Elgar: Portrait of a Composer (Ken Russell) Part 1/ 4

39 thoughts on “Elgar: Portrait of a Composer (Ken Russell) Part 1/ 4

  1. Ken Russell knew his stuff bringing Elgar to life in this great production.
    Elgar was such an amazing composer undeniably up there with Mozart and Beethoven and he wrote some of the most beautiful music you can imagine. I am currently sharing my love for Elgar's music by playing some new arrangements for violin and piano so people
    can appreciate the full range of his output in "Elgar Through The
    Years"……… Enjoy😊

  2. I've just watched this from beginning to end, enthralled all the way through. It seems to me a masterpiece: gripping, deeply moving and always confident of itself. I'm left with a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat. That's what true art can do. Sublime.

  3. I can date a lifelong love of classical music from watching this on TV when it first came out – I was 15 at the time. I was hooked from the opening sequence of the boy Elgar riding to the top of the Malvern Hills on that pony to the sound of his Introduction and Allegro for Strings.

  4. Thank you so so much for this. It made such an impact on so many people when it was first shown all those years ago. Have not seen it since and it was extraordinary to watch it again. The sequence with the boy on the pony is simply breathtaking, even now. I wonder who that boy was – I didn't see him in the credits? Maybe I just missed it. Anyway, thanks again, a real privilege watch.

  5. I have to admit, this big ol' softy is moved to tears every time he sees the courtship sequence between Edward and Alice Elgar (between 9:25 – 12:27). Such a simple and beautifully moving depiction of love—and that particular arrangement of Salut d'amour is splendid indeed. Ken Russell had the heart of a poet, no doubt. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. killian whyte: that's the haydn trumpet concerto last mvt–lovely ken russell movie-touch showing a boy self-taught playing that–a lot of great brit musicians were self-taught–they all had singing-choir as young children…just goes to show you

  7. Where were HIS parents while they were in such dire straits in London? If my daughter-in-law was expecting a baby I would move heaven and earth to see they didn't suffer such privations. Bugger his in-laws for being such insufferable snobs, well done Elgars……………

  8. What's the name of the tune that is played from 02:41 to 02:47?. I've heard it before but just cant remember who the composer is.

  9. This looks like a great doc. Unfortunately Youtube has blocked part 3, at least in the US, due to copyright issues. Does anyone know perhaps where the full version might be found?

  10. A brilliant film……..


    The theme at the opening is the "Introduction and Allegro for Strings"

  11. This as thrilling to view. I had never had the opportunity to see the OMNIBUS films apart from Delius. Thank you for keeping Ken alive to new generations. BRIAN

  12. @TheMusiloco Many thanks. I recommend you watch "Amelia and the Angel" (1958) one of Russell's earliest films..a little short piece but delightful to watch. I'm currently uploading another of Ken Russell's Monitor art films which should be ready to watch tomorrow. Merry Christmas!

  13. Thank you very much for your interest, your channel is wonderful and Ken Rusell is a marvellous man, although he has come under attack during his activity, this doesn´t mean he was a bad Director. I´ve watched a film from him: The Music Lovers. The First one has impact because show us the biopic of Tchiakovsky, its plot is absent of intrigues of agend for killing somebody as happens in Milos Forman´s Amadeus, Where Salieri is showed like a very jealows composer of Mozart. Happy Christmas Friend.

  14. @TheMusiloco Sorry it's not so easy as I thought. The .sub file needs to be converted to text using software (like "Subtitle Edit" for Windows). You also need the .idx file which can I upload if you do want to convert.. it might be easier for you just download the videos from bittorrent yourself and watch them with the subtitles!

  15. @xenbay Well, ok, It´ll be enough, I am not English and I need to improve my level of English Listening. Thanks

  16. @TheMusiloco Sorry I can't do that (I don't even know what it means) but I can let you have the subtitle files if you want to read them as you watch..as they are time stamped, so it may help if you don't understand any parts. These are big files tho 2MB each.

  17. @xenbay Ok, Would you mind uploading in megaupload if it was possible?if not, don´t Worry, I will try to unterstand the videos listening it a lot´s of times.

    Thanks for answering

  18. @TheMusiloco Hi I do have the subtitle files in English for the Ken Russell's films I have uploaded, but I have no idea how to put them on YouTube or if it's even possible now the film's have been split..I don't believe it is? Perhaps someone else can comment..

  19. I would like to watch this film with English subtitles if it´s possible. Could anyone upload of this way?It´d be very useful.


  20. Thank you Ken Russell for restoring Elgar back to the people and the land. Soil and soul.

    Ken Russell had vision, power and imagination. He also had massive talent and a nerve to back his art wherever it went. When it went wrong, he was still hugely entertaining. When it went right, we were in the presence of genius. He took risks. He saw through and broke through the safe, the familiar, the mediocre, the cliche ridden. I liked his nerve and his nous. I liked his appreciation of great music.

  21. RIP Ken Russell, who has just died aged 84. An article in today's Daily Mail (29 Nov) sent me looking for this. It says his 1962 film about Elgar led to a revival of the composer's popularity and was rated by viewers as the best TV programme of the sixties.

  22. Do you really mean that the BBC archive no longer retains a copy of the Monitor film? It was made at the BBC's request and taxpayers money, and should, unless, misplaced, or deliberately lost, or taken by staff, the absolute property of the BBC and the viewers. I should say most firmly nothing reflects on the poster who may have access to a legitimate source. Just a comment on the dire BBC archives, which were shamefully run till recently, losing publicly owned and paid for programmes.

  23. @ xenbay Thanks a million. You're a gentleman. The film "Song of Summer" is also of great sentimental value to me. Because as naive teenagers back in 1960's, long before we first met, both I and my partner independently saw the film and were so impressed we went to buy some related music, but we both made the same mistake of getting the composers name wrong and buying SIBELIUS's 2nd symphony! We went on to be great appreciators of both Sibelius's AND Delius's music!

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