Educational Paw Patrol Rescue Missions for Kids! ONE HOUR Long!

the paw patrol are spending the day relaxing Yahoo so much fun chase Marshall rubble and rocky are playing at the fair Skye and Zuma are playing video games go sky go look at how many coins were getting watch out for those bricks jump well I made it even Romeo is spending the day inside relaxing and watching TV world domination is such hard work time to watch the new s Genovese playhouse video a magic paintbrush that could be just what I need even world domination can't take a day off if I can get my hands on the magic paintbrush I could bring my Jamiat Megazord to light and take over the world it took me so long to build this giant robot but it needs a power source and I'll bet the paw patrol are hiding it away at their lookout time to go for a ride I just need to set up a distraction in order to get the paw patrol away from the tower so I can take their magic paintbrush hmm distraction where can I find a distraction aha I have an idea here kitty-kitty-kitty you stay right there hmm here we go don't worry I'm not gonna hurt you hold still there gotcha the paw patrol would never pass up a kitty cat rescue we go now to put you in this tree Tata oh no I hear a candy distress I better check it out a cat stuck in a tree I better call the paw Patrol I'll use my cat NIDA stress mission card for this one pups there's a cat stuck in a tree by the post office assemble the team and meet me so we can save her Ryder needs us we're on our leg help me player 1 and player 2 you're my only hope oh no it's a dragon watch out don't worry I'll use my eye beam great job he's almost done for I got this oh man maybe we'll get him next time hey Ryder's calling he needs our help let's go let's dive in let's take to the sky after I take the elevator here I come [Applause] hey hey hey hey my destruction worked now where could they be hiding it is it over here how about here hmm I found the magic paintbrush now to bring my Megazord to life quiet you'll alert the paw patrol tape back yes it worked you no one will be able to stop me now to take this back to my headquarters Chase is on the case I'm fired up green means go rubble on the double let's dive in this pups gotta fly pups you're here we've got to save the kitty cat we can't use my helicopter it's so noisy that it might scare out of the tree good point Skye any other ideas if I could get on that buildings route then I could fling myself into the tree and bring her down to safety hop on my scoop I can flip you up great thinking three two one launch great shot and great landing maybe you're not clumsy after all Marshall I'll show you who's not clumsy here I come Kitty check this out oh that didn't work it was a good try Marshall anyone else have any ideas maybe rubbles crane could reach the cap I'll give it a try it's not long enough I can't reach there's something in my truck that might help let's see ah here it is we can use this as an extension here you go rubble now give it a try perfect now hop on great job uh-huh great job paw Patrol we saved the Kitty stuck in the tree let's go back to the lookout and get some puppy trees Oh No what happened to chickaletta guys someone's been in the lookout and Chuck the magic paintbrush it's gone I only know one bad guy who had stooped so low ooh me oh I wonder what he's up to time to bring my megazor to life yellow where it worked my Megazord is alive time to climb in and start taking over the world [Applause] ready aim fire hey soon all the colors of the world will be mine now to check in on the paw Patrol oh my goodness what is that let me get a closer look it appears to be Romeo in a giant robot oh no everyone hit the deck hahahaha have fun rebuilding paw patrol the lookout is destroyed what are we gonna do we need to find the robot's weakness how are we gonna do that without the lookout guys maybe I can help check it out wow it's a giant lookout tower that's right maybe I can build it and you guys can stop Romeo it's worth a shot check out how huge this paw patrol Tower is it's over two and a half feet tall it plays tons of cool paw patrol freezes a launch pad for the pups it comes with chase Marshall and exclusive vehicle and these cool pup packs which you can store here it even has an elevator and a slide let's open it up and build it here's one of the columns for the tower the top of the lookout here grumbles piece of the launch pad and the top of the lookout here's the slide some more pieces for the main tower in the rest of the launch pad pieces oh here's the exclusive vehicle for chase and here's the lookouts main control panel let's put it together but first let's check out our Jason Marshall figures here's Marshall he's got the classic look and his pretty cool looking it comes with two pup packs for him his water cannon and x-ray machine now for Chase let's get him out of this baggie he's got the classic look to their heads can swivel and you can articulate their legs Chase has a stroke pup pack and it's classic net with megaphone now let's assemble the lookout first up is rubbles yellow launchpad then chases blue one now for Rocky's green launchpad now we'll snap Marshalls red pad onto the other Skye's pink one is up next and finally Zuma's orange launchpad now for the tower let's slide it in here now for my favorite part the slide here's the lookouts main deck we just insert the control panel like this then snap the ceiling on and pop in the periscope pretty cool let's snap this on top and we'll be all done check it out look how awesome the new lookout is is it that cool alright guys here's your new tower now go stop Romeo thanks so much pups it's time for a ruff ruff rescue get suited up and meet me in the control room all right what should we do first we need to locate Romeo then identify his robots weakness so I'll launch a scouting drone from the tower it looks like he's already been through downtown we're on the right track there he is in the distance now to find his weakness look the drone detected a vulnerability the blue leg has an elevator right up to the robot controls all right pups use the elevator to get to Romeo then knock him out paw patrol on a roll chase you're up look out below your turn Marshall I'm on it check this out Skye let him have it these paws uphold the laws let's dive in green means go I'm fired up let's dig in this pups gotta fly with the paw patrol busy there's no one to stop me think again Romeo I'll put a stop to you that's in work hahaahaha told you so not so fast Romeo the paw patroller here how did you get here so fast I thought I stopped you no one can stop the car patrol not even you Marshall you take lightning McQueen to safety rubble find a way into the robot Skye you distract Romeo you got it look at me ah you missed me nanananana come with me Lightning guys which leg has the elevator I forgot the one that's blue the one like me so yellow got it Oh No I think I picked the wrong one I'm trapped inside the robot I took lightning to the mechanic oh no what happened to rubble you give him back Romeo I'll give you all something oh he's aiming for our vehicles everybody jump I'm gonna steal your colors Hey Lu beeps give me a second I'm out of ammo oh no our vehicles don't worry about that he's reloading now's our chance Zuma Marshall rescue rubble I'll get Romeo here's the elevator now I can get inside ruble we're here to save you its water time dude fire water cannons thanks for the rescue pups knock-knock chase this robots not big enough for the both of us you're right so I'm kicking you out whoa you didn't think I'd let you fall did you special delivery one washed-up bad guy great words guy Romeo you're going to jail oh man we need to disable the robot so no one else can use it Zuma Marshall your water cannon should disable it if you squirt enough water on it I've got a better idea pups follow me to Adventure Bay Lake why it's work when you can dump hit it robo-dog great job the water shorting it out we did it thanks for taking me to the mechanic to get fix no problem thanks for the ride back to the lookout check you later congratulations pups on our biggest rescue ever and don't worry pops the magic paintbrush is safe and sound where no one can steal it again can we get some treats now I'm starving yeah let's see all right tracker lower her down you got it here you go little zebra all right mayor Goodway that's the last animal for the nature preserve Oh Ryder thank you guys so much for helping Adventure Bay set up its own nature preserve we're happy to help track we'll be checking in on the animals periodically no come on pups let's get back to the lookout it's Genevieve's Playhouse family house guess what I have what what come here Daisy she's my new kitty cat oh she's adorable what's she saying he's hungry well let's take her inside and feed her come on in to your new home Daisy Duke let's eat hey burger of course not nope cheese well what can she eat cat food here you go Daisy I don't think she likes it I thought she does now it's getting late and I need some beauty rest – good night Pinkie Pie what's wrong kitty you don't like your food hold on one sec I have something you can try here you go see how you like this it's magical dragon food give it a taste glad you like it you can have some more just don't eat too much hey what's that let's go check it out don't you walk out that door I can't move me either oh no what happened to the animals in the nature preserve a better report back to Ryder reporting for duty Ryder sir tractor is checking in on the animal preserve he should be calling any minute oh there he is Ryder Ryder there's an emergency at the preserve something's turned the animals into blocks oh no there's a Jaguar oh no we've got to help tracker assemble the pups you got it Ryder hurry marshal it's an emergency I'm coming but a Jaguar attacks chapter in The Preserve and there's something wrong with the animals we need to rescue them first can you kids at home tuck the putz assemble their vehicles first when he chases police cruiser it is blue next to Zuma's orange hovercraft and will need Rocky's green recycle truck a Marshalls red ambulance rubbles yellow bulldozer and finally Sky's pink helicopter these paws uphold the laws look out below Ready Set get wet let's dive in green means go I'm ready for a ruff-ruff rescue check this out let's dig in rubble on the double let's kick to the skies we this pups gotta fly the wheat screws are one I'm ready to do let's roll movin out over and out Oh No a rockslide how can we get across I can dig our way across that'll take you long guys I can fly but how will that help us get across just to you watch just what I was looking for the jungle patroller let me just change into something more appropriate that's better this pups got a drive now to get the rest of the proper fold howdy boys sky you did it where does clothes come from a girl's gotta have her secrets come on pops tractor needs us let's load up paw patrol on a roll Oh No look at all the animals we need to load them on the jungle patroller pups do the rescue I got the giraffe I got the D bruh I'll grab the lion I'll get the hippo and I'll get the alligator gee guys you're leaving me with the heavy elephant there got it great job pups let's close it up hey we forgot one Jaguar bo look out oh my goodness look over here time to get wet yes great job I'll get the cage lower it down great work chase there oh no the Jaguar is getting up oh no it got rocky and Zuma I'll open the cage so we can lure her inside how are we gonna get her inside we can use ice cream hey how do you have ice cream hello I always have ice cream I don't think Jaguars like ice cream everybody likes ice cream now Skye throw it in the cage here you dumb kitty she's not going in what are we gonna do Wow tracker are you okay I don't feel so good he's hurt he needs medical attention let's load everyone up and move out don't forget about us hey where's Ulla that's everybody hoist up the Jaguar and let's move all right pull her up chase up to go is everyone bloated up yep guys wait have you seen a kitty cat no but we just captured a dangerous Jaguar that's her come with me I'll tell you everything follow that dragon you're all patched up but you're gonna need to take it easy for a couple of days thanks Marshall I'm feeling better already for now I'll help you get around hey guys spike was just telling us that our Jaguar is actually a kitty cat named Daisy yes but dragon food magically changed her guys I have an idea are you sure this is gonna work chase absolutely um maybe okay come on out Daisy great work chase the mirror reflected the magic back oh no the animals one mission down one to go wow the water looks really nice today I should let the pups know they might like to go swimming boy that was a lot of fun flying but now it's time to go up the elevator hey pups it's really nice out today let's go swimming meet me at Marshall's changing room swimming all right I love to swim Chase is on the case this pups gotta swim come on Rocky yes swimming is so much fun rubble on the double but I'm scared of water I don't think I can swim rocky just give it a try you can do it I know you can you're right I should at least give it a try all right now let's change it to your scuba gear and take our boats out to the water Marshall you're up first all right let me change my clothes Marshall you're naked I wasn't ready yet put me back in put me back in there we go check out Marshall in this scuba gear it's red and light blue and looks really cool now for his super fast speedboat it's the color red and you can transform it by snapping the wheels like this that's so neat here you go Marshall now let's get the rest of the poem my turn oh sorry here you go sky sky finger sky finger where are you Here I am Here I am how do you do you're being silly sky you'll put on your scuba gear alright oh look how cute our air rescue pup is in her scuba gear she's pink and light blue and super adorable well what's this it looks like a sea plane with pink highlights wow look we can transform the wings from landing to flying like this this plane looks great for air and water rescues off you go Skye uh-oh it's my turn chase you turned into a cat silly chase alright that's better check out Jason is blue and light blue scuba suit I love the yellow stripe on this helmet it's pretty cool here comes chases blue pontoon rescue boat this would be great in lagoons and marshy areas you can transform the wheels for offroad missions – here you go chase go join the others I can't wait to dive in Zuma you can't swim in armor no matter how good you are oh I guess it's too heavy I'll be back in a jiff that's more like it I love Zuma scuba suit the orange and light blue make for an awesome color combo I'll bet these thrusters help him go extra fast alright now let's check out his boat whoa a double hold racing boat it's the color orange this boat looks lightning quick with these awesome propellers in the back and even has transforming grappling arms for help on rescue missions these are really cool-looking it kind of looks like a crab here's your boat Zuma rubble on the double what what did you do rubble you look like Gidget um well I push the wrong button put me back in quit okay there you go that's more like it here's rubble in his yellow and light blue scuba gear he even has a black stripe on his helmet too cute whoa look at this it's a yellow underwater construction vehicle the scoop goes up and down and it can even articulate into two separate claw arms you transform it by flipping the treads and now it's ready for some underwater missions here you go rubble I'm a little scared don't worry Rocky it'll be okay okay I'll give it a try Oh oh no I struck myself try Ken rocky perfect now rocky has a scuba suit on and can join the rest of the pups but first let's check out his secret awesome look at that it's a green submarine it has arms that really move and in the back there's a rescue compartment to stow cargo you can transform it like this all right Rocky let's join the rest of the putz pumps now that you're in your scuba gear and have your new seat crafts let's take to the water let's dive in three means go Creek on Yahoo look at me I can go to the bottom oh this is so much fun I did it let's race I'm doing laps watch out boys I'm coming in beryllium try and catch me rubble I'm gonna get you ha ha I got you can't catch me yes I can Yahoo whee what are you guys doing today we're going swimming sounds fun can I join sure just dive right in let me get my stupendous submersible submarine here and here I come oh no I sprung a leak I'm sinking paw patrol I need your help someone rescue me captain turbot needs our help I'll rescue him with my grappling arms here I come hold your breath captain turbot I'm almost there Oh No captain turbot fell out pic can't get in I don't me I'm just still down here we've got to help him we need someone with a vehicle compartment rocky you're the only one who can do it but it's so far down I'm scared you have to do it he needs your help come on rocky we know you can do it you're right I've got this here I come I'm coming Captain turbot open the hatch and climb inside the safety I got him but he's gonna need CPR breathe Captain turbot breathe you did it you saved me pups thank you so much no problem glad we could help and thank you rocky for conquering your fear to rescue me I couldn't have done it without the support of my friend and help from the rest of the paw patrol all right guys I hope you liked the video be sure to give it a thumbs up and I'll see you later look guys the PJ masks are eating ice cream at the fair this is good we should get out more often yeah but I feel like we forgot something oh no guys they forgot to lock up the headquarters before leaving Oh me I was trying to get in keep money home oh I better find another way in beam me up Scotty [Applause] come to light mud alarm PJ masks we're on our way super cat speed super lizard grip you get a mallet are you okay don't worry I'll get them or not now it's my turn that's a good idea meanwhile and Adventure Bay the pups are playing Hey I hope the answer it sure is nice seeing the pups have fun oh no my mission pad is ringing it's cat boy traitor we need your help monsters destroy our headquarters don't worry captain wait we're on our way pups do the lookout there's a monster PJ masks HQ they need our help paw patrol on a roll here comes rubble he's got an awesome drill machine that can break down any walls rubble is yellow rubble on the double next up is Marshall our fire pug and he's got a super cool fire rescue gee Marshall is red I'm fired up wrong way Marshall now it's Rocky's turn he's gonna earth-friendly recycle truck with a crate on the back rocky is green green means go now for Skye she's got a really cool motorcycle that can turn into an Air Rescue Helicopter skies color is Pete here comes chase down the slide look at that awesome three-wheeled police bike it's super cool looking and ready for any emergency chase is blue Chase is on the case our last pup Azula he has a turbine powered speedboat that can also go on land Zuma is orange wait for me pups all right huh it's time for a paw patrol rescue hey what's that noise he's driving that paw patroller its Apollo I can't believe it's really you yep it's me all right and if you're gonna fight that monster you're gonna need super powers super powers just hop on my super a paw patroller and it'll give you the power you need to stop that monster good luck you heard him pups let's go everyone load up one two three more [Applause] alright guys the puffs are here it's time to meet the super pup paw patrol team whoa awesome blue is super Jays bad guys and evildoers beware red is for let's mix with attitude all right now for the three other pups whoa check out how cool they look don't get in over your head super rocky are you okay yeah yeah okay reduce reuse recycle let's rock and roll and now for writer check it out writers become Rough Rider super pups a simple let's take a look at the assemble team super Jace fire marshal sky-eye humor super Rocky later cat-boy unlock the door you got it oh no it broke the console we'll need another way in Boulder Guinness in sky rescue Gekko I'm on it you can tell me it's open come on guys rock face I'll try big sky I know problem let's scram alright pups let's take care of business Marshall you've put out the fire everyone else les is off the monster let's have a drink fire now you see me now you don't it's time to take you off the track haven't you ever heard of recycling hey hey look over here not so fast hey rock face it's bubble time dudes that's it bubbles hurt him quick give me your pup packs there this should do the trick all he's getting up don't worry I got this hurry now to put this back where it belongs speaking of don't forget Romeo time to get you out of here thanks I guess I'll be on my way not so fast you're going to jail guys we did it with the help of the super pups we stop the bad guys and save PJ masks thanks for the help always remember you are awesome you see anything on the monitor chase no still nothing all day hi hi pups we're zoomin Everest they're just practicing on the training mission since it's a slow day Wow great shot Zuma thanks Everest won't keep your eyes peeled coz we never know when someone needs to paw patrol to help beam while peppa and her friends are playing outside George panic has found something he likes dinosaur that's not a dinosaur that's a dragon what's all this commotion here hey watch it ouch that was not very nice I think I hear something let me see what it is hmm hey it's peppa and her friends the dragon is attacking paw patrol on a roll it's Genevieve's Playhouse pups get ready to roll I'll meet you guys down there all right my ATV now I'm ready to go kids can you help me assemble the pups of course writer you bet all right kids you heard writer he needs our help assembling the pups to help save Peppa our friends all right first paw patrol pup is chase chase is blue and he is ready to go Chase is on the case all right chase good on the slide and get ready to rescue paw patrol on a roll great job guys now Chase is in his police cruiser now let's set him aside so you can wait for the other pups to join him and up next is gonna be the pup who drives this cool fire engine can you tell me what color this fire engine is red that's right so we need to find the red paw patrol pup to match with this firetruck and that's gonna be Marshall he is the color red he's our fire pup and he drives the red firetruck I'm fired up all right here he goes awesome Marshall is ready to roll in his cool fire truck and check it out the door is open in the back I wonder if that will come in handy hmm now it's Everest turn she's our snow pup ice or snow I'm ready to go her hat and sweater are teal all right Everest there she goes great teamwork guys we help Everest find her snowmobile now it's time for this super cool green recycle truck as orange lifting pork arms and it even has a compartment for trash in the back that's really cool and here's rocky our recycle pup what don't lose it reuse it rocky is green and he is ready to go awesome job guys Rocky is now ready to help out the team our next pup is rubble can you tell me what color rubble is yeah he's yellow that's right and he's ready to go down the slide aren't you rubble rubble on the double great job guys we match trouble to his yellow bulldozer all right let's see if we can match up the rest of the pups to their vehicles and now for our flying hype up its sky this pups gotta fly she is a pretty pink alright sky get ready to rescue let's hope sky is better at flying than she is at landing let's turn her around alright Skye are you ready to join the other pups you bet it's our water pup suma Zuma is orange Zuma are you ready to go let's dive in Ready Set get wet alright soo much time to go join the other pups and wait for the last pup to join the rescue alright kids we've got one last vehicle and one last pup this is a jeep that goes in the jungle it's white with dark green this is tracker if you don't know who he is he's the newest member of the paw patrol and he is from the jungle so that matches our jungle Jeep and he's got dark green as well are you ready to go help rescue I'm all ears alright great job guys listen track her off to join the rest of the pups all right pups let's rescue pepper hey what's that noise hey look it's a paw patroller and it's Robo dog Robo dog Robo Don well kids look we have room for one two three four five and six pups that means we need to send two pups ahead all right Skye and Marshall I need you guys to go ahead and rescue peppa and her family we'll load up on the paw patroller to deal with the dragon you got it Ryder hey wait up all right let's load up the rest of the pups here comes chase in his blue police cruiser here we go it's right on top now to rocky and his cool green cycling truck let's put them here Zuma's propellers can go here and here he comes now he can go here now for tracker and here comes rubble on this dozer and finally Everest owner snowmobile wow look everyone our pups are loaded and ready to go oh we better hurry let's close it up and put writer and Robo dog up front I send them off [Applause] quick habit in candy Jeff I might ask it just in time hurry candy now hide with Emily elephant in the castle come on close it close it here comes Marshall everyone climb inside my fire truck you got it Marshall Thanks just in time Betty ping you too here I come I'm too big skyy you help daddy pig hide over here behind my helicopter there do you think he sees me oh my look guys it's the rest of the pups here they all come Chason tracker I need you guys to distract the dragon while rocky and Robo go safe daddy pig you got it Ryder we're on it look at me look over here look at me you big meanie rocky now while he's distracted hurry daddy pig climb inside in a trust truck alright it seems I need a little help getting inside I'll give you a lift great thinking rubble Everest we need to find a way to get the dragon to drop George pig and Zuma go get captain turbot he might be able to help hey dragon check this out George come on great job Everest George get the safety now I'm at captain Turbots so you have a driving problem yeah what should we do perhaps the malaria miss cause my deficient delectables what huh see what that is maybe he's hungry well I need your help right one another give me as close as you can now pull the lever to lift me up nice dragon there you go I may have added a little trip down that is the same sleeping medicine what a great idea quick while he's asleep I brought something else it's my own homemade freakin concoction you did it the dragon small and friendly I'm sorry guys I was just trying to play dragon oh dear writer writer what is it chase I am starving can we get something to eat oh yeah that's a great idea I'm hungry too you guys are right rescuing all day works up an appetite my tummy just growled I think we should get something to eat Chase is on the case I'm fired up this pups gotta fly rubble on the double green means go let's dive in ice or snow I'm ready to go wait for me guys paw patrol it's time to eat but what are we gonna eat I don't see any food guys I think I could help there's eight of you and I happen to have eight delicious cupcakes Wow yummy oh this is perfect well will will what do you paw patrol doing we were just about to eat some cupcakes would you like to share with us sharings for good kids I'm a bad kid I want all the cupcakes you can't have all the cupcakes because we're hungry too if I can't have all the cupcakes then nobody can have it tape have fun sharing our cupcakes they're ruined it was so mean now we can't have any cupcakes don't worry guys I have an idea each of these cupcakes has its own shape if we match the shapes together maybe we can put them back together and then we can have our cupcakes hey that's a good idea let's do it it should be like now all we have to do is match the cupcake tops to the cupcake bottoms and set them in the pan let's take a look at this one what shape is that it looks like a circle so let's find the circle cupcake bottom look they match and we can slide them in like this in this circle it's right here wow this is gonna be fun let's try another one let's see this looks like a heart yeah that's what it is and here's the heart-shaped cupcake bottom and it fits together just like a puzzle piece and a heart it's right here what shape is this one that's right it's a triangle and here's a triangle to match and this one goes let's see right there great job and this one here looks like a rectangle so let's find the rectangle is it here let's see hmm that's not right we got this one wrong but that's okay you just try again when you get something wrong and maybe you'll get it right look we found the rectangle and this one fits right there now we have the square and the square matches with this one over here let's just slide it in and put it in our pan this one must be a hexagon great job and the hexagon can go right here oh and here we have my favorite shape it's a star everybody is a star in my book so let's find the shape to go with this one in the star matches our star cupcake so it goes right there and our last shape is a diamond perfect now it's time for everybody to get a cupcake I think we should match the colors with the colors of our paw patrol friends what color is chase well he's blue that's right let's find a blue cupcake here we go here's a blue cupcake I think we should add some pretend I see let's use this blue paw patrol bad pain and now for some sprinkles ooh yummy these are rainbow sprinkles all right chase try your cupcake all right mmm so good and next up is Marshall Marshall is our red fire pup I'm fired up let's find Marshall a red cupcake here's one here see the red cupcake matches the red on his hat and we have some red Marshall bat paint to go on it oh that's a lot of icing and for Marshall you've got these sprinkles here mmm these look good there you go not too much all right Marshall try your cupcake all right it looks delicious you made a mess yummy my turn my turn okay rubble you get a cupcake next rubble is yellow so he gets a yellow cupcake here's one oh it looks yummy now it's time for rubbles icing and some sprinkles oh these are pretty sober ones all right ruble is time to dig in you got it mm-hmm and now it's time for a sky sky is pink so let's find the pink cupcake this one is pink just like sky oh no sky we don't have any pink icing oh but I really want pink icing don't worry we'll make some all we have to do is mix some red bat paint with some white bat foam and we'll get beep let's try it first let's add some red and now for the backbone now let's take a little bit of red and mix in some bath foam blow is turning pink instantly that's so cool Wow we have pink frosting and now we'll just brush it on like this perfect and now we can add our sprinkles I think sky would like these pearl colored ones aren't they cool this pups gotta eat oh my gosh you have a mess on your face P now it's time for Rocky reduce reuse recycle Rocky is green so he gets the green cupcake and look at this the green bath paint has a picture of sky on it that's silly because sky is pink Rocky is green here you go Rocky and I think rocky really likes chocolate so let's give him some chocolate sprinkles okay rocky make sure to clean your plate I won't waste anything oh that's the yummiest cupcake I've ever had Zuma are you ready to dive in you bet let's get Zuma in orange cupcake and I see one right here that's cool oh no we have the same problem as we did with Skye we don't have any orange icing but we can make some by mixing red with yellow now remember when you're making orange you only want a little bit of red and a lot of yellow so let's start with a lot of yellow right over here and add just a little bit of red see look it's turned orange that's pretty cool now let's brush it onto his cupcake awesome and now for some sprinkles whoa these look really cool let's add them to the top well that's too much oh well I love like the sprinkles Oh perfect Sula this is orange errific in our last paw patrol pup is Everett and she is teal so let's find the teal cupcake for here it is right here did you know that teal is a mix between blue and green so let's make some icing for her let's start by adding some blue and some green and let's start mixing them up let's take some of this blue here whoops starting to turn teal but it's a little dark maybe we can lighten it up with some bath foam add a little bit right here and see if that helps oh look at that it's lightening it up and now we have our teal which is between blue and green now to brush it on the cupcake there we go and now we can add some rainbow sprinkles that are in the shape of circles oh we made a mess again all right Everest try that cupcake is it good yeah it's delicious perfect I'm so glad that you liked it well guys we've fed all the pups but we still have one more cupcake who are we missing maybe it's Reiter it is he still needs a cupcake oh no the cupcake we have is purple but Reiter is blue red and white what are we gonna do huh I know blue and red make purple and then we can add white bat foam on top does that sound great writer that's a great idea let's start by adding some blue and some red and now let's mix the two together and see if we get purple it's like we need some more red just keep mixing it look at that awesome now to add it on writers cupcake here and now let's top it off with some white bath foam oh it kind of looks like Cool Whip alright writer give it a try oh my goodness writer you made a mess but it's worth it because that was so yummy Wow look at all the delicious cupcakes we made for the paw patrol remember they're only pretend and not for real eating okay hey what happened to all the cupcakes Romeo you should have shared when you had the chance but I thought being bad was cool no it's not

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  3. Great videos and creative but one request. Could you not use a doorbell sound effect. My dog loses her mind every time she hears that lol

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