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welcome to engage engage is a new education and presentation platform that transforms how educators and businesses share ideas and teach lessons to each other globally over the Internet by harnessing the power of virtual reality engage is a multi-user social learning platform where educators will be furnished with the tools that they need to enable them to create their own lessons and immersive learning experiences transforming how educational content is delivered to their students over vast distances engage also enables people to connect in a more natural way by placing you inside the meeting room and allowing you to collaborate using tools such as our interactive whiteboard system and presentation tools engage also integrates seamlessly with Dropbox YouTube and onedrive allowing you to share media and documents easily make your presentations or classes more engaging with our immersive effects presenter system which allows you to stream in virtual assets into the virtual world that can be interacted with for your students or coworkers engage also allows educators and presenters to record their own classes and lessons so they can edit them later and publish them on the engage platform we call this system projective presence engage a platform for great ideas and inquisitive minds you

5 thoughts on “ENGAGE | VR Education & Training Platform

  1. But how will you teach practical things? I think it will work good to teach theory but not the practial part

  2. Learning through VR will be an interesting debate. I look forward to seeing VR get to the point of computers these days, so we can take advantage of high fidelity. In the end of the day, that is where the learning occurs. It needs to be the same if not more detailed than real life to understand the full scope of where this can go. I'm a huge believer in VR in public spaces such as Galleries, Museums, and even Class rooms – I do however feel there is a big disconnect when putting people into a common space to play. It may work, it may not. Time will tell. I will say however, for this demo, you guys need to redo all your UI. The platform itself really lacks a new way of looking at VR ui. It's a bit amateur looking and could use a rehaul. Great initiative. I'll watch for you guys!!!!

  3. Hey guys. I love what you are doing. I'm trying to push for education and virtual reality at www.vrwheatley.com. I just downloaded your new update, but my Vive doesn't seem to be working with it. It says "Connecting to game" and just sits there. I have disabled the sitting controls as well. Any help?

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