Eminem-kim lyrics

37 thoughts on “Eminem-kim lyrics

  1. How the fuck he ever got away with releasing this track is beyond me but although its sick there's no denying its pure genius

  2. This is why ill never date Em, You know why? He's controversial. Thats why. Thats how his wife died. By HIM..

  3. Sadly this song is used by CIA for the suspected prisoners to tortures them for confession in Loud volume several days straight nonstop.

  4. I played this song in the office in a mid-volume and my assistant manager heard it, he come near me and said? "That song is crazy man" and I just smiled and turn it off.

  5. Eminem is and always will be the greatest rapper ever to me. This album is a classic and no one comes close…💯💯💯

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