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hey it's me flippy and today we're at fidgets indoor playground in Las Vegas Nevada whoa but before we play we have to take off her shoes all right here's my first you hear it's my second shoe all right let's go play some farm animals whoo a cow another count what else do we have over here oh look at this it's a body interesting but my body like yeah I have a body like my ABS my chest my back interesting and in this video you and I are gonna learn about the parts of our bodies Wow all right let's go see what kind of parts we can find for this body come on oh wait a second look over here come here look at what I found whoa see these these are arms arms and hands yeah just like what you and I have Wow all right so let's take these arms and hands and put them on our body I love my arms and hands because it helps me pick things up like this blue ball and throw it at you whoa where this red one whoa or this young one oh I did that with using my hands and my arms to throw the ball all right watch what else I can do with my arms and hands all these colorful balls Wow I love my arms and hands all right let's see what other body parts we can find it's a purple car look at these tracks all right make way all right here's another one go perfect we have one more this one I'm gonna ride on it ready oh do you see what I see look down there whoa see these these are feet yeah like your feet and my feet and and also legs Wow I love feet and legs let's pick out a pair let's see let's do let's do the orange ones huh that's cute look has toes on the feet yeah see now our body can stand up well speaking of standing I really love my feet in my legs cuz look they allowed me to walk they allow me to stand they allow me to jump and they allow me I love my legs come on there's so many things I see with my eyes over here whoa hey speaking of seeing with my eyes I have a game for us to play all right I will look at something behind me and from there I'll tell you what I see and then you have to look and see if you see what I see all right are you ready okay I spy a butterfly you see a butterfly yeah whoa this butterfly is so beautiful I love looking at butterflies they just flap their wings and they're so graceful okay let's play another round of I spy all right I spy my eyes I don't do you see a dog oh so cute Oh perfect whoa a bunch of eyeballs oh look their eyes yeah just like you and my eyes they allow us to see ooh I love eyes yeah just like how I saw something and then you had to look to see something we used our eyes perfect all right I'm gonna pick these eyes but there's so many different eyes we can pick from ooh these are nice good is it real cool but let's use these yeah put them on right here oh oh oh maybe I can't use those ones they're a little too big okay let's do these ones yeah perfect yeah there you go look we have a body which is the abs yep and then the chest yeah the core the back we have the arms we have the eyes the legs and the feet let's go see what other body parts we can find Wow that was awesome it sounds so pretty when I play this piano I'll play it again listen wait a second look at what it is oh look at what the hell are ya their ears Wow whoa so these yeah our ears see just like these on the side of my head they allow for sound to come in to my head and that's how I I hear you and you hear me when I talk oh let's put these on our our body Hey so these ears are on our head which those allow us to hear things yeah we can hear things like birds chirping outside or we can hear like people talking back and forth or we can hear things like like the tractor song when I play this piano there's so much fun try to actors they get the job done what an amazing some to make years that was okay let's go find some more body parts right – four – okay you wait right here I'll be right back okay I know hi I told you I'd be right back hey let's go whoa stroller let's go I'll put you right here all right let's go some fruits and vegetables let's put those in there so we can cook them speaking of cooking vegetables look some corn on the barbecue whoa it smells so good whoo wait a second look down here yeah speaking of smell how you smell things is with your nose that looks like there's a lot of noses down here like this big red one or this orange one or this purple one okay let's uh let's pick the purple nose yeah okay haha oh I think it's upside-down there we go that looks good haha how's it big nose that's nice I like it Wow I love having a nose because it allows you to smell things like have you ever smelled a flower before I love the smell of flowers or have you ever smelt the smell of stinky socks the nose allows you to smell geez I'm kinda getting hungry huh let's go get a snack hello can I have a snack let's see what they have whoa there's so many options I know what I want hello can I have a veggie straw packet thing thank you very much young open it up ooh YUM orange veggie straw a yellow veggie straw so tasty hey have you ever wondered why do we have mouths mouths right here there's teeth there's there's tongues and there's there's lips what I love my mouth because it allows me to do things like talk to you hello hello hello ah it allows me to sing oh it allows me to yell hey hey over here ah it allows me to eat things too like these veggie straws hmm mmm it allows me to whistle and it allows me to smile I love the mouth okay let's pick a mount for our person okay let's do a big smile there we go look at that so beautiful I love it that was tasty all right look a dump truck Wow oh look at what's in here whoa some hats ah I love hats see I'm wearing a hat right now because the hat goes on your head which is another part of your body whoa your hat your head is where the hackers and your head cause your eyes your mouth your nose your ears and your brain you are very smart you are very special all right let's put the Hat on the head of our character perfect look it's complete all right let's go over the body parts we learned about let's take the color red and blue all right let's put you right there and let's write all the parts so the head and the eyes the nose the mouth the ears the feet the hands and I think that's everything okay no wait I forgot one yeah the legs perfect alright so here we are so these are the body parts that we learn today oh I have a game all right so what I'm gonna do is I am going to say the body part and you have to point to your body part ready okay your head point to your head yeah your head good job all right let's cross off head all right now point to your ears yeah your ears that's how you hear things hear with your ears all right what about your mouth point to your mouth yeah your mouth okay now your hands point do your hands yeah your hands yeah all right point to your nose with your nose yeah your nose yeah your nose hey now point to your legs weight to your legs yeah your legs alright good job and point to your eyes will you point to your eyes Yeah right here Wow your eyes and last but not least point to your feet are you point yeah your feet whoa [Applause] there we go that was so much fun learn about all those body parts with you whoa [Applause] that was so much fun well thank you so much for learning about body parts with me at fidgets indoor playground in Las Vegas Nevada well this is the end of this video but if you want to watch more of my videos all you have to do is search for my name let's spell my name together ready bli PPI blippi good job that's my name bye bye hey grownups do you have Instagram awesome you and I should become friends at blippi official it's me and today we're at the Pasadena Humane Society to see which animals need a home I am so excited come on okay now on a shop where you can buy treats and toys and food and so many things for all the pets here every day this Saturday that's funny this is where they can't see the food Oh some toys whoa this is called lamb chop hmm and it looks like a little fish I bet this is for a kitty to play with it is kitty kitties love to play with fish crates look if you need to transport your your pet from the Humane Society you will probably take it inside a crate like this see so then they're nice and safe when they travel Alisha's Wow look at all this colorful leashes this leash is the color red this leash is the color pink I bet you know this color I wear this color all the time yeah it's the color blue come on this side Wow look at this color so brightly vibrant this color is the color puck Oh YUM some more treats oh but wait a second this looks like it's furniture I can't open it anymore hey food some cat food Oh fools these look like dog bowls food in them oh I think this is for chins or maybe it just has a chicken flavor to it ooh and treats these are tricks and dogs love these maybe we can get these and go feed them to a doggie come on whoo do you see this dog this dog's name is Timmy ooh and do you see right here he has a bow tie on just like how I have a bow tie but my bow tie is the color orange and Timmy's bow type do you see the color well Timmy's bow tie is the color red wow that's a really cool bowtie Timmy hey remember the treats we got earlier yeah Timmy loves them hey Timmy look at what I have for you a treat yeah Timmy loves these treats this is equivalent to like are a nice tasty salad or even maybe like I said pizza um good boys Timmy okay last one oh okay now let's play with Pierre Panther there they are see this right here is Panther hello Pam hmm so cute and so soft Oh see no so cute okay you're gonna go say hello to Pierre oh I wonder if they're siblings I don't know but they look so similar there's some toys over here let's go get some oh let's see if they like these okay you wanna toilet come on Oh like that's not hey you're on a toy – tennis ball ready okay here we go I want this twice what about what about this toy they are so cute look at what it is it's a kitty cat mmm it's Kitty's nice and tired I think it just took a nap no in the middle of the day when sometimes I'm taken down this committee just took one of those I wonder if the kitty had a dream yeah look at this oh this is a cat toy I don't think it wants to play right now but cats love to play and it's really important to play with your pets see there's more cats in here there's more over here Hey look can I pet pumpkin pumpkin is really nice and really sweet – yes all right bye-bye oh the critter house I wonder what kind of critters are in here come on wow this room is great look it's sleeping but there's a guinea pig right here oh that's funny okay oh what's over here it's a bird look look that bird was white look there's a white rabbit well you see that rabbit hey I have a treat for you come look over here Wow I have a rabbit friend right look rabbit running around rabbits have really big ears oh it's really soft and their ears are big [Applause] that was awesome so many cute animals well see you later bye bye a pet keeps you calm bunny it will be there whenever you're in need to cheer you up the bad day a pet can be your best playmate dogs and cats and bunnies and rats these pets and turtles and snakes goldfish in a tank and my pet is my very best friend you've gotta take care of your pets my bed – my bed he's my very best friend you've got phenom and clean um sometimes you gotta teach you how to behave sit – sit sometimes you have to walk with them others you can talk to them and some you have to clean out the cage spiders and birds and ants and worms these the pets and frogs hipsters and hogs pets and I bet my bed is my very best friend got to take care of your pants my head to my bed my very best friend come on everybody I add to my bed hey grownups do you have Instagram awesome you and I should become friends at blippi official point to find Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma Washington and today we are gonna see some awesome animals let's go got my members card hey this is Cindy and what do we have here Cindy that is a Pacific herring oh and we are about to go feed some penguins [Applause] did you see how we walked up really low you got a state low so then they don't get scared a lot of people think that they need ice and snow but these guys live in urgency Argentina and Chile so they love the swim it looks like huh they do these guys spend all winter out at sea and they can swim really fast fast so they can shave snitch which is what they eat in the ocean like whoa look at what it is it's a polar bear and polar bears are the color white that polar bear yeah his name is Boris and he's 31 years old Boris was rescued from a circus a traveling circus in Mexico and it's really important to have ice too polar bears can hunt often and get get seals in the Arctic so we should be really aware of what we do to our planet so polar bears can have a lot of ice horse is so pretty do you see what that is yeah that's a tiger that's a really big kitty cat that's actually some loitering Tiger to be exact and there's only about 300 left on this entire planet in the wild so here at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium this Tiger is an ambassador so this is Sarah hi and Sarah what do we have here this is gonzo and Pete is a tree climbing anteater and here at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium we're training him to be part of our wild wanders outdoors to get our show that's brand new this summer gonzo so what are we in it yeah what are we gonna be doing right now you're gonna help me train gonzo to eat vanilla yogurt from a tube okay also this is something that he would love to do he'll go right up to his little nose okay here we go to slurp that cannoli over boy out with his super long tongue whoa worker Gonzo's tongue it's so long and he has really big claws that he can use to break open packs nuts and termite mounds and then he'd use his long tongue to slip those bugs right up whoo yo that looks pretty tasty yeah so gonzo has been around people hit whole entire life and when he first came here we started training him to be part of the show so that's why he's so comfortable hanging out with us out here yeah he seems like a really great and fun anteater [Applause] oh pretty good what are you doing I'm making some diamonds for the meerkats meerkats I love meerkats what else are you gonna do today well you know what I was gonna do some enrichment do you want to help me yeah excellent okay what's enrichment enrichment is giving our animals choices things to do things to play with kind of like kids on a playground that's so much fun I like playing so let's give them some choices put these wiffle balls and the blue pool on exhibit okay all right wiffle balls blue pool got it this place this is the exhibit habitat of where meerkats play okay anywho back to it whiffle balls blue pool right hey hey go let's see what else she wants us to do hey here you go thank you what else do you that's some more fun toys let's put these out on the exhibit where should I put these wherever you want this is gonna be fun where should we put these here come on hey let's see see I think the yellow should go oh do you see this let's put it right there and then come here let's put the pink one right let's do this one right here actually right next to the yellow one and the really big red one let's put over here here I'll meet you over that way like I'm a meerkat watch okay let's see what else we need to do up a notch let's add some food enrichment to the toy in Richmond here's some mealworms it's like chocolate for meerkats yo look at this so where would you like me to put this you know what let's sprinkle some in the little balls okay and if you want to put some elsewhere in the exhibit you can do that too okay it's kind of like a searching find cuz we'll put some right here and then we'll hide some for them to find it okay spread out the wiffle balls let's sprinkle some on top of the wiffle balls Hey okay okay there's a little bit more let's put some right on this ledge mmm those look tasty okay let's just put the rest in here all right think we're ready are we all done great job lucky let's let him out okay [Applause] this is a dromedary camel and his name is Winchester dromedary camels are found in Africa and if you're three years old in 36 inches or taller you can ride camels at Point Defiance Zoo they're really soft oh we are in the marine Discovery Center in this place has amazing sea creatures and we can actually touch them see you can touch but with only one finger okay whoa look at these right here hello that was scary that's cute oh look here's a snail look at this over here one finger no you see it like attached to my finger here get a really good close all look at helping that's what it is good okay ready it attaches to your finger that's so soft cool last but not least starfish whoa really hard it's so cool these are actually alive the real sea creatures I don't move very much but they do move slow I really loved the marine discovery lab yeah we are at a carousel come on hey horsey this is gonna be so much fun see it's a carousel right here this is the instrument panel that turns on the carousel and I got the key okay let's put in the key right there and a poison dart frog some more worth Oh a polar bear we saw one of those today the zebra did you see the zebra anteater Hey now I think it's time for us to ride the carousel come on but first we need to take our favorite animal we gotta wait for it to stop come wait zebra I don't know how to write the zebra let's see what else horse polar bear so much fun okay this animal diac is a poison dart frog and I am going to ride this animal gotta buckle up first once I'm all buckled up oh you gotta loosen that up a little bit all right I am ready to ride here we go see we spin around and around as well as go up and down [Applause] look this poison dart frog is the color yellow this is so much fun hey parents if your youngster loves my videos be sure to click that big red subscribe button so you can be notified when I have a brand new video all right bye-bye living and today we're gonna learn about star Hey okay now let's learn the interior parts of the blue sports car okay first things first first we have to put on our seat belt Wow just like in a normal car you have to put on your seat belt in a sports car all right we have to shut the door what an interesting door whoo look at this car the inside of this car is the color black oh what's this in my hand oh this is a steering wheel and can you think of any other vehicles the steering wheel a tractor funny move look at this this is a navigation so then you know where you're going okay now let's learn the exterior parts of the blue sports car look at this Wow a big wheel and tire it is so big look at it it's like that big wow do you see the blue brake I heard these cars go so fast a really big brake to slow down the car it's such a pretty blue color look at it ha I love the color blue just like my shirt and my shoe whoa ooh look up here how the car gets all of its power is the engine let me pop the hood look at that the door just opened up we're gonna clean that is so crazy okay let me pop the hood alright now for the engine huh wait a second there's nothing in here oh that's funny oh I know the engine on the sports car is in the back whoa that is a massive engine this has a v12 that is really powerful okay look at this whoa this is the exhaust there's one big exhaust right here this is where the exhaust goes out from the engine do you see this this is where you put the gas inside this and down here that's where air goes in to pull down the car that is so cool oh look there's a baby seat in there that's silly whoo and last but not least whoo headlight Wow it looks like there's two headlights one two the drivers are now coming around the corner and it looks like flippy has token maleeni I've got a small two-seater 2-door automobile and it drives so fast it'll give you a thrill I love driving my sports car sports cars they come in all kinds of colors like cool black a shiny red try in Russian by your spirits consume spirits come soon sports car any Asian go vroom from can you hear that engine whoopee Louise sorry my sports car my sports car my sports car that was awesome learning about sports cars with you I want to give a special shout out to spend thank you so much spent for making this video possible he is so cool wait bye-bye but since we're at the beach I'm gonna go swimming okay hey parents if your youngster loves my videos be sure to click that big red subscribe button so you can be notified when I have a brand new video all right buh-bye with me it's me flippy and today we're gonna learn about colors oh oh look at all of these colorful candies Oh hmm these oranges these were extra YUM we're so tasty all right now I have this file really warm water with these colorful candies and that's what happened Wow so colorful you two can do this experiment at home all you need are these colorful candies and some warm water all right now let's go find some more things that are really colorful whoa whoa whoa do you see what I see wait look really far back there it's a box oh this box is the color green I wonder what's inside of this box let's open it up ah so much loot in here haha okay oh what's this do a green fart cushion okay whoa look more green things whoa this is ribbon yeah yep green garbage truck creamy mousse picks up a lot of garbage this actually might be for recycling I don't know look when wind goes right here like this oh oh whoa oh this is broken but it's certainly really shiny though Oh some eggs watch this all right okay all right one more ready oh let's see what else is in the box okay just a couple more things Oh another green egg ooh a green dinosaur and a giant grasshopper ready and one last thing where are you green sticker of me all right I was cool seeing and learning about the color green let's keep going look over here whoa it's another box this box is the color pink whoa I wonder what's inside let's open it up stuffed animal Oh so pink and cute ooh it's a pink B flippy look pink silly putty looks like a cute hat I know this is so funny look ready who listen ready okay a couple more things to pink erasers ooh an acute medical kit Wow stethoscope thermometer and anything whoa pink is such a beautiful color all right let's go see what other colors we can find oh yeah that was so much fun learning about those two colors all right I think we should go find some more colorful boxes ha wait a second I'm not seeing any more of these boxes anywhere I think we need cover more ground and go rooting for the boxes ready oh I see one it's really hard to see do you see it yeah come over here this is another box this box is the color yellow all right I'm gonna open it see what yellow things we have in here yellow is so bright like the color of the Sun Oh a giraffe dress are super tall look at how long their necks are and did you know the tongue of a giraffe is actually the color black it's a really really really dark purple and it's really long so then they can reach plants up top whoa no way Wow a dinner toy and this bigger is a backhoe as a front bucket a back bucket and it's really useful on the jobsite okay another confetti egg hey watch behind it is okay what else Hey a yellow flippy sticker bunny that's me okay and notebook let's read what it says oh it says you are very special you are so much fun you're very nice to your friends and you love your family wow what a good book who last but not least we have a banana me that's a really tasty banana and it's the color yellow alright let's go find another bucks come on wow we're in a baseball field Oh see yeah I think I see another box do you see it ooh that is a box and it's so colorful come on I know your shadow yep oh look at this good job finding another box this box is the color purple Wow all right let's see what's in here I bet there's a bunch of purple things in here okay whoa there's a lot of purple things in here like purple great I think we should have a great this is a purple fruit and it's nice and healthy and tasty three purple balls very good no so good and they look so pretty Wow okay looks like we have a purple water bottle with some nice water in it hmm I love water hydrates me so much so I can jump really high whoa all right let's see what else there is in here wool no way bubbles in the purple container are you ready the color purple was so fun to learn about let's go find some more colors this place looks pretty empty not many colorful boxes around here but there is a perfect place for dancing look do you see that yeah another box come on we found another box Wow this box is the color red all right I bet there's two red things in here whoa all a red juice perfect I was actually pretty hungry twist off the cap men drink a little bit drink a little bit more of the red juice a little bit more and then spray the rest don't do that at home get all right it's like we have a red frisbee ready yeah and what's so far oh my red confetti eggs all right Oh a monster truck with a red necklace wrapped around its axles oh no oh a gumball machine let me rephrase that a broken gumball machine alright last but not least oh all right bye-bye red box well let's find some more colorful boxes oh wait a second I see one already do you see it way over there one of my two favorite colors [Applause] Wow another box wait on yes and this is one my two favorite colors this box is the color blue Wow I am so excited for this box because blue is so cool all right let's see what blue things we can find in here whoa we have animal okay no way you see this it's a blue dump truck you can dump a lot of stuff out the back I love dump trucks whoa there's so when they fill hi okay oh you already knew this was in here a blue confetti egg do we have some blueberries I love blueberries it's a very healthy fruit and they taste super tasty mmm YUM mmm have you ever had a blueberry before Wow oh don't spill them new dinosaur and a blue dinosaur bunny oh oh and last but not least we have some blue silly-string first you have to shake it up so then becomes really blue ready we're gonna spray some all right make sure you don't point it at yourself ready okay stay right there well I had so much fun learning about colors with you Wow well if you want to watch more of my videos all you have to do is search for my name let's fill my name together ready the Li PP i blippi haha good job you know my name well see you soon bye [Applause]

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