Elisocray Is The Best Content Creator On This Site…

24 thoughts on “Elisocray Is The Best Content Creator On This Site…

  1. Thoughts?


  2. I've seen physical copies of Fortnite for all consoles. For anyone confused what the physical copy of Fortnite is, it's for Save The World.

  3. He punched over her head and she ducked. It then immediately cut to a new scene with her crying and with the jam on her nose.

  4. Why you being such a wasteman, as if your content is anymore intresting.. He is just entertaining people, you dont need to take the piss..

  5. can you do about a vid on this asshole name caveiragames…he constantly
    abuses the copyright system ,he has people sending him childporn saying
    he gonna report them if they dont give him money..just all around

  6. “My purpose of video creating is to make people happy, and put a smile on their face”
    2:12 Well, you sure fucking do a good job at that 😂

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