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in the United States we spend over 815 billion dollars per year on education yet education is increasingly viewed especially by the emerging gamer generation as ineffective irrelevant and unproductive clearly it's time to rethink the method by which educators deliver knowledge to learners traditional lectures do little to hold the interest of a generation weaned on MTV and world of warcraft enter Second Life where learners become immersed in their own education Second Life is a 3d virtual world that can provide and deliver a unique educational setting meet Ruth a voucher wise oh and Marissa moody we are your guides to some exciting educational experiences happening in Second Life join us as we take you on a guided tour of some fascinating ways that the world of education is being transformed in this interactive virtual world new visitors to Second Life are dropped at orientation island where they are taught the basics of navigating the terrain and communicating with others after learners become familiar with the basics of Second Life it's easy for them to suspend their sense of disbelief and feel immersed in their environment this makes Second Life an ideal tool to practice role playing as an instructional tool at Renaissance Island learners can enter into the world of a Shakespearean play and interact with the other characters be sure to wear your period costume or imagine visiting Roma where you might take part in a reenactment of the pageantry holidays and gladiator combat of ancient Rome how else could students so easily experience a period of history as when they are immersed in a virtual replica of it and talking to other avatars about the landscape and the situation's they encounter in second life students can participate in a virtual scavenger hunt in which they locate information relevant to their field of study they might search for objects that have definitions attached to them a fun interactive way to build vocabulary or they might learn to identify works of art by locating particular pieces in a gallery wouldn't it be great if instructors could take their students on guided tours of the fascinating places they are studying in their real-world classrooms with Second Life students can tour replicas of locations they would otherwise never visit the Sistine Chapel or the inside of a Dell computer all without setting foot outside of their real-world classroom many educational venues offer a virtual sandbox similar to this area in English village where students can experiment with building objects and environments learners can work together to collaborate on a project and co-create virtual 3d objects immersive education gives participants a sense of being there when attending a real-life class or training session in person isn't possible practical or desirable virtual worlds provide educators and students with the ability to connect and communicate in a way that greatly enhances the learners ability to understand the feelings and emotions of people in situations different from their own Second Life can provide an opportunity to walk in someone else's shoes for example learners can become part of and interact in a custom built environments such as UC Davis's virtual hallucinations site work where they can get a sense of what it feels like to experience schizophrenia your work or what would it feel like to take a walk inside a van Gogh painting Second Life users can experience these sensations Second Life is being adopted as a platform by more and more institutions of learning and developers of related educational applications have taken notice sloodle is an open-source project which combines the Moodle learning management system with the rich interactive 3d multi-user second life virtual environment for example an object within a virtual world might ask quiz questions of avatars who are visiting that world the avatars response would be sent back to the learning management system to be tabulated instructors can set their students loose on self-paced tutorials like the learning kiosks setup at the Ohio University Second Life campus in addition educators can join groups related to their area of expertise such as a Thursday night social for members of the International Society for technology and education all held in Second Life collaboration and exchange is possible with colleagues from around the world the sense of actually meeting with colleagues is much stronger and immediate in a virtual world than is possible through other communication tools such as blogs or email and Second Life breaks down language barriers with support of the D babbler language translator whiteboards are another popular educational tool for example this whiteboard in the English village site functions as a perpetual source of general information about this educational site in addition a lecturer may use a whiteboard in second life for a PowerPoint presentation afterwards the presenter may allow participants to add the whiteboard presentation to their inventory for future reference while this video was being produced a first look at voiced support for Second Life was implemented voice support expands the possibilities of Second Life by adding another layer to the simulation of reality and immersion of the user within the virtual world while the possible uses of Second Life as an educational tool are still developing second life does comprise a sumptuous 3d virtual world rich in 21st century educational opportunities if you are interested in learn more about the educational uses of Second Life consider subscribing to a relevant blog such as dub-dub-dub Carl cap blog or joining one of the many educational groups in Second Life you

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  1. +DigitalSL is right. Linden Labs managed second life poorly. Nobody uses it now, especially not for educational purposes. There were several universities in SL at one point,but they all left.

  2. Wow the good old days of SL. I am so happy we have mesh now and don't look like this anymore 🙂

  3. i need help from a very good builder. I recently dropped a cube and with a cntrl+alt+something or maybe cntrl+shift+ something command i was able to copy that cube, the second cube appeared at the corner of the first perfectly aligned and diagonal. this created a perfectly aligned step and i could repeat till i had as many steps as i needed. can anyone help me plz ?

  4. I did this bullshit second life for about a year or so, Unless you are retired with a shit load of money, the dang thing is not healthy as far as work induction counts. The difference between world of war craft and second life is almost none, Meaning, one needs to plant food to eat. We are human beings, not robots, Digital information can be good in some ways, but the human brain can not really process any such said digital information. We are humans, Oh! I see a deer.I will kill him for food,

  5. @Nokua if you notice the sim that they are on is supposed to model what it's like to have schizophrenia. the "you're worthless" is part of the auditory hallucinations a schizophrenic may have. no subliminal messages at all.

  6. @edricknoel
    On the contrary, over a hundred colleges have a presence in SL and are hosting at least some of their classes. The US military also owns roughly twenty sims and is using them for training and education of personnel.

  7. @Bobstew68
    Schools are on their own sims, generally PG sims where that kind of content is not permitted. Further, as of this writing, only 18+ are allowed on the grid at all, so this is currently a dominant tool for colleges, as opposed to public school children.

  8. @BuggttiVeyronW16
    The 3D appearance IS better. That vid was done in 07, and I've noticed a lot of educators promoting SL solely for business-type purposes either don't bother or don't know how to make their avatars look very good. Even brand-new avs nowadays look better than that though 🙂

  9. Second life really does open up many educational opportunities. It is a great way to learn a variety of information. I really like how there are replica versions of historic landmarks all across the world that you can visit. Otherwise, you would have to see them on expensive vacations or just look at pictures on the web. It is also great for the business world because you can use it for meetings. Powerpoints can be uploaded and used for everyone attending these meetings.

  10. I found this video educational. I didn't really understand the extent of what could be done in Second Life. You can go experience virtual models of places that you might never have the opportunity in real life. I found the scavenger hunts interesting. That could be very interesting for major specific learning lessons.

  11. I'm new to Second Life and wasn't aware of the recreations of places like the Sistine Chapel. I'm also interested in learning more about the Renaissance Island.

  12. I'm new to Second Life and wasn't aware of the recreations of places like the Sistine Chapel. I'm also interested in learning more about the Renaissance Island.

  13. Being new to Second Life, I never knew you could visit such unique places like recreations of the Sistine Chapel. I'm also now excited to be a part of Second Life in my class this semester to visit such places as the Renaissance Island. I have always taken an interest in that time period and can't wait to explore it myself.

  14. Being new to Second Life, I never knew you could visit such unique places like recreations of the Sistine Chapel. I'm also now excited to be a part of Second Life in my class this semester to visit such places as the Renaissance Island. I have always taken an interest in that time period and can't wait to explore it myself.

  15. I am taking a class at my college, and it's all about second life. Personally, I didn't think there was any educational value that was coming out of this other than having a little bit more of internet smarts. After watching this video, I can now see the educational value. Seeing that I can go to a "real" virtual place that's on the other side of the world is so awesome.

  16. why do people think second life its boring, it's like real world, yes you can do it in real life, but what if you're stuck in the house, you can experience the whole thing in sl!

  17. I will go have a look if they can make the 3D visual appearance a little better. But I like the idea of learning online with a visual surrounding and real teacher. Plus I can do other things while I learn. Excellent tool, I just hope it will kept on developing and updating.

  18. @MrTalkingSense This is the point.. The mentality any new generation isn't the same as the previous, and it doesn't help to yell at them and thell them they "should" have different interests. Not on such a major scale. You have to meet them. Also, by no means are massive multiplayer online games (MMOs) inconsequential.. Neither for society nor for individuals playing them. You can't ignore such a massive movement of society and expect to understand.

  19. Nice ideas, reminds me of the old Neverwinter Nights project "Revolution" and goes way beyond. But how do you make it practically viable to let schools condone Second Life, considering how heavy the sex industry is there?

  20. I rebuild 1920s Berlin to show people the golden age of this city before the Nazis took over.
    Next to Living History (dressing up and recreating the past at a historical locations) or building a real timemachine, Second Life isn't a bad alternative.
    I tried it out because I was curious, now I frown when I learn a museum or institution is not represented in Second Life.

  21. these dumb ass people cant see what your talking about because they blinded by the hate behide there eyes

  22. It's not the question about who is first and who is second. SecondLife exist in our true life so if you are working in second life and earn your living there it's considered more like a job. And if you are retired and spend you time there making friends and chatting then it's a life style. It's not real nor it's fake. Virtual worlds are more like the in-between. Remember that behind every avatar is a real person.

  23. Some use it for music and arts too! ^^ The music academy in SL is a good example of learning music thru second life. Not to mention those really nice live concerts the musicians in sl are pulling.

  24. No it depends on WHAT kind of games you are playing. SL in the other hand is not really a video game if you go over to the business and education part. It just happens to be able to create games of all sorts with its built-in programming language (lsl scripts).

  25. The count is less than 5% overall. If you see it as 75% makes other wonder where do you normaly visit in second life.

  26. and recently The Military Defence University of the united states just built a submarine training ground there. As per information those in tech department of whitehouse are SL fan themselves. It's government supported officially and unofficialy both.

  27. And schools in second life ain't free too! ^^ As far as i recall, there aren't much "free" in real life schools as well once you are age 18 or higher. Oh yes. SL is for 18 and above only if you didn't read the agreement when you signup.

  28. In another perspective. If they are addicted to educational games and not just some violence shooting games it's another story right?

  29. There are attendant script to keep track of who is in and not. So you can't really skip schools without notice. And with interactive scripts and books the teachers can turn the books for you to the page he or she is currently teaching. And with streaming videos and such the class can never be boring.

  30. The world is advancing to a new stage and higher level. Online education is nothing new as most universities offered that for those who are busy and still wish to learn. But that's only a small part as most teachers in the world aren't techie enough to accept such concept. The problem is the students are ready for such a things but the teachers aren't. So we need to work on the evolution of the teachers before such things can come true. In another 20 years those don't evolve will go extinct.

  31. The objects you created won't follow you to real life but the experiece does. That's what all about learning, gathering informations. And we can't denied that Second Life has the largest data base of infomations around from ALL over the world. That alone is endless possibility.

  32. Yeah, they are describing the UC Davis location where you can experience what it's like to be Schizophrenic…hence the background voices.

  33. Do you mean secede? Because people want to use different methods they should leave the country?
    You MUST be a teacher, to be so offended by students wanting to take more control over their own education. I, as a student, have always been underchallenged in traditional classrooms, but because I could never afford a private instructor I had to sit with my hand in the air while teachers struggled to get less motivated students to ask a question or two. Waste of time and waste of potential.

  34. There's no gameplay and no game. You can create games with it, among other things, but it is primarily an interactive environment that can be used for lots of things. It's a game engine, of sorts, with a built-in programming language. I use it for business and school.

  35. That's description is exactly what games are. Virtual world isn't real life and it doesn't count in the "natural world". People can learn from anything, but we all have to live and survive in the real world where you interact with real circumstances. Including sickness, stress, love, life and death. Once you leave the keyboard, the things that you made or have become in SL are non-existant. False reality. It's a game.

  36. Seems ;like way too many people want to critisize any1 trying to make a difference these days. I wonder if thats because every1 is so cynical and negative! Or just dumbasses. – (probably both)=
    TRUTH IS- Yea I guess you could call it a game, and the idea is kinda cheesy,-but so what!- Applications of this for education and possibly alot of other things it wasn't originaly created for = are WONDERFULL! THIS IS COOL! And you will probably just see more of S.L.. So open up and enjoy. PEACE.

  37. to the people that say that second life players are fat: well, im not saying everyone in second life is thin, but how can you be sure of that? Hey im not fat. XD

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