EGCP-450/548 & EGEE-406 Plotting in Code Composer Studio (CCS)

okay in this video I'm going to show you how you can do plotting with for compulsive studio so the first thing we're going to look at is how to do a single time graph or tangoing plot so what I have running in the background is a program and we're going to plot this variable property so the first thing to do is go to tools and then go to graph singles line it'll bring up this menu so now a few things you need to do you need to match the acquisition buffer size and equal a display data files with the size of the buffer or your variable in this case my variable a has 200 elements of genetic samples on it I'm going to make both 200 my this great data size are this magic make them you do need to match the type so there's an integer type so the integer is a very key big sign data file so it's alright by default back for example if this was short you'd have to drop down this menu click 16-bit signed integer deleted day to day right now don't worry about these other parameters the only other parameter you need to worry about a start address but you can just use the variable names on this case covers and co-composer will automatically addictive right and okay it has some guys and it right now because right now at the program running and it's got at a point so right now the buffer has some values in it and it just plots those two plus 200 of those years let's say I wanted to also do the frequency domain plot also provides tools and then graph and isn't a question magnitude and again to acquisition buffer sizing to be the same data type interviews name start address needs to be contain every single time and then epic T or you just put it 10 and then just you know K and it will give you the magnitude flops so oh one thing I've forgotten here is that we probably want to specify the sample rate in this case so the default sampling rate of your board is three megahertz so that's three million versus okay now you'll see they have the right house frequency values and there's some options up here that I want to talk about and need apply flow to single time and the magnitude plot the first thing that I want to talk about is this measurement marker if you click on it you'll see this little dot follows amount and that you can use this check for example what frequency need to speak to that so if I click on it the dot will stay there and then up in here in the corner it will tell me so it's saying that there's a frequency at approximately 325 cylinders which is correct and you do the same thing on the time building plot the other thing too is b3 so if you have this one press by default what it will do is they won't plot anything to stop running or it goes to a breakpoint this one right here if you click it you know just continuously update the plot and then this one we're just going to let you do is you let you refresh it survived by click it now it'll not showing anything like it's basically grabbing the data final reply

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