Elementor vs. Visual Composer: What WordPress Page Builder Is Better? WordPress Visual Composer

hello monsters today is your host and lifetime friend Nigel today we'll be talking about some WordPress plugins so let's start we are now used to customizing a WordPress website quickly and easily are we but only a few years ago it required having much more skills in bulk and time spent are changing a website's appearance within a couple of clicks is now possible thanks to visual base builders so in simple words what is the visual phase pillar it's a wordpress plugin having a drag-and-drop functionality which allows you to change appearance of a website within a couple of seconds and absolutely no coding involved and now we have two big players on the market so it's Elementor page builder and a visual composer and today I want to review the key difference between them and help you learn more about these extremely useful tools so let's dive right in right now shall we the first ago is a visual composer this WordPress plugin has two types of editors a front end and a back end editor visual composer features the wordpress shortcode support Co optimized and multi-language ready however when you think of an ideal plugin you'll think that it could be used for both pros and newbies a visual composer is a very powerful tool for website developers but if you are a regular WordPress user you can go a lot of pain working with it but on the other side if you're skilled one you may consider the possibilities that visual composer gives you are someone limited so if you want embrace the true power of the editor field you need to buy a premium version and the bad news is it is not wise yet and another visual composer downside is the issue of a page load speed the plugins upside down really hard which can make many users to leave a visual composer behind now let's proceed to a new player on the market the element or page builder I'm not exaggerating when I'm saying this plugin is the most convenient front an editor among all the other builders I had my grip on other elementor's controls include easiest user interface a huge list of options responsive settings color sizings a lot of pre-built templates which you can get completely free of charge from the start and along with all these you will also get new features and items constantly being released by developers what else is great about Elementor is that you have a needed heat of settings that you don't have to purchase in a pro version you'll be able to make your own website look away you want without premium features as for elementor's drawbacks well I haven't noticed them yet if you have you may share your thoughts in our comment sections and also just let us know what do you think of the builders we reviewed today and why do you think about it if you want to try an element or page builder right now you can get it with almost any WordPress theme on a template monster marketplace and you will also receive a jet elements add-on which includes 19:19 modules to make your great-looking pages with no effort and that's all from me right now if you liked this review give us a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe and click the notification button to get all the new videos right away see you

21 thoughts on “Elementor vs. Visual Composer: What WordPress Page Builder Is Better? WordPress Visual Composer

  1. This review is confusing.
    1. Would've helped if you'd made it clear what you were reviewing. :-
    a. WPBaker (ex Visual Composer) vs the new release of Visual Composer.
    b. The FREE, largely crippled, new Visual Composer vs the $99 fuller features version.
    c. Elementor; what version v1.0, v2.x. FREE vs PRO.
    2. A screen shot of the design UI of Visual Composer may have been nice too.

    I got the impression that you had Elementor v2.0 installed. Did not have Visual Composer installed. And has not really used it. Maybe what you are saying is valuable. But with the distracting music & poor structure & visuals it is hard for me to know.

  2. My website is build in Visual Composer. Is it possible to create one page with Elementor? Visual Composer plugin is already installed in my website. Will it create any compatible issue if I install Elementor plugin and create one complete page with Elementor plugin?

  3. I was on the fence about WP Page Builder over Elementor ONLY because it was suggested for what I was trying to do. at $45 for the premium, I can't be upset because companies need to make money but Elementor I respect because it is affordable and I hate money grabbers knowing that people out there do not have 100's of dollars to throw into their websites. $9.99 would have gotten VC more subscriptions even if we didn't use it. At least we didn't break the bank trying it. Thank you. Going back to Elementor.

  4. Wow can't even watch full video! You are overacting so much that it feels weird and awkward. What the beep are you doing?

  5. You do you, my friend. just be yourself in your videos. I struggle with being awkward as hell on camera so I get it.

  6. I love Elementor and I use it daily for more than a hundred websites.
    I am sorry my friend, this is not a review, this is a recommendation on a product that you can profit from. And it's totally OK and I can join your recommendations BUT don't call it a review.

  7. I can Install and activate genuine elementor pro license for 1 year at $5 only and Lifetime for $30 all with automatic updates.

  8. why do people insist in adding obnoxious too loud music in the foreground ( I say that because it is so loud that it is very distracting from what they are trying to say) Pay attention. Watch your own video before you post.

  9. I just recently switched to WordPress from Joomla!—which I've used since 2011—and it took a little while to figure WordPress out, but I really like it better now. I am using Elementor and after the last update, discovered that it doesn't let me edit my pages on my iPad. It did before the last update. I hope they fix that as most of the time I'm needing to add or change something on my websites, I only have my iPad with me.

  10. Does Elementor slow page loading speed? I use Divi and it's quite slow…Looking for an alternative.

  11. Thanks for info. Great presentation. Just if you don't mind, it would be much more friendly to watch if you would stay more simple, I mean not to much overactive with the moves 😉 You seem to be great guy, just be yourself which I assume would be looking even more cool 😉 thanks again

  12. Are they compatible? I've started editing a page with VC, but Elementor seems better. So, do I have to rebuild my page with Elementor plug-in or can it read and work with my page made with VC normally?

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