Elite Dangerous – New Content and Update Announcements for 2019 and 2020

hi guys girls I'm obsidian aunt and welcome back to elite dangerous after many weeks and even in some cases months of wandering know where we're going to be in 2019 and the future for elite dangerous quanta have finally provided a community update on where elite dangerous is heading now there's some okay news here and there's some news that's not so good and there's some news that given time is probably going to be a very very good so ultimately this depends on your perspective and how long you're willing to wait or happy to wait for the next big content drop so let's get to it frontier then I posted a content update on the official forums today and it's broken down into four sections or perhaps five if you include the section about beyond and without beating around the bush at let's get straight to the most important bit the part everyone's going to want to know about what is the next big update for elite dangerous well frontier don't tell us they tell us it's going to be at the next big milestone they say it's a significant update and the biggest that they've ever released for the game however the bad news is is not coming until the later half of 2020 that means a frightful today is likely going to be at least eighteen months until we see anything contemplated in terms of a big paid update personally I'm really really surprised about this I was honestly expecting to see something in 2019 like many people west frontier have never actually come out right and said this it has largely been of the expectation of the player base but it basically means at that what we've got right now with chapter four is in at least until the next big amount date but that said it's not a case that there's no updates at all never are going to be some updates and this is what frontier talked about in the other section of the community update and we will come back to the main update in just a moment but let's go on and talk about everything else before we come back to that so frontier are going to continue this year with what they call a development supported events so what are these what essentially this is former front is post this read what they have have to say here one of the biggest changes will be the way that we create and support in-game events and activities started in the coming months we'll be looking the to change at the way the in-game events happen the aim here is to create ongoing engaging and varied sets of content that are supported by the development team which players will be able to actively engage in and they go on to say that they're going to slowly remove away from community goals or at least allow community goals to support these upcoming changes in events these different types of events now front a are also very very vague about what these events are they just say that they want them to be development led events that help them create improved meaningful and engaging experiences whatever that's supposed to mean they also say outside of the game would communicate with you about these events how they work and what goes into developing and lead dangerous so we don't really know exactly what that means all we do know is that these events will take advantage of in-game mechanics such as the scenarios reputation reward boosts they say here such as a superpower reputation increases so it may be like an XP boost increase you get first certain weekends in other games they also want to take advantage of the background simulation and global climatic changes and many other things besides so yeah there's then now it's also going to be regular updates they say in addition to the weekly and monthly activity happening in elite we'll also be releasing a series of updates roughly every three to four months so the first of these two updates will be primarily focused on that the new player and welcoming experiences so every three to four months that would take us up to six months which pretty much brings us up to September I guess or maybe toward the end of the year so essentially the next two updates are we're going to receive this year we'll be focusing on new players as well as the games welcomed and experienced so afraid it's all for existing and players in many respects as they're going to be heavily focused for new players but that said that they also talked about quality of life updates on quality of life improvements and there's going to be a whole bunch of these and run across the game but note the point here then I would underscore and that may you don't really underscore themselves is that these upcoming updates are not going to be as large as the ones found in horizons or the Beyonder season essentially what this means then is that these updates are going to be pretty smaller at least that's how I read it so all in all in terms of what's here come in for 2019 it seems a pretty unimpressive lineup personally I think there is some good news we can take away from it and that is that the player base has been at least up until what relatively recently a very very large chapter for is bull Dina Simac player numbers also know from the frontier financials that they plan on keeping elite dangerous development active at least until 2022 so this isn't the end of the game by any means it's also worth pointing out that frontier have said themselves and we've noticed ourselves as well that the player base has been very very active over the previous months at least until very very recently in fact elite dangerous has had some of the highest player numbers ever so in terms of where elite dangerous is right now both in the cases of what the games like as well as a player base it seems pretty healthy yet chapter four did bring with it a lot of bugs the fortunate thing is that those bugs are slowly being fixed there was a patch going out today fixing many of the bank round simulation aspects but very little of that is going to alleviate the disappointment many people are likely to be feeling right now with the news that there's no massive content updates coming in 2019 or whatsoever in fact there was no hint no mention whatsoever or the speculated mission packs so with a relatively sparse 2019 coming up for elite dangerous and they probably relatively sparse early 2020 it falls to the end or the later half of 2020 to see where the game is going now again a frontier were very very vague on this they said that literally they've got nothing to announce right now and they won't have anything to announce for a while on this but what they did say is that having a development team dedicated to this update to this milestone is they continued an unwavering commitment to make an elite dangerous the most authentic ambitious and expensive evolving space gem in the world so there we have it then a community update on elite dangerous from frontier it's good I guess that they've gone out their way to release this information but ultimately it's not the information that many of us were hoping for or expecting didn't even know your thoughts and feelings in the comments section below I'd love to hear from you as a waser thanks for watching and I catch you guys in guilds next time

44 thoughts on “Elite Dangerous – New Content and Update Announcements for 2019 and 2020

  1. I just started playing, its great but will be killed by Star Citizen once released as thats far more superior.

  2. If Frontier aint careful, Star Citizen will finish persistence and server meshing before ED's new major update is ready..

  3. I don't understand why they don't put chat and guilds in the game. This game hasn't got much going for it except meta.

  4. hahaha so funny.
    I feel the community is quite angry with the communication frontier has with the player.
    If they dont do something actually meaningful in this update you will see a shit ton of people just going to the Alpha of Star Citizen.

  5. Next update you are able to walk out the vehicle and inside the vehicle? Just give me a working Star Citizen clone already 😂

  6. i supported star citizen , elite and no mans sky pre release.. Have to say no mans sky is pulling ahead from the other 2 even with a much smaller team in terms of explorability.

  7. All of you cunts in the comment can kiss my ass. Frontier has given us the greatest space game in human history and you douche bags want rush rush rush. Let them take their time. Time produces quality.

  8. Really excited. Happy to wait for them to do it right. They have a pretty massive studio now, so I'm really hoping its atmospheric landings, and gas planets. I'm also hoping that the city's and locations on these planets are thick (for populated systems), and has that big game hunting type gameplay that was teased in very early statements from braben about plans for the game.

  9. whats the bet it will be somthing not that huge….they always do this and take LONG to relise non inpactfull updates (not all just most

  10. Player owned, customizable systems(expensive) super trade warp gates, and player owned, customized mega ships

  11. What do you mean 2022? Are they literally going to stop supporting the game in 2022 if there aren't enough players? I'm guessing they will continue it if it's still successful? I sure hope so…

  12. They haven't developed their game in years in any real meaningful way. Frontier is a dumpster fire of a company.

  13. Eve online did a better job of making a space sim that lasted longer and kept players entranced than elite dangerous. Seems they've given up and lost their mojo, never heard of a service game that goes a whole year without any major update. RiP E:D we had some great memories

  14. So, fleet carriers were supposed to be released with the last update, but they left them out and pushed them to the content update in 2020 in order to say it's the "biggest update yet", right? It certainly feels like something is missing in this last update. Billions of credits in the new mining system, but nothing to spend them on.

  15. So Elite was developed, released, updated regularly, then died and Star Citizen still not even out of alpha.

  16. We need to be able to explore derelict space ships that have been floating in space for centuries. Or get off on foot to explore an ancient alien city with weapons and a team of 6 and find ancient remains of creatures that once dwelled only to be ambushed by native monstrous carnivorous lifeforms. Is that too much to ask for? 😄

  17. Reading the comments below, it sounds like it's not all roses and sunshine for ED / Frontier. Not to sound cynical, but this is a good thing. It means space-sim players are not just playing ED out of spite for the "lack of progress" for SC. Which brings me to the massive $200+ million dollar elephant in the room: Star Citizen. Every game development has its ups and downs, and whether you like it or not, the past 18 months of SC dev has seen more content and updates than the previous 6 years combined. They are moving faster than ever before. And they HAVE TO, because the gravy train of money from hungry space sim-starved players who haven't had a decent sim since fucking EVE ONLINE in 2003 (and no, THE X SERIES DOES NOT COUNT) will eventually run out of disposable income.

  18. Gotta be space legs and atmospheric surfaces and landings. 2 years until a drop means hard work on something large. No way its gonna take 2 years for JUST atmospheric planets… no way.

    Hopefully 2020 is ATLEAST spacw station space legs and space ports on planet surfaces. Dont have to necessarily be entire planet free roams. Just confined areas.

  19. literally everything interesting is predicted to happen in the next decade

    i don't want to be coming up on 30 by the time i can actually go to space

  20. I was so exited to finish my exploration ship and was ready to head on to Colonia until i realized that it might take me over 700 jumps and over 10hours of straight jumping to get to Colonia. Ive never played the game again….

  21. I really like how they are taking there time on game development, video game companies have a hard time with deadlines. Since they have the leeway and are utilizing it to give us quality rather than quantity is extremely commendable and can only be supported by the player base that wants a GOOD game.

  22. lol…so basically the elite team is going to sit on their asses for the next year while the rest of frontier work on other projects and slap together some half ass crap that doesn't work in the last 6 months of 2020.

  23. If theres only 3 more years of ED development I think we can all assume that we will never walk on our feet, or have atmospheric planets…

  24. So i see alot of negativity and anger here…tough i am not sure why…lets face it, the game is pretty good and polished…and if they hit that new player thing itll jjust get better considering how hard this game is…and prolly the vets have forgotten that. I think back at Eve online and how it missed that chance….so the new player base didnt spark even when it went free…most new accounts werw just vets making alot of alts…i had like 20ish total characters…in comparison to 'no mans sky'…i mean come one..i lime nms….but there is not much comparison u can do….and relating to starcitizen…bro that game with its humongous budget will prolly come out in 10years…hopefully…untill then everyone can invest a couple of hundreds…SO i admit im new to ED… but cmon…the game is freaking good and looks awsome and all that….why is that such a must with them bloody space legs??? For a game in that cost range i think it is by far the best u can get. Everyone wants everything yesterday if possible and the gaming community is such a harsh enviroment nowadays, i mean look at Anthem…u woukd think after andromeda bioware would start doing great things again…with ea in the back, but then u pay 100buks for Anthem, and after let us say 50 hours(tough i think its about half of this) u look around and say*yeah cool looking game but thats it* . So come one ppl…have some fukin understanding for this game and the ppl behind it(yup they are also ppl). Have a nice one.

  25. This long delay is likely because they are not only getting new content prepared but a port to the next Xbox and Sony systems.

  26. DualUniverse is coming FDEV, you dont have mutch time. Cant force myself to play Elite any more. Grind is a waste of time, everything is stagnant, Guilds are very very basic (so as market and politics) FOR FKN YEARS. And you ass** making 8 games, bravo.

  27. If we gotta wait till 2020 one thing or the other needs to happen when 2020 comes around. Either we get landing in lush beautiful atmosphere worlds. Or space legs on stations and moons. Eitherway if they achieve justone of these thats cool. But both of these happens then they would save elite

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