English Literature Exam – CLEP – The College Board (Overview)

what's going on everybody this is mark west with club guinea-pig on your clap guinea pig back at you again with another quick overview video of this time we're going to be doing the English literature CLEP exam very similar to the American literature CLEP exam in fact some of the authors well actually you'll probably see again if you've taken that exam or if you take both exams which you probably shouldn't have to unless you have to satisfy multiple English credits or literature credits but very similar to that exam kind of definitely meshes in with the analyzing and interpreting literature exam as well the difference between this exam is it does have a lot of questions in regards to the different authors and literary works literary styles devices and things like that but it's more focused on it's more focused on like reading and analyzing so it's kind of like the perfect mesh of analyzing and interpreting literature and American literature in my opinion but if you have to satisfy a English credit and you kind of you can pick between any of those language arts I would definitely try American literature would do that one because it's a little bit more chunked out more focused on the author's the writers from those particular time periods and their literary works and terminology so so you know and the way that the percentages are honest that even hundred percent so you can kind of see exactly how many questions approximately you're gonna be asked so I would recommend that exam over this exam but anyway we're talking about English literature so let's just go ahead and do a quick overview here what you need to know is this information right here so this exam times approximately 95 questions and you will have 90 minutes to answer those questions and just like on the any-any exam that has a lot of reading involved you won't definitely want to be mindful of that clock that time will die down on you quite fast all right our knowledge and skills required is pretty straightforward literature exam measures both knowledge and ability percentages below show the relative emphasis given to each however most questions draw on both alright um so just take that with a grain of salt but I will put the link to this webpage in the description box for you so you can kind of read over it yourself and as you can see here compared to that of the American literature exam well I mean relatively the same amount of focus is gonna be put on background identification of authors as metric metrical patterns literary references and literary terms and as you can see here is a big big chunk of your exam is just pretty much on reading analyzing says proceeding meanings identify tone and mood all the patterns of imagery identify characters of style I'm so sorry I have something in my eye I hope you're not watching me um comprehend the reasoning in an excerpt of literary criticism um one thing I didn't do in my last video that I need to start doing and every one of these is go over the study resources because a lot of people missed that on the College Board website if you didn't know the College Board recommends some study resources and these are great resources to kind of derive your own study guide from if you want to build your own study guide these are great resources to do that with um the online resources here are free okay modern stage this is what I was looking for so if you guys don't know about modern States definitely check out modern States there are free courses that are specifically designed to help you pass your clip exam now just keep in mind they are courses and they are like course format alright and I'm gonna be doing a full review on modern states if you don't know about it that should be coming in the next week or so but um just check out those resources and of course textbooks a lot of the exams are derived from textbooks that create it with textbooks so if the College Board is recommending a specific set of textbooks here as you can see I would definitely check those out and use those as tools to help you create the perfect study process whether it be flashcards or you know just reading over and highlighting however you best study those are available to you so uh really quick before I let you guys go if you're interested starting mid to late September early October I'm gonna be retaking all my CLEP exams that I've taken from the past two years I'm gonna be taking them starting all over from from fresh start over fresh so if you're interested in you want to know my schedule my calendar when I'm gonna be taking what exam and you want to just kind of follow along with me check out my review videos and any study guys that I create along the way um I will put a link to my contact form you can add your contact information I'll get in touch with you and then I'll add you to my VIP listen and I'll just shoot you a text when I start taking exams and give you access to my calendar so that is that if you guys have any questions feel free to reach out I will also put the link to my full review on this exam in the description box it's been a little while since I took it but it's still getting a lot of views a lot of people I've said that is still really helpful so hopefully you might get some little nuggets from it yeah that's really all I have and I hope you guys found this video helpful like I said feel free to reach out I'm available to you anytime day or night shoot me a texture Jimena alright guys till next time peace

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