's the narration of his journey of life from birth till he became a successful writer a tale of two cities is a tale set in London and Paris before and during French Revolution it fits the plight of French prison tree demoralized by the French aristocracy if you like my effort please like comment share and subscribe also explore our website www.levitt.com till I take the next list keep in touch take care bye bye

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