Ellen…The woman (2/6)- Life Story, Writings, Visions, Prophecies, and Her Struggle in Life

Ellen White was an enthusiastic gardener her diary tells of planting out currant and raspberry bushes and strawberry plants her entry for Monday April 11 tells us she spent most of the day making a garden for her children because she wanted home to be the pleasantest place of any to them the white home was always open to visitors and at times it seemed to the family that they operated a free hotel a diary entry in June tells of 35 eating at their table the day after Ellen wrote one brief sentence we're are much worn out traveling to visit the churches occupied a large amount of the whites time during extended travel Ellen did not forget her children and kept in close touch with them by frequent letters in 1859 to her five-year-old son Willie she described her activities and experiences in language he could understand with one letter she sent a small box of candy with the admonition you must eat it only when Jenny thinks at his best either very little at a time and to her 18 year old son Edson she wrote in 1868 I was disheartened and so was your father to see you so ready to put on a coat which cost $26 merely the walk down to the office ittsan I am sorry that you do not manifest more care in regard to your clothing when she was not travelling some house each morning were usually devoted to her writing in the afternoons sewing mending knitting or occasional shopping trips to town or visits with sick neighbors occupied her time after receiving the vision concerning health in 1863 the whites returned to their home determined to put into practice what she had been shown little did she realize how hard the battle with appetite would be after this time meat had been the principal article in her diet she relished eating it and did not enjoy simple unrefined food what is more she believed that she needed meat for strength because her health was poor and she often fainted several times a week in the vision however she was shown the advantages of a simple diet free from such stimulating food she instructed her cook not to serve meat anymore I would eat simple food or I'll not eat at all stomach you may wait until you eat bread her success in this battle brought immediate benefits it was not long before she was able to enjoy simple and wholesome food six months later she wrote that her health had never been better and that the faint and dizzy spells had left her in 1867 the whites moved to Greenville in northern Michigan for two years James had been very ill from stress overwork and the effects of a stroke his sickness persuaded his wife to take some unusual measures in the temp to help him regain his health although the physicians at the water cure institution in Dansville had warned James that physical activity could lead to another stroke his wife had been shown in vision that without physical and mental activity he could not hope to recover in the mid summer of 1867 she saw an opportunity to involve her husband in some physical exercise while the hay was drying in the fields she visited their neighbors and persuaded them to say that they were too busy with their own harvesting to help her husband when he asked for their assistance reluctantly they agreed to cooperate according to plan when the request was made James White was very disappointed at the response his wife however spoke up let us show our neighbors we can work ourselves as they pass by the locals were surprised to see the lady who had been recently conducting public meetings pitching hay on the wagon trading it down and building the stack as she worked with her husband and son Willy but more importantly her innovative strategy helped restore her husband's health and strength due to the primitive state of photography at the time no photograph exists of Ellen White smiling although one artist has drawn this picture based on an early photo in actual fact mrs. white was anything but morose she was known to enjoy a hearty laugh at an amusing situation or a nice turn of words like many of us she gained weight with age when a friend in Japan sent her a knitted vest like garment called a hug me tight she found it much too small she wrote expressing her great appreciation for the gift and added Riley but there is a great deal more to sister white than most people think James and Ellen White lived in Battle Creek much of the time until 1881 their marriage was a happy one and they shared a very tender relationship in spite of the strength of their personalities and some occasional differences of opinion for like the biblical prophets Ellen White was not without her faults in 1876 she had occasioned a right to her husband I am not free from mistakes and errors in my life and I've followed my Savior more closely I should not have to mourn so much my unlike nough stew his dear image again I say forgive me every word or act that has grieved you bike most marriages Ellen's was not all sweetness and light when James died prematurely in Battle Creek in 1881 at the age of 60 Ellen won't felt the loss deeply did at the funeral she spoke of her resignation to God's will of the Christians hope and of Jesus who she said was more precious to her than he ever had been in any previous hour in her life James White was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery Battle Creek near his two sons

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