Enabling DRM for Kindle Publishing

hey guys Julie brought up hath more influence calm and the new author of the new brand you now available in bookstores and Amazon everywhere so I had a question come in from Jennifer and this is for all of you self-publishing authors out there trying to make some decisions when you're uploading your book to Kindle to Amazon through KDP select so the question Jennifer sent in was should we select the DRM box for the Kindle version of my book the DRM is digital rights management and I printed off a little definition so I can tell you exactly what DRM is DRM is a systematic approach to copyright protection for digital media the purpose of DRM is to prevent unauthorized redistribution of digital media and restrict the ways consumers can copy content they've purchased so that's what it is and in Kindle when you're uploading there's a little checkbox in some section that says DRM that's basically all it says this DRN DRM enabled I think is exactly what it says so do you check it well if you do a search online you'll find all kinds of yes-or-no opinionated answers and – why here's my perspective to me with a physical book somebody can take it borrow it from the library they can lend it to a friend they can burn it for heat they can sell it they can do whatever they want once they buy it they own it and they can do whatever they want with Kindle there's actually a lot of restrictions you can allow it to be lent out you can do a few things but in general most people when they buy a Kindle book they can read it on their Kindle device or their Kindle app and that's it now the argument is that if you don't protect it people will hack it and steal it and then share it and it'll be widely distributed for free or they'll sell it and make money off of your your book and yes it's easier in digital format for this to happen than it is with a printed copy people aren't going to go out and make a photo copy of your book so that's the concern is that in digital format it's much easier to steal and share and you won't ever know that it's been sent around to hundreds of people without you getting the money or the the royalties from it so in theory checking off this DRM protects that from happening but the reality is that there's hacks and the people who are going to steal your book they're the ones that know these hacks so if they really want to steal your book they're going to steal it anyway and in the meantime all you're doing by enabling the DRM is pissing off the good people because what happens is that it limits some of the things that you can do so for example if you have two devices that you want to read your book on sometimes this DRM being enabled will prevent people from transferring it to two different places it will prevent them from downloading it more than once so it can limit things and be a little bit of an irritant to people who have legitimately purchased your book and just want to read it wherever they are on whatever kind of app or system they're using so in summary checking off the DRM yes it does give you a small layer of protection but the reality is the people who want to steal your book still have hacks they still can steal your book and spread it around without giving you the royalties and by putting the DRM on there you do create some challenges for the good people the people who don't want to steal your book they just want to read it on multiple devices or they happen to accidentally delete it and they want it back without having to pay for it a second time but DRM is preventing them from doing it so worst case scenario somebody does hack in steal your book and send it out there they're going to do it whether you have DRM checked or not and hey if your goal is to get your message out into the most hands possible well really they're just helping you right that's how I've chosen to look at it there are many opinions there's many strong cases for and against um but that is my perspective on it if you liked this video even if you don't like my opinion but you liked the video give it a thumbs up if you want more on getting your message out there having more influence and of course the occasional self-publishing tip as well please subscribe to my channel while you're here and of course if you've got questions comments go ahead post them in the comments below and come on back next time love to see you then bye oh and if you haven't come on over to have more influence com let's connect over there I've got the broad thoughts newsletter usually it comes out almost weekly and you can always hit reply to that to connect with me as well bye

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  2. Hi
    I want to publish my pdf or ebook without illegal distribution on android mobiles.
    what should i do?
    please tell.

  3. great information. I do have a few questions related to Pre-order.
    Can you answer this or explain in a video whichever is convenient to you.
    1) I uploaded my paperback and can't see any preorder option and I can't even select a publication date as the calendar for future dates seems disabled.
    How can I set up my Paperback for Preorder?

    2) Secondly, Can the preorder date be changed once set?


  4. This is a very interesting debate concerning all sorts of media, whether it's concerning books, movies, or video games. I can see how DRM is good because it stops people from illegally distributing content, AKA pirating. On the other side, people like me who want more control over the things I buy, but won't pirate it get annoyed when I can't do a certain thing with my purchased (or sometimes free) content.
    For example, I don't like the official Kindle app because it doesn't have all the features I want, so I looked into an app called Calibre. It's an open source eReader for desktop computers with all the features I want, but it can't read Kindle books because of their DRM. I found a plugin for Calibre that removes the DRM, but couldn't get it to work. I know other people use it, though, so that tells you that expert pirates can just remove the DRM and pirate your books anyway.
    There are all sorts of other DRM as well, such as Amazon Video that doesn't let you have control over the movies and TV shows you buy on Amazon. There's also Steam and Origin, which are places PC gamers like me buy video games. Due to Origin's restrictions, I can't modify my games as I want to. (Steam is better)
    DRM is annoying to the people who just want freedom with the things they buy, and pirates who are smart enough can just remove the DRM anyway in most cases.

  5. Amazon should have the book for online reading only with authorized devices… We're all connected. Authors need more protection. Great Vid, too!

  6. How would you launch a publishing business? I am a Canadian. Should I start a sole-proprietor publishing business or a US LLC? Funds are limited. Looking for world-wide distribution. Thanks Julie.

  7. I am a first time Self Publisher currently looking into this issue. A good vid. Thanks.


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