Empire Artist TEC Talks Master P Debacle And Bouncing Back With Poetic Activism

I got that a rapper named ended up getting the quarry to use like one of my favorites I want to be boom I'm getting bigger well when I started to really take graham Sears I seen another rapper named take nine just broke my ship like the TC there's two rappers namesake not about a rapper that died you know so bad rap really just not isn't it was technology that you have all right from Louisiana yeah okay I mean if you couldn't tell from the music he was playing local shoots today and my shit on radio he heard a nigga Jake wheezing called me on three way repeat repeat flew me on like two weeks you know what song was that here yeah I had a song called fly away like my first positive type of song and I she was crazy okay so what – oh alright I was fuckin with P everything was going cool I thought I was yeah I dropped the murder charge by end up doing like three years shit like I came home trying to pick up where I left off with people it wasn't the same boom one side left from fucking with people like me and made me started out doing she made music like my dog him start doing our shit and like especially just start blowing them like organic a lot of you we start getting going viral Instagram I mean so on how he went on how you know maybe come from the book well I've been going man since I shipped great 6-3 type shit so we've been knowing like me like we really met each other like in middle school so when we met we used to be rapping at Jimmy's shit I'm like take it up cold I ain't saying shit about me but we end up like down there on eighth grade seeing each other again we've gotta make a song so we went from us making the song says making a mixtape to us making like grouping these nigga just stand by my house and I we just don't need me around each other like that no more until P pick me up and I went out there with P and I was telling him about maintenance before you got locked up yeah this one fold I guess yeah mid-1968 so boom alright I once I meet up with P people give me out there and like I'm trying to tell him I man like man better than everybody else oh you're late boom when I came home coming back fuck what a busy fly man when you fly through man I mean your videos definitely remind me like old cash money so so um was it always a plan to go solo or was it just like I will now I was like his situation and stuff like that you decided to like we always looked at ourselves is like me solo artist but we I don't know we just felt like we needed each other to get out of bed world like wheels using each other like feed off each other yeah pushing each other to go hard as we possibly could but me and my head like you know I need brothers get all the issues and shit so boom that made us start like when we handle the issues he started doing his solo shit like dropping mixtapes and shit and they push me to like I need to get on my sheet try me some solo shoot we start hitting on the solo shooting that's when he end up going to jail oh yeah gotta gotta push oh no gotta keep on so um when he comes back out you ever see you guys to win music together again yeah we've all about effect we got like we got an album in a took right now you know you already got something nice – yeah right now drop in my solo alright so you um what's the difference between like what's news between a solo project from just tech then like I said if you like wheels beyond some compared with me I'd be it kind of like competitive with myself like like from when I go on the first verse I'm trying to the second verse I'm trying to kill Dave nigga on the first person so like I'd be competitive with it like like down to the same thing but it's just with me I trying to switch my telling every time you won't you actually like good with the boss you're like you're spinning you actually grab so it's not like you know normally like when you get somebody that says as much as you want to hook some things of nature that's what they go for they going for that just to get us in but you actually like go with the Boz what makes you want to keep up with that light keep that tight make sure you're good you could drop off hot 16 at any given point like then why I fuck with I fuck what I hear so much vibe out here cuz like me and man like we really study like this make shit like fuck with it like I like I really like been watching that shit like and that shit really made us wanna fuck with the boss niggas like me and shit like – so but you gotta keep this shit going like but the singing type sheet is like cuz I feel like I'm more than just a rapper I'm a poet again to this and I'm an artist so I feel like I'd just be trying to make good music but I also keep the bars like you gotta be sad something I gotta keep them like oh what the fuck oh yeah and like that's what this shit about thank you so I mean and then going more in depth with the bars you don't normally just rap about like the normal braggadocio you only get only like and so like how like glamour raza street life is shit like that you talk about like the elves you take it should I share that did you so I mean like normally like when people have like that image to maintain it shit they just wrap up our life flash it well let you know like people was connectedly what you rap about real shit like being a poetic activist as yourself yeah when people write like semi sheet like it's diligence that's a nice beat you rack up my life in a song like that type of shit right there that she touched my heart like my soul like it's really a purpose like nigger like I ain't never met this nigga from ebony some shit that I went through and I especially like he relate to this shit more like nigga everybody can't relate to jury oh I got a spider change I can't everybody can't relate today but everybody can relate to pain everybody like emotions and shit like we go to so so is that a usual I mean cuz a lot of I mean like being able to wrap on your pain and stuff like that is that it usual that me because the people that we do it is like oh let me look at the what do ya like oh yeah like I think boosted kind of really open it up more he opened it in like young boy who is she with here like it is a big it's big out there or whatever so now that right what's the own thing where do you go from here from like the empire from my situation whether you takes by the nation from here no I like we trying to just we trying to go with so we can't go you know I'm still taking shitty you know still going thing Monday so I'm just wrapping this shit we putting it out like it's about the people of fans and so yeah we go this up is on yahoo so the hell I'm gonna be looking at child like what the fuck so what you working on right now I'm working on this name like after I drop keep this and I'm working on working on real life three right now and putting out this key to spend like this shipping so hard doing it the right way like getting the beats paying for the beats going to shoot the right way I got channel clearance samples drop things I make put that shit up fuck this shit yeah you know the extra sheet on tracking down these producers and just putting out shit the right way you know they're like fucking with impiety telling me like yeah you see you driving so much but you're getting like the same fan but I'm trying to expand it so you know it's like more to it than just me drop amusing like this I'm just used to like when I can't drive music not be feeling the presidency like okay when they hold back so yeah I mean so how do you I mean that's a that's a thing that's a thing because a lot of niggas like when it happens they just sound they they'll eat they own shit goes down what gives you wait what gives you to discipline to keep your eye on that that prize like damn it's like from all good oh yeah that's what it is like is for my own good and for like a better purpose and I we trying to touch areas we that she keep me fuck crazy hair so when does it come down my light damn mom I gotta get this to the fans and when is it you know when you call that what it's like oh like when they on my ass they write when the fuck you gonna drive me drive me so I called man look I'm about to drop some shit today we got we got a petition out today I got so much shit like I just got songs put up to what sometimes I get on the cover final pitch on YouTube screenshot that she I mean try to pitch on Yahoo screen shot that she fucking okay I mean I think that's like the biggest difference not everything is on like a platform statement that I said everything got to get cleared with before you know she was on mixtape so he kept calm niggas just drop me shit yeah everything was free and shit like yeah so now you gotta wait for everything to get but you still like fuck it so yeah oh fuck any never focus on time okay so we can't call you she means some to me angels be like Oh purple movie red next week none none of this shit it was a full attention and people I was against it me and man was against niggas doing that cuz no type of news was just weird to us but not like being wrong niggas like they understand they're looking at you from the outside like and you can't ever say what you just ain't finna do or this and they're like growing so like fuck it is me I'm trying this my lady you know my own shit purple baby purple gentlemen take you out it's my shit so alright now that we got which people now do you have a spot nation you put it on your back right is then you know artists we can expect for Supply Management I'm saying oils right now they're looking at what you looking for what you look for knowledge I just some different saying in great music like what something different not like Oh what we already had finding like a lot of audience I bring around me they feel like they got a rap like me rain or like they gotta come finish what we doing some you know saying I try to like no I don't want them like they already got there yeah they got a tick they got a man over here so we need something new it won't bring something new to the world like the offer from Spyder nation so just something different like your own sound in great music all right there so not a young they not you as far as like you to other thing things like that right with YouTube videos how you go about like getting its attention to out themselves there's like we just gotta I'd be using my Instagram promotion this shit no that's the trick because I mean you had like dude that doesn't know then you have just watching actually and it did about 1600 exactly yeah yeah so I mean so you do you do your numbers right yeah we do your numbers but I'm thinking like how do you get it to click like a national to international thing like that because I mean that's let me turn connect right yeah it's wrong because this shit is different from everybody else you know people will seat up like you said the purple hair from the jump they think you're like you know it's something like you make it dance it to death socially yeah but now you're actually talking actually yeah but how we get that to connect to a younger generation that's a long way I need people to hear time you I need people to hear like it's all different kind of people in the world so I just hope that I could touch other people in today Jon through the crowd of music to like but it's all good music like I mean they could relate to this shit some people just relief in it they pump their time machine I got my I got my fan base I I know it's other people out there relate to this and we just got to expand it and touch new people to way we try to touch the whole world with this shit this nation motivation but if it's to oatmeal head then you know but you know we normally hear like I cannot for once they're like what's the positive about metals which muscle it about barrel weight was it towards what I go out [Laughter] small like if you ain't got a name you just regular nigga is cool go fuck wish you go to campus southern campus on like she like they got nicely clubs like shit but it's our way is just so small like if you got a name of you somebody known it's not the place for you whoop up on the clothes out there we're both on the close up like we got our own kind of music like jig music is she like a fast tempo she that's not bouncing yeah like they bounce she that's written water but they played it in our club too polite like oh boo says she like way being like that like the Nick Club somebody they white me down beat type shape mouse on track type beats and like you know they got out she bumping into clothes like they got busy they shit but a young boy she Oh and then other Donette they playin boots and waved old like club fire type shit they fuck away I mean but there's like older yeah like older ones shit ain't really about the plea no quarter by five in the fucking club rules ain't gonna say else's young group or some of your other favorite rappers I thought we take cold tough fucking gates I got so I really like a lot of Louisiana shit but I like other people to like meet me Oh soda slim rpm he was before he died like was it a effect of like what he died he got because that's one yeah because I know I'm like the first girl was like slow motion yeah see juvenile him like really show him to the world I mean dad and she liked it but like a lot of people like yourself um you said in the beginning a lot of people compare Maine to the first person I ever do it though was masterpiece well take the arm in the wall take the braid Tina walk I go to all who the fuck I want to but I really want to go to Waldheim Trump cuz I'm Trump trying to take food stocks for my mom and that's all the fuck she got bitch-ass nigga so you niggas better stay the fuck look long as the motherfucking government let us keep fools down and shit would we go be good but the first time this nigga passed along talking about he taking a Louisiana Purchase she go get ugly I swear to God on my but it was also a lot of we had to go through police fucking with us here we go we get on the airplane she was going on it was like crazy anyway like I borrow like one time folded to like I had some shit just wrapping like ripping like you're sticking with the fucking line for Santa what s she invited and gates picked it up and posted it and then made it go even mo you know so people know me like people just see me like honest irreverently Stephanie who somebody the thing with me was I didn't want to be remembered like we don't want to be just known as that's dumb niggas video Trump on that's damn niggas with the ripple instead no like you really wanted to be remembered in this she liked being on Jeopardy and she liked like wonderful great you know but because I think like after that I definitely started paying attention to make music and that's what percent let me know like oh shit down and then like then it was the group thing I did the research I was a group yeah so both these musical happen now you got your own show yo should is both Leisha like that alright so um yo can we get an attack in gate song come on yeah so what I need you to do I need you to plug this you learn by notes coming out and that's what videos you got locking with you need you not oh yeah keep the slack out now everywhere if you got it go get that bitch again you know giving me up let me know about the experience that you got from how to get contrary to let you know i'm on instagram tec underscore simple like the tech underscore like this my man should not be on instagram i'm on 22 but on twitter my twitter is tec underscore da on the school of ctv so that's a little more difficult but almost fucking instagram is a tick underscore like get at me let me know your experience from it i'm trying to see how everybody feel about it cuz i you know giving them a part of me I want to know their feedbacks for you keep the same out right now go fuck with it you know yeah Doug shit

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