"Educational" Videos on YouTube

30 thoughts on “"Educational" Videos on YouTube

  1. You should revisit this, her recent videos are completely off the rails. "Piper's 3DD Print with FlashForge" for example, shows off a 3d printer in an extremely short top and prints, of course, a red butt plug. I literally cannot make this up.
    EDIT: Just heard the sounds she makes while trying to separate said buttplug from the printing surface :'D

  2. 09:45 I laughed everytime i see Hila's smile in respond of ethan's sarcasm. she's like: "stop your bullsh%t, hun… :)"

  3. they must think they are dumb as a doorknob if this is like how they get money lol i hope they have hobbies and a actual job or SOMETHING

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