Eminem – The Way I am ( Uncensored Lyrics )

39 thoughts on “Eminem – The Way I am ( Uncensored Lyrics )

  1. When Eminem said “I can’t take a shit in the bathroom without someone standing by it” I felt that

  2. The UK kicks the usa's ass musically, but not rap, this guy is so talented, got so many people into it, feel racist when i say that he is the best, but fk it I'm not, hate racist people, so stupid

  3. I'll just say it, 'My Name Is' isn't even that great. Can anyone tell me why people love it so much, there's "arose" in revival (I know I'm comparing two different types of track, but I do like arose better so…), I like that track over 'My Name Is', I like a revival track better than my name is. What's all the fuss about. It broke records at the time, but he has topped it so many times

  4. The rhythmically way that he raps is stuck in my head and is driving me crazy
    I think I can remix this maybe
    now everything I read is full of energy and not so lazy

  5. Trust Me Man,
    This is not rap
    This is his art of reflecting eminem's life in a lyrical line !!
    And he is so mastered in this art that word "Rap" is small for this !!
    You just cant describe him nor by word "Rapper".
    -Always be ur Stan ❤

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